Big Foot Sole Show 2 (FV-11)
Overview: This video stars Brandee, Casey, Erika, and Peyton from as they show off their big beautiful soles for the camera in three different scenes.

Scene One: The opening scene stars the beautiful Brandee and her friend Casey. Casey is new to the foot scene so Brandee agrees to show her the ropes. Brandee's feet are a size 10 and Casey's are a size 11. They sit side by side on a couch with their sexy soles propped up on a table and facing the camera. They admire each others feet and soles as they discuss what men like about feet. They even talk to the camera, asking you what you think of their feet as they flex and point their toes for you. There is a lot of hot foot talk, ranging from pedicures to footjobs, as they thoroughly tease you with their feet. The camera zooms in from time to time so you can get a great look at their toes and soles. These two beautiful ladies have incredible soles and they know how to flaunt them. There are also some great shots of them rubbing each others feet and playing footsie. These two vixens will leave you speechless.

Scene Two: The second scene stars a beautiful young lady named Erika. She is 5'11" and wears a size 10 shoe. The camera catches up to her as she lies barefoot on the couch. We are immediately rewarded with an up close shot of her big sexy soles as she curls and flexes her toes. She mentions how she never knew why guys stared at her feet until she became a Foot Vixen. There are some great shots of her lightly caressing her soles with her hands and you can tell how soft her soles really are. She does a great job teasing the camera. Next, Erika kicks back and props her feet up on a small table. We are once again rewarded with another sensual sole show as Erika rubs her feet together and curls her toes. There are a lot of shots of her scrunching her soles and spreading her toes. Erika puts on a sole show that you won't soon forget.

Scene Three: The final star of the show is Peyton. This blonde haired beauty wears a size 10 shoe and has soles that a sole lover dreams of. The scene starts with her pretty feet propped up on what appears to be either a small table or stool. Her super sexy soles are front and center for all to admire. She immediately treats us to some sole scrunching and smoothing. The camera zooms in close so we can get a good look at every wrinkle in her sole. She then wiggles her tantalizing toes for the camera. Peyton decides to entice us further by getting on her knees and letting us check out her soles from behind. There are more great close-ups. She kicks back again and slowly rubs her soles together before wiggling her toes goodbye at us.

Excellent video!! If you are as big a sole fan as me then I'd recommend that you'd order this video right now. I'm already looking forward to part 3. The video and sound qualities are good. The video arrives quickly and discreetly wrapped for your privacy.

Run Time: 55 mins

By: Foot Vixens Price: $35.00 Order Now

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