Feetures of Feet!

      Over the last year or so, I written about many topics regarding the world of foot fetishism, and each time I wonder if I have covered every area. At times, I have wondered if I have done each topic justice, or if there are still a few "special" details that I could bring forth. Lo and behold a whole new area has jumped to my attention, and that is the area of the foot maintenance.

      I am bias in that I see exhibitionism, foot fetishism, and sexuality in the light of the feminine perspective. This means that I see attractive qualities in women in terms of the soft, the well tended, the finely manicured, the fussed, primped, and pampered in most everything. I usually have my hands and feet pampered once a week, and sometimes more. I take pride in scraping the dead callused skin from each heel, ball, and toe on each foot in between trips to the salon. I feel very uncomfortable if a nail is chipped, the polish is worn, or if my skin appears dry or thick. This has become routine for me, as this is what I perceive as beautiful, attractive, or sexy. Yet, as my interest and experience in the foot fetish world grows, I have discovered that it is the variation in presentation that often is the spark of one's fetish fire!

      I have a unique feeture on my feet in that my little toes tilt inward, and a bony knuckle or small protrusion sticks out slightly away from the body of my foot. I once thought this to be ugly, and at times wanted to cover my feet to hide this slight deformity. However, I have learned over time that this is not that unusual, and that many find it an exciting and sexy feeture of my peds. Many a man has written to express true desire and erotic stimulation from that same perceived deformity! I have not only grown to accept this physical difference in myself, but realize the role that it can play in my sexual repertoire. If you take a close look at my pictures that include footjob or foot to cock stimulation, you will notice how these little toes tend to appear to actually grip at the shaft of a cock while I am in the face forward position. This seems to simulate finger grabbing at the shaft, and it has begun to excite me to see them at work! Stunt cock tells me that when I lay on my stomach and reach back to foot-fuck his meat, that the little toes send special sensation through the head of erection due to the way they rub the rim of his helmut. Therefore, the form of my feet has taken on a positive and even erotic position where I was once ashamed or embarrassed by their slight difference!

      The difference in what each man or women likes in a foot became more obvious in the contact with a recent fan of flat feet! I always thought that my high, well-defined arches were feminine and sexy, but here is a man who truly desires wide, flat feet. He appears to find a great deal of eroticism in the fact that the entire sole would allow for contact with any and all parts of him at once. In fact, he felt that the continuous rub of the wide long skin of the sole would intensify his enjoyment. This was related in an early experience of playing with a family friend at the beach. She would rub her feet teasingly and playfully all over him, and her wide flat feet were nearly inescapable for a 9 year-old boy. The feel, the look, and the sensation seem to captivate him to this day!

      The second example is one of simple maintenance! More than one person has written me about the attraction to the thick, callused, and yellow skin built up on heel and ball of the most neglected feet! The thicker and harder the better (and I thought that was only true for cocks!). One fan relates a trip to the Caribbean where many women lead life without footwear. The hot and rocky surfaces of roads and markets produce a build up of skin as thick as the sole of a shoe, and this man was in heaven! He relates jerking off constantly to the appearance of the exotic dark-skinned island girls with the contrasting yellowish skin heels of their well-worn feet! One man talks of spending many hours toiling in the garden with his wife, and he was no fan of gardening! He knew that she often went barefoot in the process, and the look of her dirty neglected feet drove him to great passion. It is a shame that to this day, she thinks that the smells and exertion of gardening are what make him so horny on the weekends! These individuals are truly blessed in life, because as I look around the store, the mall, or the restaurant, I see many more neglected than pampered peds! Thus, if this is your fetish, you must have more opportunity than anyone for vicarious voyeurism!

      I admit that I do not feel sexy without my feet pampered to pristine pink pillows of cock teasing beauty, but I realize that this is only my perception! The world of feet appears to be ever expanding, and I will continue to provide you with my perspective as long as our friend Wu provides this wonderful site for us all! See you next month!