Another Wrinkle of the Sole!

     I think that this article will become a re-occurring theme for my column here at Wu's! I once again marvel at the never-ending variation in the erotic tastes of the foot fan, and so I decided that I would take this opportunity to address this rather specific fetish area!

Hi Michele...

I'm a 30 years old male, and I'm woman feet lover!! I read your column "It's Gotta Be the Shoes" on the web and I like it a lot. I write to you because I have a foot/sandal fetish that I have since long time ago that I wish to share with you. I tried to find in the Internet forums, groups, websites that show this fetish, but I can't find only one, and partially! I don't know if I'm alone with this! I would like to know your opinion like women about my fetish.

Well, to be honest with you, I love to see a girl, in open-toe high heels shoes, high heel sandals, stiletto mules, flip-flops (mainly flip-flops!) slipping and sliding on slippery substances, wearing that shoes. I love especially to imagine a girl in flip-flops slipping on oil, fruits, bananas and...banana peels too!!. I really getting excited when imagine the sole of the flip-flop sandal (or any sandal) get covered with a slippery substance, making the flip-flop completely tractionless, and the beautiful and lovely feet of the girl on the sandal, slipping and sliding everywhere trying to not fall! I think this is VERY SEXY!

I said "imagine" because I can find yet the "object of my desire" in any place! Maybe, I'm the only one who loves slippery shoe/foot fetishes.

What do you think about this? I hope you don't find weird or silly! I really love to know!

     I found this man's letter intriguing because it was the first of its' kind. A slippery shoe and foot fetish actually combines a number of foot fetish themes that are fairly common. The first of course is the obvious eroticism of the sexy, foot-baring, shoe styles! Who fails to understand the eroticism of a foot displayed on a pedestal designed to emphasize the arch while blatantly revealing the tasty toes for all to see!

     The second is the Flip-Flop theme, and that one has been expressed quite regularly in my inbox from you horny little foot fans. It appears that the idea of a shoe that so freely displays the full attributes of the female foot is compounded in its' eroticism by the pinch of the big and second toe around the tiny post! Hmmm, could it be that watching the toes grip the flip-flop post makes an enticing pose? Is it the thought of those toes being able to hold tight to the shaft of a human organ? Is it the sound of shoe slapping against the soft pink sole that hypnotizes you? Or is it a dangle fetish as only flip-flops are next to impossible not to bounce and dangle off the delicate toes of the wearer? This theme is without question very common!

     The third theme that is pronounced in this desire is that of control! A woman in such an erotic display of feminine physical prowess suddenly loses all ability to maintain her untouchable goddess-like demeanor by slipping in or on a substance or object. This brings the woman back to earth, and possibly to an accessible level, for the observer. This could be in the form of humiliation at falling or slipping, or it could create a simple opportunity for someone to rescue the fair maiden. Either way it would appear to be a means in which the woman loses control at a time in which she would appear so confident and untouchable. Let us not forget the obvious reference to a slippery substance. Am I being to obvious to state that if she were to slip in the cum left by the observer as an erotic trap would be ideal? Or would the observer be too at risk of exposure for such a task?

     The last theme I see is one of distance. We often desire the unattainable, and therefore find ways in which we can make it seem accessible. The fact that there is no physical contact within this particular erotic fantasy makes me feel that the observer desires to lust for the woman and her feet, and he wants them to become tantalizing close to being within his grasp, only to slip away? Maybe it is like object that one can never have? If captured or attained might it suddenly lose its' value?

     Many years ago (hey not that many!), while attending school, I was treated to the type of sight that this gentleman has only dreamed of for a long time. I stood in line outside of a bar, and I was a cold winter evening. As my friends and I waited entrance, we noticed a woman walking toward the bar. She was a beautiful blonde woman, but obviously not dressed for the weather. She wore a warm coat, but from the bottom of edge of the coat you could make out the hint of a short skirt! In addition, she teetered down the street on what had to be at least 4+ inch heels. We kind of laughed because as women we all knew that the icy sidewalk was no fun to navigate in those sexy shoes. This young lady attempted to use her leg and heel display to bypass the line at the bar by flirting with the bouncers at the door. This apparently did not go her way as many in the cold line began to make comments, and in true female form, the young lady decided to walk away rather than face the comments or rejection of the crowd. However, before she could storm off, her heels lost all hope of traction on the slick ice outside the bar.

     In a split second, this teetering display of sexy legs and heels fell straight on her butt! Her legs went out exposing her to the crowd, and believe me her tiny red panties left little to the imagination. She was stunned for a moment, and I would guess that she could not decide if it was more important to try to pull her skirt down or to try to get up. She first tried to get to her feet, yet it next to impossible in those stacked heels! Her sexy legs were suddenly looking a lot like a newborn deer or giraffe attempting to stand for the first time! The whistles and comments flew from the crowd, and a bouncer did attempt to help her after she had slide to the ground for a second time! The bouncer literally plucked her off the ground, and steadied her on the tiny heels. Her cute red cheeks remained almost fully on display, and it was hard to tell if they were redder than her panties at this point. She began to make a feeble attempt to preserve her dignity by pulling her skirt down, but before she could reach under the winter coat, she slipped again! She did not fall, but again she lost control to the point of having to abandon her skirt situation to grasp at the arm of the bouncer. The young lady eventually teetered off down the street, and I am sure in quite an embarrassed state!

     There is my only slippery heel encounter! However, just like any erotic fantasy or desire, it is easy to see that the themes are not uncommon. The combination of the themes makes this highly specific, and it appears hard to find. If anyone else shares similar interest, or knows where to view content of a similar nature, please email me. This particular individual could use our assistance! See you next month!