If The Shoe Fits

     In my search for the variety of footjobs and their names, I have neglected one or two incredibly important aspect of the foot fetish world! The shoes and the hose! Is it wrong for me to assume that any footjob that we name in this venture could be done in socks or nylons? Or would some footjobs actually be incomplete or even anti-climactic if the shoes were not involved in the process. This month I will venture a few footjob activities that involve primarily shoes and/or socks and hose. I will let you decide if you feel that these are footjobs or some other form of orgasmic pleasure!

From Heel to Eternity:

This footjob technique appears to be similar to a sole rub of sorts, but done in a heel. The fan who wrote about this one had a particular affinity for spiked or stiletto style heels. The technique starts off with a long slow tease and worship session in this sexy footwear, and of course it creates the required erection for the continuation of our fun! In this case, the man is either kneeling before his Fetish Queen or lying on his back so that she has full access. A mule or slide might be preferred that bares the toes. The shoes itself, in place of the foot, is what makes contact with the throbbing manhood by trapping it against the belly. The sole of the shoe is then used to roughly rub the underside of the cock. My shoe fan describes the dangerous stiletto bumping and even pricking his tender ball sack during this activity. He described this as "…driving me crazy with anticipation and hesitancy." "I was not sure if it would be pleasure or pain, but I did know that either was intense!" The additional aspect was that seeing her toes without being able to touch or spray them was another wanton aspect of this technique for it left him unable and unworthy of contact with his desired objects! This of course culminates with a huge orgasm, but was unique in that he was required to clean his own mess off of the pristine shoes.

Pumping the Pump:

This technique has been described no less than 5x in letters from the Wu faithful, and it seems to have a great deal of power due to the fact that I suspect many of you have done this one without the knowledge of the woman! This one is again more of a shoe contact technique. The man starts by being teased by the woman in her pump, and this is usually quite elaborate. At one point, the pump is removed from the foot, and the man places his cock into the shoe. The head goes down into the toe, and if possible the balls rest in the heel. This is where variety has taken over between the letters:

1. The man pumps his cock into the shoes head until he cums.

2. The man has the woman press down on the shoe tip pumping his head until he cums.

3. The man, in the case of open toed pumps, pushes his head out of the toe opening, and pumps until he cums. Dreams or pictures her toes just out of reach of his cock.

4. The man, in the case of open toed pumps, pushes his head out of the toe opening, and the woman uses her toes to stroke his head until he cums.

One key aspect of this technique was described by one fan:

"If you can get your cock into her shoe quickly, the slightly damp warmth from her foot is exquisite. I love the smell of a fine shoe leather and foot sweat, and I love having that smell on my cock afterwards! I have actually had to jerk off soon afterwards just from the smell."

Kicking the Mule:

The Mules or Slides are perfect for this little flavor of foot fucking fun! I have a number of pictures of this one myself. The woman slides her foot slightly back from the straps or leather on the top of her foot. This is what is holding her foot in place to the heel. This allows her to raise her heel off the shoe almost as if she is trying to tip-toe in the shoes. The man positions himself on the floor next to her foot, and places his cock between the shoe's sole and the heel, sole, and or arch of the woman's foot. This allows her to press down as hard or as soft as she or he likes trapping his cock. The man can then pump and fuck himself between her shoe and her lovely foot, or she can wriggle her heel side to side in a masturbating motion for him. Now I know why my Mules attract so much attention!

Toe Candies:

I called this one "Toe Candies" because the best shoe that I can think of for this would be the Candies Brand. In this one, the woman's shoe is more of a thick leather single strap across the top of her foot. She would slide her toes back out of the shoe, but leave them just underneath the leather strap. The man would insert the head of his cock from the toe end of the shoe, under the strap. The woman would then trap and grab his cock head with her toes under the strap. This would ideally allow for enough stimulation to shoot a big load between her toes, across her sole, and on the shoe.

     This is just a flavor of the shoe/footjobs that I have received over the last few months. I will do a more with the sock and nylon footjob techniques next month! Don't waste your ideas and thoughts stroking yourself! Email me first! Would love to know if you think that these are actual footjobs, or do they belong in their own category? Are these giving you any ideas? Which should I shoot for a video or photo shoot? I hope to hear from you soon!