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Turning The Tables

As most of you already know, I have a real passion for peds. I have had this infatuation since I was a young girl. I think it started as a baby when my Father would rub my feet for hours. I don't know why he first started doing this - perhaps to help me fall asleep. But I definitely loved it, and found it really comforting. In fact, if he stopped rubbing my feet, I would make a terrible fuss and cry until he started again. I became very demanding of his soothing rubs and eventually foot massage was my favorite thing. As I got older, I always received a lot of attention from both boys, and girls because my feet were so tiny. As a young adult, I was delighted by people's desire to comment on my peds, as well as touch them. I don't know the exact moment when feet became sexual in nature, but I do know that as I got older I was fascinated by beautiful female feet, and I adored my feet being attended to. Whether my toes were being sucked, soles slurped... or even my arches bitten... I couldn't help but get aroused by these incredible sensations. I am quite sure that a foot fetish is different for a man than for a woman. My own ped pleasures are my fetish focus, and having my petite feet worshiped in a multitude of ways is always incredibly sexually stimulating. I don't require the presence of feet for sexual arousal, but it sure intensifies my orgasmic experiences if I do have my feet involved. Some of you would suggest that simply receiving and indulging in ped pleasures does not in fact constitute a true foot fetish. Without hesitation, I would add that I am also a voyeur. I spend a great deal of time watching women and gazing at their sexy open shoes and well pedicured toes. My personal preference is a lovely barefoot girl with bright polish or maybe a nice fresh French pedicure. And cute toe ring is always a nice bonus. lol I am by no means a lesbian, I would dare to say that I have foot curiosities that go beyond just admiration. At the moment I am satisfied with having a foot site, for it is a wonderful outlet for my fetish. It provides me with countless hours of foot time that I probably wouldn't get if I didn't have a site or access to thousands of feet pictures on-line. I definitely have my own favorite foot models. Though there are many foot girls with sexy feet, I think my favorites would include Elzbennet, Janet, Lexi Lapetina, and Tina Marie to name just a few.

Though I don't really like the word fetish - I think we'll still use it here to keep things clear. Though I am more inclined to enjoy sexy female feet, I do sometimes like to also experience the more assertive role of pleasuring a foot. Not a female foot, but a male foot. Now this is where many of you are going to cringe. Yes, it is true - my foot fetish sometimes surprises me. I do like to sneak up on my husband's unsuspecting feet and get a nibble, a lick or even a bite! Though I don't usually find male feet attractive and though I don't make a point of male foot watching, I must admit that the below the ankle love should be enjoyed by both men and women. I don't expect any of you footmen out there to check out men's feet. But my question is -- have you ever had your girlfriend, wife or lover worship your feet? Did she massage your tired feet, shrimp your toes and caress the lines of your soles? If you did, I would love to hear what the experience was actually like, and if you haven't... why not? I have the impression that most men... even those who obsess over women's feet on a daily basis - would never imagine *Turning The Tables*. Though a foot rub might not be entirely out of the question - having a woman tongue their toes or suck their calloused heels seems totally offensive or as my husband would say nauseating. Yes it is true, Chaos with his ultra ticklish, but nasty smelly construction boot feet would never in a million years let me near them! Well, unfortunately I only got a few quick nibbles in, a handful of times. Each time I tried to show him how good it could feel, he'd always pull away in great disgust while making me promise not to do that ever again.

My foot fetish is a part of who I am, and since my husband also has a foot fetish, I figured it was time to let him experience what I feel when he lovingly caresses my peds. So some months ago, Chaos had a few beers and was rather relaxed. He asked me to take a dip in the Jacuzzi with him. I of course stripped down and joined him in the swirling tub. After ten minutes of soaking, I noticed the tips of toes just barely emerging from the water. His eyes were closed and he was gently rubbing my soles underwater.This was my chance! Throwing caution to the wind... I grabbed his left foot and before he had a chance to pull away, his big toe was in my mouth. Ha Ha! Now Genie was in control. I had a firm grip on his ankle and began to pop his mushroom shaped toe in and out... he tried to jerk away but resistance was futile. I had him right where I wanted. Let's say for the next twenty minutes or so, I was macking out. I probed every inch of his water logged wrinkled size 13's and I forced him to submit to my oral talents. Chaos was shocked at first, but the sensations were like nothing he had felt before. He was amazed that he was so hard and so aroused by my advances. Now he was in awe and totally submissive to this new pleasure -- wondering what I would do next. Of course this session didn't end there. While I continued to ravish his soles, I began to stroke his throbbing erection with my feet. The footplay was mutual and as a lady - I'll stop the story here. But I will say that at the end of our foot lust... Chaos kissed me and thanked me for making him my Foot Slut!! Next time he asks me to go into the Jacuzzi, I know that he knows he will be attacked, and he might even be looking forward to it. So my foot friends, if you haven't tried *Turning The Tables*, try it... you'll love it!!


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