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Mature Female Feet

Happy New Year Everyone!! My 2007 wish for my foot friends is that you will all enjoy a year of pretty peds on your lap, sweet toes in your mouth, and sexy soles on your face! I hope you manage to enjoy some heated and passionate foot-time with your special ladies. You certainly deserve it, and if you are a true fetishist ~ you even need it to be a whole sexual person. Please don't try to repress your below the ankle obsession this year. Maybe you can make a resolution to do your best to understand yourself, and your needs. How can your mate understand your fetish ~ if you don't? Unfortunately some of you still wrestle with your foot obsession, and think that you need to hide it. But please know that 'foot lust' isn't a bad erotic desire... it is only negative if you allow it to consume you. The best way for it not to take over your 'being' is to allow it in. Yes, let it in, but take it a bit at a time, and always do your best to communicate with your partner. Remember to always respect your lady -- as you want to be respected. Please no cumming in her shoes (unless she knows about it) or trying to foot-jack her helpless feet while she sleeps. Anything of that nature, is going to be perceived as perverse sexual behavior. You want her to understand, and respect your foot fantasies. She won't be able to do that if you take advantage of her and / or don't give her time to grasp your ped-obsessions. It is that kind of secretive behavior that makes the world around us, think we are crazy! Crazy for feet maybe, but not deranged!!

So how does my introduction fit into this month's column? This month's topic is oftened discussed, and debated here on Wu's Feet Links. Mature female feet is one of those topics which seems obscure not only for the people who do not share our fetish, but also to those that actually have a foot fetish. For those around us often think that erotic passion for mature feet, simply reveals and reinforces that fetishists are deviates. This paraphilia implies that Footmen have a Oedipus complex, sexual dysfunction, or some similar obsession with their Momma, Aunties or another important female figure in their past. Honestly, I do get a lot of e-mail from the on-line Foot Community who seem too parallel their ped-pleasures with fond memories of female family members. This is where a lot of foot fetishists feel uncomfortable or sexually abnormal. If that is the case... Stop right there! Though aspects of your foot fetish may consciously or sub-consciously link to an older female in your life -- the original trigger is not the message! You are a sum total of your experiences, and complicated neural activities. It doesn't matter how or why your sexual interests started, it is how they develop, and how you manage them. Someone could give you a dozen socio-anthropological or somatosensory scientific explanations, but do they really matter?? Heck No! When you look or touch a sexy foot, do you need to know why you feel the way you do? Or is it more important to understand how to integrate the love / need of feet into your daily lives? You may have fond childhood memories of being at 'Her' feet... say in the kitchen or watching television... but that was just a time of exploration, not a fortelling of your future sexual self. The form, definition and details of a mature female foot might bring back memories. Don't be alarmed if an older foot reminds you of your childhood or first pubescent sexual experiences. Enjoying female feet (especially mature feet) is not incestual in nature, nor does it reveal a morally corrupt person. However having a strong fixation with mature feet is still embarrassing for some of you. Whereas some of you have vivid recollections - others do not associate their fetish with their childhood at all. Some fetishists clearly prefer younger female feet, and do not find the mature ped attractive. Maybe a passion for younger female feet is easier for some of you to accept? I'm certainly not judging your choices, preferences or fantasies. Either way, it is okay!

So now let's continue with our interesting topic. I believe that there is a wide range for foot fetishists, as to what constitues 'mature' female feet. Some men have a mental number in their head as to what age a foot ceases to be attractive. Some men wouldn't want their friends to think that they were jacking off to 65 year old foot, but might find that 40 year old feet are easier to admit to. At this point does the body that is attached to the feet in question - matter? For example Roni from Roni's Paradise is over 50 years old, and still as sexy, and sassy as ever! You wouldn't throw those pretty peds out of bed. Clearly each pair of feet is truly unique, and has traits that some people find arousing, and others do not. Each decade the foot reveals more unique definition and character. For me a mature female foot probably starts around 40 years old, and goes up from there. I know some people think mature feet start younger than that. But what's in a number? I think that from 20 years to 60+ years ~ each period has its own attractive qualities.

A lot of men ask why their female partner feels that her feet are ugly ~ especially when he thinks her feet are beautiful? That is a tough question to answer. But I'll try. Younger women in their 20's might spend a lot of time in runners and flip flops. They often give attention to their toes, but they don't yet understand the sexual power of their pretty peds. Women in their 30's tend to be more stylish, but have a real love-hate relationship with their growing shoe collections. Their feet get abused, blistered and calloused by an array of uncomfortable shoes and high heels. But they still love their sexy shoes and how they make them feel. They are at their sexual prime and have more confidence. But many women ponder on how the expensive shoes that they just adore brings them pain, callouses and scarring. They wonder how their tired tootsies can be attractive to a man? Many women in their 30's do make an effort to have pedicures and are open to compliments. Fortunately some ladies discover that sexy pedicured feet, and footware can bring them a lot of attention! If they are really lucky - they might even have found a man that opens their world to below the ankle pleasures. Most women need to realize that peds simply aren't perfect! True love for mature feet reveals that there is perfection in the 'imperfection'. There is beauty when a woman gains confidence, and allows her man to love her from head to toe. But sadly the foot battle may still be an issue for some ladies in their 40's, as they notice that their feet are wider and maybe larger from having children earlier on. The callouses, and the crunched toes look very weird to them. Once again they need some assurance that their older feet are still sexy. Then with the 50's, females are reminded how important feet really are, and that they need more care. Older women might seek out more sensible shoes, or return to a joyous time of barefooting. For men, women are confusing at any age, and throwing 'feet' into the mix -- makes it even more difficult.

I'm already at the end of this month's article. I feel like I still have so much left to discuss. I'm sure I've left out a lot of particular points to why some men love mature feet. While some footmen find older feet a definite turn-off due to lines, wrinkles and callouses... Others relish the roughness and perhaps imagine what they'd like to do with them. lol I'm sure a lot of you can think of ways to soften them up! *wink* Obviously men who have a strong obsession over bunions and orthotic challenged feet, are most definitely going to seek out older and more mature feet to satisfy their desires. But I don't think you have to be into worn looking feet to enjoy mature peds. If I was to post a pair of peds belonging to a 30 year old, and then a 50 year old woman, there would be a marked difference in appearance. The difference itself is 20 years of ware and tear, but how the feet dealt with the passage of time is the real beauty!! I for one do enjoy mature female feet, and I can appreciate the sexy flaws! It's all in the eye of the beholder. If you like what you see ~ keep looking!

That's all for now. Please feel free to contact me, or leave a message in my G-Spot Forum here on Wu's. I always welcome your feedback, input, and questions. Bye for now.

Toe Wiggles, Genie xoxo

P.S - I know that my 60+ Mom has a lot of foot fans. My Mom use to think her size 5 feet were ugly. But due to your e-mails and compliments, my Mom has gained a new perspective, and is loving all the new ped attention!!

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