Gazelle Vol 02 - Carol's Feet Show 2
Overview: This video stars Carol of The Gazelle's Paw Brotherhood as she flaunts her sexy feet in various poses and situations in nine spectacular scenes.

Scene One: The video begins with Carol at the beach as she lays on her stomach in the water. Her knees are bent so you can get a good look at her soles. She teases by flexing her soles and wiggling her toes for the camera. She dips her feet in and out of the water. There are some great shots of her wet wrinkled soles.

Scene Two: If you love pedal pumping, you will love scene two. Carol is in the car wearing a pair of strappy high heel sandals and an anklet. These shoes are very sexy and look great on her feet. The camera zooms in and out as she pumps the pedals for your enjoyment. There are some great shots of her sexy high arches and some great close ups of her well pedicured toes. She then kicks her feet up on the steering wheel and seductively poses her feet as she takes pictures. Carol then allows her shoes to dangle off her sexy feet while she sticks them out the door and window.

Scene Three: The third scene catches Carol as she lays on a bed. She is wearing a very sexy outfit and the same shoes from scene two. She starts off, once again, in "The Pose" as she shows off her feet. There are some great shots of her golden arches and soft heels. She then gets on her knees and there are some great shots from the back. Carol then lays on her side and removes her shoes. There are more great shots of her wrinkled soles. She then lays back and kicks her feet up to show off her high arches.

Scene Four: Carol shows you how she keeps her feet looking great in scene four. She seductively rubs lotion all over her heels, soles and toes of each foot. She rubs the lotion in further by rubbing her feet together. There are lots of great close ups and she doesn't miss a spot.

Scene Five: This scene is my favorite and you will understand why when you see it. It starts with Carol in the passenger side of the car with her feet hanging out the window during a drive. She is wearing black strappy high heel sandals. There are some great shots, from her viewpoint, of her sexy arches as she shows them off. Carol then brings her feet in and places them up on the dashboard. Even the driver can't help himself and reaches over to rub her soft feet. She then teases him further by placing her feet on the steering wheel so he can rub them as he drives. Things heat up really quickly when he removes her shoes and she allows her feet to find their way into his lap. She rubs her feet all over his crotch and slips one foot up the leg of his shorts. Very Hot!!

Scene Six: Scene six also takes place in the car. The car is now parked at the mountains and Carol, once again, has her bare feet hanging out the window. There are some great shots, from her point of view, of her showing off her sexy arches and toes. The driver then takes control of the camera. He gets out of the car and goes around to her side to get some great shots of her wrinkled soles.

Scene Seven: In this next scene, Carol decides to play with some fruit. She kicks off her shoes and crushes a plate of grapes and guava with her feet. There are some excellent close shots of the fruit mushing between her toes. She then displays her messy wrinkled soles for all to see.

Scene Eight: Carol is, once again, at the beach in scene eight. The camera catches some great close-ups of her her from a variety of angles as she relaxes. There is great emphasis on her well pedicured toes and immaculate archs. Her toes are adorned with a toe ring and she is also wearing an anklet. The scene ends with some great shots of her wrinkled soles.

Scene Nine: The final scene shows Carol and her faboulous feet at the pool. The camera zooms in and out as she dips her feet in and out of the water. There are some great shots of her wet wrinkled soles.

Excellent video! Carol has some of the sexiest wrinkled soles I've seen. If you loved volume one, you will love volume two. The video and sound qualities are good. The video arrives quickly and discreetly wrapped for your privacy.

Run Time: 68 mins

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