April Foot Column

The Holy Grail

Spring has sprung. That means that pretty peds are popping up, while foot fetishists are gearing up! Yes, it is that time of year when girls kick off their boots and socks, for something a little more airy. We're welcoming in the season for sexy shoes of all styles, and hoping to catch a few naughty glimpses of tantalizing toes wiggling out of a new pair of strappy heels, sandals, slides, flip flops, and other appealing, revealing foot wear. Girls are done with the cold winter, and want to show off their fresh pedicures, cute toe rings, and lovely little anklets. The birds and bees... the breeze and the trees ~ the warm air gives rise to the foot tease. The foot show begins, and footguys notice an ever increasing desire for what they admire. What is the tightness in their pants all about? This month's G-Spot is about your best friend... your throbbing Cock, and also about your Cock's ultimate pleasure... beautiful female feet of course! We're dreaming about scrumptious, silky, sexy soles... we're lusting over perfectly painted polish and longing for exquisite high arches. But most foot fetishists don't just crave feet, they need feet to pleasure their oldest, dearest and their very best friend, their Cock. And my dears, it is impossible to link Cock, and female feet without uniting the two... and discussing *The Holy Grail*. I am delighted to write about one of my favorite past-times, sexual experiences, and ultimate foot indulgence ~ Footsex.

Over the past several years, I have received an endless stream of e-mails with regards to footsex. Some of you have a partner who ped-pumps the pistol, and some unfortunate footguys still hope for some helpful tips to encourage their girlfriend or wife to venture out into erotic footplay. Then there are some of you, who still haven't opened up about your foot passion... so sadly a footjob is still miles away. However for the purpose of this Column, we're going to assume that your lover knows of your below the ankle inclinations, and is at least willing to try some hot foot contact. *wink* Now, where do I start? Clearly there is more to footsex than a Cock meets Toes, or a Head meets Ped. Though some people relish in any sole connection, I'd venture to say that for those of you who haven't been fortunate enough to experience mind-blowing footjobs ~ that you would like me to give you some advice, and a few techniques for you to pass on to your special lady.

Bells ring, the birds sing, the moment is right and you sit tight. You hold your breath, her feet are close... she pours some lube... she gives a few strokes to your tube and then is no longer in the mood. Sorry for the cheap rhymes, but with spring and footlove in the air it is hard for me not to giggle about this. But I know that it is serious for you, and that not all footsex is equal. You want the best, and I do appreciate that. So how do we get your lady to give you the best footjob you have ever had, and ever dreamed of? Well first off, sex of any kind is rarely the same as it is in your fantasies or porn scenes.To achieve and maintain a positive sexual relationship with your lover ~ you should not compare her or her sexual techniques to other women... especially experienced foot models or porn starlets. Just forget us foot girls, and revel in the moment with the object of your desire. Do not try to put her in a specific position that you've seen on some wild footjob video. Don't insist that she does it a particular way. Please don't force it at all because this isn't 'one' sided. Enjoy what you have, and endeavor to create a positive and encouraging environment from which your woman can open her wings like a spring butterfly. Give your lover a special gift. Give over some sexual power. Let her explore, without fear of ridicule, rejection or even frustration. Acknowledge and accept that each foot session doesn't have to end in orgasm. If a woman feels that she has to complete the foot sex act ~ it can be quite awkward and overly stressful. She needs confidence, and she also needs some guidance. Some women might be open to watching some kinky foot videos with you, or possibly read a foot Column like this one. But sadly a majority of women won't check out these kinds of sex aids, and might even get offended if you ever suggested it.

Let's knock out some important points to consider, and remember during footplay (in no particular order).

* It is important to be patient with her. Practice does make perfect. Most people aren't born knowing how to foot-jack. Realize that learning together and about each other is fun. Since the cum finale isn't required each time you indulge in footplay, your lover will become more relaxed. Each time you play together it will inevitably get easier and come (excuse the pun) in an easier way as well.

* Be sure that your lover is in a comfortable position. Your lady might find certain positions too arduous at first and become frustrated. Don't let that happen. Let her experiment with positions and angles which suit her, and encourage her to change foot positions as often as she would like. Not only is variety nice, but she will learn which positions give her (and therefore you) the best results. ;-)

* If your lady is successful with giving you hot handjobs or blowjobs... then maybe suggest that she tries to visualize pleasuring you in a similar manner, but with her sexy feet. She might want to try thinking of her feet as hands alternating between arch cupping, sole pumping and even using her toes as fingers. Remind her that the cock head and the little spot below the head (you know the place) is extremely sensitive. Paying attention to this magic spot will help her make you release and achieve an intensified finale.

* During the time before, and during the cock stimulation please be aware of her feelings. Don't tell her what to do. Gently guide her, and always verbalize your pleasure. Be sure to let her know when she has done something which feels particularly good. Calmly let her know if something hurts you. Do this is a very nice way, as to not have her stop. Always positively reinforce to your woman that there is no 'wrong way'... during footplay even though you might have a clear idea of what's right for you. Your lady also needs to know that she isn't going to get a bad reaction from you - even if her toenail nips you or something like that. I can't emphasize enough that you need to be gentle with suggestions and be careful not to be overly critical. She can be sensitive to facial expressions as well as words... so careful what your face says, as non verbal communication can just as easily haul a steamy footjob.

* For men sex is visual. So try to position yourself to be able to 'see' what you like. The visual pleasure will correspond with her ped advances and toe touches. Seeing is very sexually enhancing. For some men just watching his woman foot fondle his genitals will cause an eruption or spontaneous cum-bustin! ;-)

* I know that it is a footjob that you are seeking not a blowjob or a handjob. However it is beneficial for you to allow her to use her hands or mouth (if she is that talented), alomg with her feet. Using other body parts to stimulate you should be encouraged. Let her express herself the best she can. Try not to don't deter her from various body parts during the sexual experience. Eventually she'll be able to use more 'feet' as time goes on.

* Always keep a sense of humor. By keeping the mood light and playful, your foot lady will feel less pressure and enjoy the interplay. Perhaps you can even start things off with a nice foot massage or a back rub. Not only do I think that a good giggle during sex is healthy, but so is communication. Don't be afraid to talk during footplay and always keep things on a positive note - even if you aren't getting off the way you expected.

* Rub and dub dub. Lubrication is important especially for foot sluts in training. lol A little lube goes a long way. Try not to use too much though - as control and dexterity is reduced. Have your lady squeeze out just give enough gel or lotion to help slide her feet up and down your mighty shaft, but without the nasty flesh pull... (though some of you may like that). lol

* I personally like music playing in the background while I'm pleasing Chaos' big cock. Music can be a way for a woman to help establish a good rhythm. Maybe try playing a favorite song while you are two are enjoying foot love. Music may encourage her to move her feet in different ways. This rhythm motion will give her peds some momentum... kind'a like foot aerobics or dancing on a dick. hehe

* This next point is often neglected. Men forget to tell women that gravity is on the down. What do I mean? Well, when stroking a throbbing cock - it is the downwards stroke that is the most sensitive and pleasing. Though bringing peds upwards towards the head feels good, it definitely doesn't compare to the downward thrust. The same is true for blowjobs and handjobs. It is like thrusting into a wet pussy... going in is incredible and you come out just to push your prick back in again. Some women think that they should pull the cock and tug it. This gives limited results. Tell her to stroke it down baby!

Now that I've given you some things to think about, I'd also like to give you several positions for your lady to try. You probably know most of these, but often in the heat of the moment, we forget that certain positions are easier than others. Your partner wants to please you, so make sure she is always comfortable.

* The easiest and definitely a great beginner position is the man on floor with a woman sitting on a chair or low bed. This position gives the woman easy access to either a limp hopeful dick or an erect member waiting to explode. This position doesn't require a lot of abdominal strength and dancing on a cock style works quite well or maybe even slip slide and away with some lube. With a little practice she will be able to cup the shaft between her lovely feet, and do a little prick pumping.

* Doggie style footjobs are a personal favorite because I can gain momentum and really thrust down while not letting go. I'm able to generate the speed and friction that Chaos needs to spill his thick load on my feet. For this position, a woman should be on her stomach with her feet cupped around the cock (which is behind her). She can move her feet in a variety of angles, but remember that it requires a bit of practice because the woman can't 'see' what she is doing. But the man has a great view.

* Another common position is the woman laying on her back with her legs stretched out stroking her man's meat with her feet and teasing with her toes. Holding the cock fairly secure and raising the feet and legs up and down does require some abdominal strength. This is a great belly burning exercise, but it takes time to master. You might suggest this to your lady only if she is fit enough to do so. If she isn't, start out with a different position until she gains the confidence and ability to try it.

Last but not least I'd like to mention a few footjob techniques for your foot lover to experiment with. This might overlap a bit with positions, but I didn't want to neglect mentioning these sexy angles.

* Woman sitting or laying holding cock upright with one foot while stroking the shaft with the other foot and gently touching the head when possible. This can be done from several positions, and is a great start for an inexperienced footjob-ist.

* Using the space between the big toe and the second toe. This technique is very effective for stroking up and down, as well holding the cock in position as you move around.

* If a man likes his balls played with... A lady can rub the balls with her toes, or might even want to try gripping the balls with her toes - if she is dexterous.

* A technique that isn't seen often but is a lot of fun to try is the sausage roll. Have the lady place the cock in between her arches and roll it like a big wiener between her arches, balls of the feet or possibly even the ankles. Most places will feel good. If it slips don't worry.

* Ladies who like to move around a bit might also enjoy laying on her side while she uses her arch to hold the cock and the front of her opposite foot to balance it out. Then with a bit of practice she can stroke the cock in that position, providing a different sensation. It is always worth a try.

* Probably the most common footjob technique. Cock placed in between both feet with some pressure applied. As the shaft is held and rubbed between the sides of the female foot or her sexy soles. It is usually a rhythm like motion going back and forth, or up and down. This can be done in several positions with similar results... usually a cummy mess. lol

* A lady might also want to try flicking the cock with her toes or just directly rub the head with her soles or possibly the ball of her foot. If she has some foot skill, she might also use her toes or second toe - to stimulate (the above mentioned) special spot just under the head, and on the mushroom rim of the cock. This ultra sensitive spot is usually a quick way to make a man cry out in ecstasy and serve up a nice hot load.

Of course techniques, and positions during footplay are only limited by you and your partner's sexual imagination. Have fun exploring new things and practicing that which has given positive and stimulating results for both of you. However I want to make clear that you need to encourage 'your lover' to use a part of 'her foot' that feels the best for 'her'. It is extremely important - as it gives her the ped connection with eroticism... even without her having a real foot fetish. If footplay feels pleasurable for her, it will make her more open to doing it more often, and ultimately you'll reach The Holy Grail. A superior footjob with a breathtaking knock you out cum finale - will happen the day that your woman truly enjoys what she is doing. With patience and encouragement a time will come when even the most conservative woman will dare to be a little foot slut!! hehe In my experience (though I have a foot fetish), the inner most part of my arches are extremely sensitive. This area has an intense G-Spot effect (hence the name of my monthly Column) for me during extreme footfucking. This results in an amazing ped-gasm! Of course Chaos loves my moans, and groans. It sends him over the edge even faster. That is a goal for both Chaos and I... to reach ecstasy together and that footplay is always satisfying for both of us. I want to conclude by saying that the female foot is an extremely sensitive but often neglected erogenous zone. Women don't even realize it. Show your partner patience, pure pleasure, and give her time to explore. She will be shocked by the ped-pussy connection. She'll be asking you for footplay. And you my friends will wake up Saturday morning with beautiful feet in your face!


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