Toe-tally Consumed

     Wu-sters! Over the last few months I wrote a 2-part fantasy regarding my foot fantasy, and it I expressed the following:

     "First off, let me start with my idea of what makes a sexy, female foot. I prefer a small to average size foot, somewhere in the 5 to 7 size range. I think feet that size are dainty and feminine without being too small. I find feet with symmetrical toes extremely attractive, and by that I mean that they create a neat little diagonal row from the first to the pinkie."

     "I prefer sophisticated feet, and I mean toes that are done in French Pedicure style or with a red polish. Pinks are fun, designs are cute, and brighter colors are trendy, but for me there is nothing sexier than toes that look like they are meant for a special or formal event."

     These simple statement regarding toes brought a wave of responses from the loyalists of the foot fetish kingdom! The variety that pervades the world of the foot fetish continues to be unbounded, and let me share with you the interests of your fellow foot fans!

The Second Toe:

Richard in Ohio writes:

     "There is nothing sexier than a woman who bares her feet! To me it says confidence, comfort with herself, and an awareness of what turns men's heads! The toe alignment you spoke of last month in your fantasy differs slightly from my own. I get tremendously turned on by a long second toe! Women with this longer, almost finger-like toe drive me insane with desire. I fantasize about what it would look like draped over the top of my cock head, and I dream of exploding against it with enough force to raise it off the tip! I apologize for this if it is offensive in any manner."

Richard should know better than to think that would offend me!

Plump Toes

David in Texas wrote:

     Your desire for perfect toes is understandable, but my passion is for plump toes! I dream of sucking and tasting each full round digit as if they were little pieces of fruit. I think that plump toes have more surface area, and therefore must be more sensitive! If I could find a woman with plump toes, I am sure that my dedicated tongue would make the most of each tasty morsel"

Hmmm! A dedicated tongue on the toes would certainly please this woman! Hey my toes aren't that plump, but they are sensitive as hell David!

Curly Toes

Jackson from California writes:

     "Michelle, have you ever noticed how some women have toes that almost seem to curl up slightly. This is not due to anything they do, but in a normal resting or standing position the tips of their toes appear to curl up just slightly? This is my passion! When I was young, a friend of my mother's would sit at the kitchen table for hours talking with my mom. I would sit on the floor playing, but I became extremely interested in her feet. The way her toes curled up slightly seemed so attractive to me. I was too young for this to really be sexual, but it remains one of the most powerful images in my mind!"

I suppose curly fries are your preference as well!

The Perfect Slant

Adam from Austria writes:

     "I could not agree with you more! Perfect alignment of toes is well PERFECT! There is something pristine in the perfectly aligned toes. Similar to looking at Michelangelo's David, they are so hard to find, but all consuming to look at! I could spend hours doing nothing more than staring at the toes of perfection that describe. Too touch them would almost be too much to handle!"

If they were so perfect to be untouchable, then I would surely be a thief or a vandal! There would be no resisting such perfection, Adam!

     Every foot is like a fingerprint! Toe configurations, nail shape, arch height, skin condition! I swear that the FBI could probably identify women better by their feet than by their fingerprints! I suppose that would be quite a profession for a few of you! A professional female foot identification agent and I would even bet a number of you can identify the women around you by their feet! My slightly tilted pinkie toe drives some people insane, while others probably find it distasteful. What is your taste? Is it different from my own? Is it different from the men above? Let me know!