Lil Redhead's Interview

Below is an interview held recently with the lovely Lil' Redhead from the web site, My Little Redhead's Perfect Feet. She chose a select few of your questions to answer. Be sure to contact her at

Keith M Asks: Hi, I just want to say that I think you have the best feet on the web today! I absolutely love your toes. I just wanted to know if you would ever consider meeting any fans for a foot session with you to be posted on the internet. Also, will you be selling any scented stockings on your page? I would love to worship a pair with your scent all over them.

Lil Redhead Answers: Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments!! Actually Keith, I am newly engaged and I don't imagine I will be sharing my feet with anyone else for now other than on the web. There was an incident when we visited New Orleans and Chris (my fiance), let another man suck my toes....but we were looking for public photos to take and we were slightly wasted. It was fun but it was probably a rare occasion for us both. If anything changes I'll let you know!!!

Jeff K Asks: When did you first realize that guys found your feet attractive? Is foot fetishism something new to you?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Jeff!! I always thought I had attractive feet but my former husband told me they were terrible! Then I met Chris and my life changed. Chris told me I had beautiful feet and that he had a SERIOUS foot fetish. He was involved with someone else at the time but I found myself teasing him and flirting with him using my feet after that. I was a BAD GIRL!!! But we ended up falling in love after his relationship ended and ever since I have been his little redheaded foot goddess.

X Caliber Asks: Do you have a fetish with feet yourself? ie. mens or womens?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hey X, I am so new to this but I would have to say that I do have a strong appreciation for beautiful feet. There are some other models on the web that I think are outstanding!! I will also say that I love Chris' feet and try to make them bound and helpless whenever I get the chance.....he is so damn ticklish. I laugh almost all as hard as he does when I am tickling him!! I am looking for a female that would be willing to "play" with me for the website. I hope I find one soon!!!

pedicure-fan Asks: have u never been pedicured by guy????

Lil Redhead Answers: Yes as a matter of fact I have!! Chris pedicures my feet all the time. It is excellent!!!

Bigjohn Asks: Are you and your husband swingers?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Big John, No we are not. We find too much delight in each other!

ticklephile Asks: Hi Lil' Redhead. First off you have incredible feet. Your arches are so high. I love tickling and was wondering how ticklish your feet are? Do you like them to be tickled? I would love to rake my fingers up and down those soft soles of yours.

Lil Redhead Answers: Thank you ticklephile!! I love your sweet compliments! As far as me being ticklish....most of the time VERY much so. I love being bound and helpless and at Chris' mercy but don't tell him that.....he would drive me crazy!!

TickleMe Asks: Hi Lil' redHead.. you have the best looking feet I've ever seen :) The toe, fingers..perfect :) They are beautiful... I bet those smooth soles are so sensitive too :) Are they ticklish honey?.. Does tickling turn you on? and do you have any videos on this nature :) Thanks ... :)

Lil Redhead Answers: Thank you Tickle Me!! First off thank you so much! Yes my feet are very ticklish! I have to say that my soles are incredibly sensitive. Tickling does totally turn me on. I love being bound and helpless and at my tickle masters mercy. As far as videos, yes, I have a very intense tickling video available at my site It was pure tickle torture at its finest!!! I hope you will take a look and see.

Demonschainsaw Asks: How do u feel about people getting pleasure from seeing your feet?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi your name!! I love the fact that people derive pleasure from my feet. I lived so long thinking I was not very is such a change for me to feel appreciated and sexy. My feet have always been here but I had to find the right person to find out they were great and good and that I was equally as attractive. Thank you!!!

Revoleot Asks: First of all, I would like to thank you for being open-minded enough to share your feet with those of us who can appreciate them. If I could only ask you one question, I guess I would like to know how you really feel about millions of people admiring your feet on the net. Thanks again for having the most beautiful feet in the world!

Lil Redhead Answers: It makes me feel EXCELLENT!!! I have never had sooo much attention in my life and I appreciate it!!

HJH Asks: I would love to have a video of your pretty feet do you have any if not would you consider doing some foot video

Lil Redhead Answers: HJH...I do have foot videos available on my site We offer an excellent tickling video, a barefeet and soles video and soon to cum a dangling video and a footjob video. All you have to do is visit the site and you will see what is available! I hope you like them.

Alex Asks: Do you like to flash your footsoles on the dashboard of your vehicle while riding passenger style?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Alex...we have recently added quite a few car photos and also recently a few pics of me on the plane we took to Louisiana. It was great to show my feet off in front of all those stuffy travelers and watch their eyebrows rise as I removed my shoes and Chris shot away with the camera. What a great trip!!!

Ethan Asks: I have a foot fetish and have loved feet and toes for years. Ironically, I have only enjoyed this with very few women. It seems to be the one thing that is so hard to fulfill on a regular basis because it so hard to find women who like that. Incidentally, those same women only want you to enjoy their feet once in a while. Therefore, I go to the websites, including yours. What do you look to achieve by having this site? What effect should it have on me?

Lil Redhead Answers: Ethan...honey...I am so glad you wrote. Excellent question! I an fairly new to this as I have stated before but I am enjoying myself thoroughly. My only achievement (as you put it) is to have fun and and make others happy. Chris and I have a brilliant time together and love sharing it with others that have the same tastes as we do. As far as how this site should make you about GOOD??? I hope so anyway!!!

Smooth Asks: I think your feet are tremendous. Do you like them being sucked,tickled or smelled?

Lil Redhead Answers: Thank you Smooth!! I would have to say that I like all of the options you offered. Chris usually peels my socks off every night and smells them before moving onto the toe sucking and sole licking. It feels fantastic!! As far as tickling, as I have said before I am sure, I love being bound and helpless while Chris tickles me senseless!!

Wu Asks: Describe to me what YOU think is the perfect foot and how your foot would compare to it?

Lil Redhead Answers: I think the perfect foot is well proportioned in that the toes aren't too long and and the nails are well trimmed. They would have to have very high arches and plenty of arch wrinkles to accentuate that arch. The soles have to be very soft and silky and also be vulnerable to tickling. How my feet compare?...they are my feet!! LOL!

GA boy Asks: Lil' Redhead I want to start off by saying you have beautiful feet and a fine body, your husband is a lucky man. My question is when was your first foot-job and what was it like? Lots of love from the south, GA boy.

Lil Redhead Answers: Hey GA boy!! Actually I grew up in GA myself! My first foot job was when I fell in love with Chris and I knew about his major foot fetish. I asked him if there was something he had always wanted to try with a woman but couldn't. Well, it went from there and my first foot job was performed. I loved it and I loved bringing him such great pleasure with my feet. Plus I have to admit the hot cum all over my soles felt incredible!!

foot-alex Asks: Hi Little Redhead!! I love your feet and your toes with the toering really turns me on!!! I'd like to ask you how many times are you doing pedicure? Did you like men to pedicure your toes? Which is your favorite nail color? Thanks and kisses to your toes!!

Lil Redhead Answers: I am so glad to hear that...thank you!! I usually do a pedicure once a week if possible but in the winter I can wait longer before I need one since my feet are kept nice and moist in my warm shoes. Sometimes I do the pedicure myself if Chris is busy but I also have a professional job done every month or so. I do love the feel of having one of those done! I would have to say that my favorite nail colors are deep, deep red and also a bright fuschia pink. But I love other colors as well...light pink in the summer when my toes are nice and tan!! Toe Kisses to you too XXXX

Footaholic Asks: I love your pretty feet. Are you into Foot-Domination? If so, how often do you USE a man for it?

Lil Redhead Answers: Love your name footaholic...very good. I sometimes get into foot domination when I am in the mood and when I know someone who needs a little punishment....sometimes bad behavior has its own rewards!! As far as how varies but whenever it is, it is great. I have some fairly new foot domination pics on the site that I bet you would love...take a peek if you get a chance.

Marc Asks: `Red... did you meet a shy guy that admired and complimented your feet and what did you do to offer comfort to him?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Mark, Funny you should ask...when I met Chris he was VERY shy and it took a while but I finally found out about his foot fetish. He did compliment them and after that I began to tease him with them whenever I got a chance. But eventually I was able to comfort him with full access to my feet and the freedom to have all his foot fantasies fulfilled.

JJ Asks: Ever do a french tip pedicure? I love them!

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi JJ, Actually I have never had a French pedicure but I may give it a try this summer when I can grow my nails a little longer. I have seen other female feet on the web that it has looked great on so I can see why you like them. Let it get warm around here again and I will see what I can do for you!!

Your Fan Asks: You most likely have the most beautiful feet of all the foot models. I have noticed that you like to wear a toe ring on your left foot. Can you please, please wear more toe rings (possibly 2 on each foot)? Some of us go nuts seeing beautiful toes with toe rings. Can you also please, in one of your pictures, paint each toe with different nail polish? I wish I could suck your toes for hours. Bye.

Lil Redhead Answers: Yes I do like to wear toe rings and there is one that I always wear. It is my engagement ring and it is platinum and diamonds. I never take it off and I love it!! I have just been sent some very simple but nice gold toe rings from a member of the site so you can plan on seeing more rings on my toes as you have requested. As far as painting each toe different...I have had a few people ask me to do that so I guess I will give it try sometime soon. I was already thinking of alternating some red and gold for a holiday photo shoot..hope you like it!!!

Devon Asks: I love your soles... What do you feel while you are being tickled? Is it a sexual turn on for you?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Devon, Thank you...I try to keep these soles soft and sexy so I appreciate your compliments. Usually when I am being tickled I feel totally taken and helpless. I can't stop laughing and I have to beg Chris to stop OR offer some type of bribe in exchange for catching my breath. It does excite me tremendously and usually a good heavy tickling session ends in a VERY nice way!! Hmm I am getting HOT just thinking about it!!! Gotta go!

lovinRed Asks: When did you find out how sexy your feet are? Did you always show them off? If you caught someone checking out your feet in public, how would you react? I often find myself doing this. Sometimes I'm sure the women notices, and I wonder what she is thinking. How about posting more mpgs to your website. Big fan, lovinRed.

Lil Redhead Answers: What a great name!! Thank you!!! As far as your question....I didn't really realize I had sexy feet until about 1 1/2 years ago when I met my fiance Chris. Before that I was totally unaware I had good feet because I had been told otherwise. Believe it or not, I haven't caught anyone checking out my feet (although I have tried to tease a few lately), but if I did catch you I can assure you I would love it!!! I am hoping to run into someone like you soon!! Kisses!!!XXOOO

Weezer Asks: Does anyone in your family know about your site?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hey Weezer....good question! No, no one knows and I don't know what will happen when they do!! Kinda scary!!!

Gomer Asks: Little Redhead, I look forward to every update on your website! Like your fiance says "tickling is my favorite". Is there a spot on your sole that when tickled right, will drive you into hysterics? Where is it, and how is it tickled?

Lil Redhead Answers: Thank you!!! I glad to hear that my updates have pleased you! Yes, tickling is his favorite and I would have to say that my most ticklish spot is right under the ball of my foot on the inside....drives me crazy but at times my big toe can be equally as ticklish. Chris has just discovered much to my torture...that I am also extremely ticklish under my arms.....he better stop or things could messy!!!

Double J Asks: How do you keep your feet so beautiful, as they look so stunning?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hey JJ!!! I keep my feet so beautiful, as you put it, by getting regular pedicures and also by using Peppermint Lotion on them almost every night. It keeps them cool and creamy!!!

Mr. Big Asks: Hi Little Redhead, Does your boyfriend prefer your feet to be a little smelly?

Lil Redhead Answers: Yes Mr. Big.....he does!! I present him with my worn smelly socks every evening and he enjoys them as well as my feet as a special bedtime treat!!

MightMax Asks: I wanted to know if "foot fetish" was just a male thing. Do you look at other women or men's feet and toes? Do you like having your toes and feet sucked and caressed? Do you like doing it to someone else? By the way, I would love to have the chance to suck on your toes. They are beautiful.

Lil Redhead Answers: Dear Max, I don't think it is a "male" thing at all!!! It seems to me that everybody has there own thing as to feet. Yes, i do check out other women's feet and I am looking forward to adding pics of me with another lovely lady to the site ASAP. I know that I love to tickle Chris and have my way with him and his feet whenever much fun!!! He acts like he doesn't like me tickle him but I never have any trouble catching him and torturing him too.

Wu Asks: What has been the most rewarding experience of doing your web site? The most difficult?

Lil Redhead Answers: The most rewarding part of the website has been the confidence it has brought into all aspects of my life. There is nothing like knowing for the first time that you are attractive and that others find you exciting and beautiful. It has also been a great deal of fun for Chris and I both...some of those photo sessions lead to lots of great sex! It has really expanded our creativity too. As for the difficulties..trying to keep the site interesting and fresh is always a challenge when you have as many photos as we do. We are always experimenting with new ideas but with just the two of us to take pics and maintain and update the site it can be a bit overwhelming at times.

Footlicker Asks: Dear Little Redhead, What shoes make your pretty feet smell the strongest and do you ever try to make them that way for your boyfriend?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hey Footlicker.... I do have a secret technique for getting them extra scented for Chris!! I have 3 pairs of synthetic knee highsocks that just seem to easily get extra scented and I wear them for him as a special treat. He always love them and sometimes I wear them again for days just to drive him wild!!!

Tony Asks: First, let me say that you have the most perfectly shaped toes and soles on the net. Your feet are drool-producing. Any footjob tips for those wives or girlfriends who love the thought of wrapping their feet around a man, but have no idea how to "pull it off?" Also, I notice you wear your toe ring on the left foot. Is that because you sit on his left side for footjobs, so that you can work the underside of the ridge with the ring? Thanks sugar.

Lil Redhead Answers: Hey Tony... That is kinda a hard is sort of up to the two involved as to what feels good. But I do know that Chris and I love Motion Lotion for it's slippery and hot feel and that it is non-oily. I would say that you should experiment with positions and find what pleases you both. I happen to like lying on my back so I can to watch as Chris cums all over my feet. But I have to say that we have found many positions that are just as much fun!! As far as the toe ring... that is my engagement ring and that is why I where it where I do...but I am also left handed and footed so it feels comfortable the way it is made of platinum and diamonds!!!

Mark Asks: Do you like to go barefoot outdoors and get your feet dirty or muddy?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Mark!! Actually I do love going barefoot and I remember as a child never wearing shoes all summer!! I was always hiding my feet behind my parents to get in restaurants, etc....believe me it was fun and I never wore a single pair of shoes that summer!! But as for your question...yes I still love to go barefoot and I do love the feel of soft, warm dirt beneath my feet. We had a great time shooting our dirty sole pics last summer and we plan to do it again as soon as it gets warm here again.

Bert Asks: I think you have some of the prettiest feet on the net. Are there any other feet on the net that you admire?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Bert!! Yes I especially love Kim's feet and also Patricia. We have a woman named Sara UK who contributes sometimes to our site and I think she has great feet too!! There are lot's of great feet out there but I have to say these are my favorites.

Shoefetish Asks: Do you ever do any trampling? With heels, flats, bare etc.

Lil Redhead Answers: Yes, sometimes I can see on my website at We have done some fruit pics, little man pics and some of me trampling Chris!!!

MickFlux Asks: Are you a shoeplay girl?? I love dipping and dangling.

Lil Redhead Answers: Hey obviously haven't visited my site!! I love dangling and shoe play and even have an mpg and video for sale showing my teasing dangling and footplay. Hope you check it out!!

Marcus Asks: Having such beautiful,sexy and delicate feet,I was wondering whether you ever tried foot bondage or foot torture (bastinado,...)? Does it turn you on?

Lil Redhead Answers: Marcus...yes I do love bondage!! But as far as foot torture or!! I like being bound and helpless while my feet are worshipped and tickled but the pain thing just doesn't do it for me.

Terrence Asks: Hi Lil Red, I'm a black male, age 36, from South Carolina. My question is: Are you into interracial? I mean would you like a black man sucking your toes? I would definitely like to be in line for that.

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Terrence, Glad to hear from you!! I think SC is a beautiful place especially on the coast. As far as your question....I am not opposed to interracial anything but I have not had the pleasure myself. I would imagine that it would be exciting and great just as any man into feet would be.

G8 Asks: Hi Lil Redhead. You feet are truly perfect. What do you enjoy about being in the stocks with your toes tied up and pulled back? Have you ever had your soles spanked when they are tied up or helpless? How did you realize you were submissive with a foot fetish?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi G8, I love hearing from you as you know!! Always the best and sexiest drive me crazy!!! What I enjoy about being in the stocks is the complete helplessness and the sense of trust and excitement that comes with it. I guess I have always thought I was a BAD GIRL and that a little punishment was exciting and good for me. It goes back from before I can remember and I only got to enjoy the pleasure of bondage just recently....I am eating it up!!!

toetal Asks: What do you like to do after a good tickling?

Lil Redhead Answers: Well toetal....I usually have to but my way out with some type of sexual favor!! It is soooooo excellent! I have to say the blowjob seems to be the best bargaining tool.

Roger Asks: I only discovered you and your site about a month ago and was blown away! You have absolutely gorgeous feet! Toes,soles...etc. You have the full package. My question is are you going to do a video in the future about guys smelling your pretty feet while jacking off? This would be quite a turn on for me as I'm sure it would be for other foot guys.Thank you so much for showing off your feet to us guys. We are privileged!

Lil Redhead Answers: Dear Roger, Thank you!!! It so nice to hear that you enjoy the site!! Actually we are offering on the site now a foot worship/handjob video that you would probably love!! Take a look and let me know if you are interested!! Toe Kisses

Stone Asks: do you like to look at other women's feet? Do you have a foot fetish? thanks a lot.

Lil Redhead Answers: Dear Stone, I don't know if what I have is a foot fetish but I do appreciate other female and male feet. I have a particular interest in getting together with Kim....I think it would be great fun. As far as male feet... I love Chris'...he has little golf club toes that drive me crazy.

Tree Asks: When do you guys plan to do another footjob mpg or movie?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Tree, Actually we have quite a few mpgs on the site right now in the footjobs section. But we are also in the middle of making a footjob video that will be available soon...hopefully before Christmas...a present to yourself!!!

Wu Asks: On the inside of your right ankle you have a tattoo that reads "Bad Girl" along with two red hearts with an arrow through them. Is there a story behind it that you would like to share?

Lil Redhead Answers: I actually don't really have a tattoo!! It is a little "stick-on" tattoo that I bought a pack of when we went to the beach last summer. I bought them because I have always loved tattoos but I am not ready or willing to make the commitment to something permanent. I thought that this would be a way that I could have a tattoo I could remove when I wanted and also could change as I desired. There are so many great designs out there and this way I can pick and choose according to my mood. But I did pick the "Bad Girl" tattoo for a reason....I can be VERY bad sometimes!!

Nello Mellow Asks: Do you allow members to your website or fans of your fantastic feet be a part of custom-made videos or custom-made photos??

Lil Redhead Answers: Hey Nello, Not at this time!! Chris and I are not swingers as others are. But I thank you for the wonderful compliments and I hope you are enjoying the new site.

BigMax Asks: I must compliment your sexy feet. Two quick ques. What size are they and have you ever popped balloons with your feet?

Lil Redhead Answers: Big Max.....My feet are a size 8-8.5 depending on the shoes. I have never done the balloon thing but I think it sounds like fun!! Look for it this spring on the site!!

Hurly Asks: Does it bring you lots of pleasure to give a guy a footjob and see him cum all over your feet and toes ?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Hurly, I can't even begin to tell you how much pleasure I derive from such experiences!! It is so intense and warm.... I can do it anytime and enjoy it immensely!!! It is so warm and exciting...I better go...I am getting wayyyy to excited thinking about it!

Kev Asks: Hi Lil', First of all, I just want to tell you that you have the best arches and soles on the net! On to my question.....On your site you have pics from a trip to New Orleans, you and your hubby were in a bar, and you had some other guy sucking on your toes and licking you soles, was that guy a friend or a stranger? Did you seek him out or did he seek your feet out? Have you let strangers play with your feet before?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hey Kev...thank you ever so much for the great compliments!! As for your question...the guy in the New Orleans pics was a complete stranger! Chris and I were in New Orleans on a business trip and decided to have a little fun while we were there. In our efforts to get some public photos we visited numerous bars and decided to take a chance and tell people what we were up to and about our website. The response was incredibly positive and this guy just immediately asked if he could suck my toes for the site. Chris was feeling generous and well, we were a little wasted so we went for it!! As for other strangers playing with my not really. It isn't often Chris likes to share!! LOL!!

Andy Asks: I have seen your dangle mpeg and I would so much like to kiss your gorgeous feet and lick between your toes. How does it feel when a guy is doing that?

Lil Redhead Answers: Well Andy.. Thank you for the comments about the dangling. I really love to dangle and plan on adding many more mpgs to the site soon. We have also just made our first dangling video will be for sale on the site very soon after some final editing. It features me in about 10 different pairs of shoes and was really fun for me to make!! About your question...I simply have to say that I adore it!! A warm slippery tongue between my toes drives me crazy!!!

Jasmin Asks: What size shoes do you wear and how many inch or centimeter your feet measure. Thank you

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Jasmin! My feet are a size 8 or 8.5 depending on the shoes. On my site I have a "Shoe of the Month" page as I am the model for a shoe site called Tips 2 Toes. Every pair of shoes they send me each month has fit me perfectly as a size 8.

Goat Asks: When giving a footjob to a guy what position do you find to be the most comfortable? (i.e. sitting between a guys legs or along side a guy or above him?) and why this position is best for you? Thanx, your feet look Great!!

Lil Redhead Answers: When I give a of my favorite things to do by the way, I have a couple of favorite positions. One of them is sitting on the couch or bed with Chris below me. He can totally relax that way while I get to play with his plump and juicy cock and tease him for as long as he can stand it. I also like it because I can see what is going on and watch him cum....I love to watch his face and his cock as he cums...drives me over the edge!! Another position I like is laying on my tummy on the bed with Chris behind standing up. He oils up my soles and has his way with them. Sometimes I like the feeling that my feet are being "taken" so to speak. When he does that I just listen to him as he delights in my soft soles.

Skywatcher Asks: Tell me what is your feelings about your lover's foot passion and the way he shares it with the rest of us? Personally, I love your website and I think HE loves you INTENSELY. And I think you are OBVIOUSLY a wonderful wife/lover. I want to express a HUGE THANK-YOU. There are many of us who are not so fortunate.

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi there Skywatcher! I have to admit that when I found out about his foot fetish I found it pretty exciting. Plus I was able to tease him for months with them before we even got together. I love that he is passionate about my feet and his sharing them with others on the web just makes me feel wonderful. He thinks they are just too beautiful to keep hidden away!! I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying the site and I hope you will continue to do so. We have a great time with the site and yes we are VERY much in love with each other. Glad it shows!!

Spidy Asks: Were you into the foot fetish scene or enjoy being tickled before you met Chris or were these things he introduced to you? And if he did, how did he make you receptive to them? You are simply beautiful with exquisite feet. Keep up the good work.

Lil Redhead Answers: Hey Spidy! I have to admit I wasn't into the foot fetish scene before I met Chris but when I found he was I was a terrible tease! He is a huge fan of tickling and it was inevitable that I would be put into his stocks before long for some intense tickling lessons. He always seems to find a reason I need some "punishment." I have say that it really didn't take much effort for him to make me receptive...I fell in love with him and his loving foot ways!!

Ellis Jackson Asks: Question: Michelle, in your opinion, what do you think is the most alluring aspect of your feet? How does it make you feel to know that nearly 150,000 people throughout the United States are--pardon the pun--"at your feet?" If you noticed a man looking at your feet in public, would you tease him? Who is your favorite chat-room guest?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Ellis!!! You little sweetie!! I would have to say that my soles and arches are what seem to drive men the most crazy. I love having high arches and soft silky soles. I love it that we have had so many wonderful guests to the site and it does make me feel excited and beautiful..maybe for the first time in my life. Unfortunately, other than Chris I have never noticed another man looking at my feet but I plan to keep an eye out from now on....and yes I will TEASE!! I have many great friends in chat but there is one guy ARCHitect who is a lot of fun!!

Amateur Goddess Asks: Hi I am a new goddess and I want you to tell me some basics about making men worship my feet.

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi new goddess...welcome!! If you want to email at we can discuss it further. Hope to hear from you!!

Footman! Asks: I think you have some of the most erotic feet on the net. I would pay ungodly sums of money to make a tickle video with you. I know that Chris puts the screws to your sexy feet just about every evening and I'd like to know how you are able to withstand all of the tickling that those sexy feet of yours take.

Lil Redhead Answers: Well Footman...thank you!! To tell you the truth I can't stand it...thats why I always have to bound and helpless. You can see on our website that I am always in a "vulnerable" position when he tickles me!!

Patrick Asks: I must say that your feet look so sexy when covered with thick gooey cum! When giving a footjob to your fiance, do you prefer him to cum on your sole, tops of your feet, or perhaps between your toes so you can squish it between them? Thanks!

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Patrick!!! All of the above!!

Wu Asks: You have 100's of great pictures on your web site. Is there one that you consider the best or your favorite? If so, why?

Lil Redhead Answers: Actually this is an easy question Wu. Chris and I both agree that one of the first pics we ever took called bndsol2 is our favorite!! It graces the opening page of bondage and is the same one you use for our site in your "Favorites". We just can't get over it every time we see it!! We are planning to make a poster of it someday soon!

Vee Asks: your feet are perfect. do you like to lick and suck your own feet? do you enjoy licking cum off your own pretty feet and toes?

Lil Redhead Answers: Thank you Vee!! Yes I do like to like to suck and lick my own feet...they are delicious!! Licking Chris' cum off them is just the icing on the feet. We actually plan to add a lot more pics of me like this to the website in some future update...check it out!!

Danny Asks: Hey! I absolutely LOVE your work! Your soles are just plain delicious! I wanted to know something - we've seen some shots of you in panties, but do you plan on doing some fully nude shots in the future? In addition to your feet, I would love to have a look at your pretty pussy! Any plans to grace us with shots like this?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Danny! Thank you we love the "work" too! Actually there are some recent shots of me with no panties what so ever on the site right now....but you have to look for them. We are adding some topless pics very soon too!! Hope you will take a look!

Feetor Asks: Now that you are completely a beautiful woman, who every man desires to have, why do you or photographer prevent us from seeing the beauty of your feet, which we,footlovers,are attracted to, inch by inch posting non-quality, medium size pictures ? Please have a look at NIKITA's (Flower) foot pictures. They are so quality,which seem so real.

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Feetor! I have no idea where you have been but it wasn't to my site! Good luck honey

Infatuated_foot_lover Asks: Oh my GOD!! You listen to The Doors; Iíve seen that on your car windshield! Beautiful feet and a great sense of music, what other talents Red Head?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Infatuated!! Yes I love good music! What other talents?....well I am a trained gourmet chef so I can cook up a storm and actually spent quite a bit of time in some of the hottest restaurants in the US cooking as a professional. I also love to scuba dive and I can't wait to get some underwater foot pics someday. Love gardening too!! How does that sound??

Rinny Asks: I am deeply aroused by the sight of a woman's soles when she points her toes and wrinkles her soles. I love to fantasize of her, laying on her tummy, pointing her toes so that her soles wrinkle up. Then I could fuck her wrinkled soles until I came all over them. My question is, "Do you receive many requests for pics/video of your soles as you point your toes and wrinkle/crinkle your soles?" You have no idea just how good those crinkles can feel!

Lil Redhead Answers: Well Rinny actually I did a have a request for a video just like what you described and it is now available on the site. Check out our Video page and read about our "Barefoot and Soles" video. I think you would really like it. We are also working on a footjob video and our next tickling extravaganza video. Hope you take a look!!

Garth Asks: Do you do shoejobs?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Garth....yes and there are photos on the site...check it out!

Mike Asks: Your feet are indeed flawless. My question is, can you cum by having your toes and soles sucked and licked or do you need other stimulation?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hey Mike! Thank you for the great compliment!! I won't lie to you like some I cannot cum just from foot play but I do get VERY excited. I love it but to actually cum I like the tongue to visit places further north.

Sandman Asks: When R U gonna take those unbelievable feet of yours polish them with dark polish and put them inside a set of high heel thongs?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hey Sandman...send some and I will be happy to get you some pics!!

Latin Pedal Lover Asks: Hello Little! I'm a foot and pedal lover from Chile, South America. Do you know pedal pumping? My dream is to see you, barefeet, pumping the gas pedal of a car, trying to start it. Bye!

Lil Redhead Answers: Actually not too long ago we added some pedal pumping pics to our "Special Requests" page. Please take a look and let me know what you think! We will be adding more very soon too.

Marengo Asks: Would you do a porn movie? What kind of sex will you do if so.

Lil Redhead Answers: Marengo...I guess you can say I already do depending on what you call porn. We just added a footworship/handjob video to the site recently. It might interest you.

Cali Asks: hi. your feet are not only beautiful, but downright sexy! any red blooded male would think that and i'm sure you receive a lot of compliments. but do other women tell you they find your feet sexy? is it normal for women to admire other women's feet?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Cali!! Thank you....I love hearing that my feet are sexy!! I haven't met another woman that is into feet but I am looking for one. I think it is perfectly normal...whatever normal is. I can't wait to find another girl to play with!!

Solemaster Asks: What instrument seems to elicit the most ticklish response from you and why do you think that is?

Lil Redhead Answers: Solemaster I would have to say that Chris has tortured me quite successfully with a ballpoint pen. But he has also use fake nails and they were pure torture too!! He is always looking for new ways to teach me a lesson!! Asks: Has there ever been a situation (business or otherwise) where you used your feet to change a situation to your advantage? P.S. Your feet are perfect!

Lil Redhead Answers: Well I guess sometimes I can make Chris do whatever I want just by teasing him with my feet....I have to say it is FUN!

Vinnie Asks: Hi sweetheart, I know I haven't written to you in a while, but I think of you all the time! Your toes are absolutely adorable, and your hubby is so lucky!! My question is, when you have been in tight heels all day long, and at the end of the day when you take them off, do you sometimes smell your own pretty feet?? I don't think that their is anything more sexy than that!! Talk to you soon.. Your pal Vinnie

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi nice to hear from you!! Yes I admit it....I do smell my own feet after a long hard day sometimes!! Chris loves to watch too but then he pushes me out of the way to get at them himself...LOL! What a funny couple we are! Please email me was great hearing from you XXOO

Jenny Asks: I'm at college. I get turned on by being barefoot. I regularly play indoor sports and I love to pretend I've forgotten my gym shoes so I can spend an hour or so with barefeet. Have you ever been ashamed of your barefoot desires?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Jenny!! It is so nice to get questions from other girls too. Yes I love to go barefoot. I remember spending a whole summer barefoot when I was a little girl. It got to be a real challenge to sneak into stores and restaurants but I managed to never wear my shoes all that summer. I had completely forgotten about that until your question...what a great summer!! I have never been ashamed and I hope you aren't either. XXOO

Dan Asks: Have you ever sucked man's toes?

Lil Redhead Answers: Dan....Yes I have!! I love Chris' little golf club shaped toes!! Plus he is soooo ticklish!

Pedro Asks: If i request you to please write my name on your feet will you do it?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi Pedro! We do have a Special Requests page on our website and we are always filling requests of site members...please considering visiting the site and see if you are interested!

John Asks: Do you like the feeling of stepping on and crushing something under your feet?

Lil Redhead Answers: Hi John!! Yes actually I do! I recently did some banana crushing pics and it felt great. I also did a crushed birthday cake for a guest of the site as a special treat for him and I thoroughly cool and creamy!

Wu Asks: What can we expect from your web site, "My Little Redhead's Perfect Feet", in the future? Anything new or exciting?

Lil Redhead Answers: Well we plan to add more models to the site and hopefully find me a little foot girlfriend to take some female/female pics with. I am working on finding a fun and willing partner now!! We are also adding a little more of me to the site in that I will be revealing the rest of my body on special occasions....look for some on the Christmas Eve update!!! We as always are open to suggestions and trying to answer all the special requests we get. We love the new ideas and want to fufill the fantasies of our guests. Please let me know if have something in mind Wu!!!

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