Belle's Naked Feet
Overview: This video stars the beautiful Belle of as she shows off her sexy bare feet in a multitude of sexy poses and she ends the video with a hot babyoil footjob that shouldn't be missed.

Scene One: The video begins with Belle wearing a sexy nightgown, black high heel shoes, an anklet and toe rings. She starts off by slowly dangling her shoe on her pretty bare feet as she relaxes on the couch. Belle's sexy legs are in full view and the camera zooms in for a close shot of the dangling action. The shoe ultimately drops, revealing Belle's tantalizing toes. They are well pedicured and she is wearing purple polish. She reaches down and removes her other shoe and begins to rub lotion all over her soles and toes. She mentions how good the lotion makes her feet taste and smell and invites you to comes see for yourself. The camera zooms in again and there are some great up close shots of her sweet toes as she applies the lotion. She finishes rubbing the lotion in by seductively rubbing her feet together and wiggling her toes. She then invites you to her bedroom.

Scene Two: While in her bedroom, Belle relaxes on her bed reading a magazine with her sensual soles facing the camera. The camera zooms in and catches her pretty bare feet from a variety of angles as she poses on the bed. She then begins to wiggle her toes for you as the camera pans around so you can see from every viewpoint. There are some great close ups of her soft soles and purple painted toes as she wiggles them. She invites us to come and have a lick. She even raises her nightie a little to give us a great shot of her sexy butt and legs. Belle continues the teasing by spreading, curling, and pointing her toes for the camera. There are some great up-close shots of her wrinkled soles as she points them towards the camera and as she rubs her soft feet together. Just like I mentioned before, these poses are caught from a variety of angles.

Scene Three: Now it is time for the footjob. It is shot from a first-person's point of view so you can imagine you are the one getting the footjob. Belle's sexy feet are covered in babyoil as she slowly starts to stroke her man's cocks. She mentions how good it feels against her soles as she braces him with one foot and rubs the sole of the other up and down his shaft. She then takes him between her arches and slowly strokes him up and down. Next, she puts her feet together and just allows her purple-painted toes to rub against the underside of his shaft before taking him in between her arches again. She continues to stroke his cock in these positions until he ultimately blows a huge load all over her toes. She has a huge approving smile on her face as she mentions how much she loves the way his cum feels on her feet as she massages it in.

Great video! Belle puts on quite a performance. I highly recommend it to people who love sexy bare feet and oily footjobs. The video and sound qualities are good. The video arrives quickly and discreetly wrapped for your privacy.

Run Time: 60 mins

By: Your Southern Belle Price: $25.95 Order Now

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