Arches Of Lust

      Welcome again Foot Fans! Last months article regarding the new styles of shoes seems to have hit a sensitive spot with many readers as I have not had that level of response in a few months! This highlights an interest, another area of the foot fetish world, and that is what part of the foot you want to see revealed to your lustful gaze! The new clog/slip-on style that I described in March brought out the fans that have an interest in heels, soles, ankles, and arches. However, you toe tasters are usually left with your imaginations and frustrations by these same styles. The one that really hit home for me was the arch!

      My stunt cock seems to have multiple interests in area of my feet, but he at times will spontaneously kiss and suck on the high soft flesh of my arches during sex. This usually occurs just before he looses all control and shoots a heavy load of hot cum on or in me. Out of curiosity, of course, I requested that he share with me his preference in this area of my foot, and this was his response:

There is something about the curve of a high arch that is intensely erotic for me. The mere appearance or hint of a high arch is incredibly feminine and sophisticated for a woman. I think it first came from seeing a ballerina as a young man, and the severe point of her toe that accentuated her high arch. It occurred to me that the arch almost never touches the floor, the leather of the shoe, or the ground, and the skin always appeared so soft and smooth. I could not help but wonder what it would feel like!

      Of course, now he knows exactly what that skin feels like! The recent placement of adult movies onto DVD's has lead to some of the more classics being re-released on this format, and stunt cock pointed out some his favorite actresses of the past. The reason they became his favorites were because they had high arches and they pointed their feet during sex! This clearly accentuated the arch, and this became a tremendous turn on for him. Veronica Hart and a blonde that went by Danielle were some of the most severe pointers in the business in the late 70's and early 80's, and I must admit that I see his 'point'.

      There is a little recognized process that every woman engages in without much thought that falls into the realm of arch eroticism. The simple donning of nylon stockings or pantyhose! I point my toes during this activity in order to prevent any runs or snags in the hosiery, and any edge of nail or rough skin can be the enemy of fine nylon! This is little scenario of donning hose has been in every adolescent coming of age movie or simple voyeuristic scene, but the arch is prominent in the pointed foot pose! However, the appearance of a high arch as a sign of feminine beauty or sexuality is only the tease!

      The softness of the skin in this area is surprisingly silky, soft, and sensitive! It is among the most ticklish areas of my own pampered peds, and the heat I sense through them during a good footjob affirms their sensitivity as well. I will often point my toes, straining the arches to their utmost heights, and place my feet together by the soles. This forms a warm soft V of feminine flesh not unlike the pussy. Combine their heat and smooth texture with the glands of the head of an erect member, and your victim with start humping at your feet like an over-excited eighteen year-old! Many times I will tease my foot friends by lubricating my archway slit, and trapping their cock heads in it. Then, with slowly increasing downward pressure, their cock slides between my arches like the slow penetration of a warm wet pussy! As my arches caress the sides of the head, then the shaft, to the base, and back up, my victim throbs with the realization of his fantasy come true. Yes, my arches are high! They are soft! They are warm! The site of them around a thick member is almost as exciting as the feel! Whew! Got a little carried away!

      Just take a good look for yourself! A high arch is a magically preserved area of the most smooth and soft flesh a woman may have on her body! Just remember, any place that sensitive can be as erotic as it is ticklish. I do not know if it is stunt cock's obvious excitement, my sensitivity, or the fact that he is slowly fucking me at these times, but his warm tongue on my soft arches often sends me into blissful orgasm even when though I am trying to send him off at the time! Hope you find this little article an archway to fantasy and foot fetish fulfillment!