Who's On Top?

     This month I have some news for all you unfulfilled foot fetish fans that long to lick, suck, sniff, worship, and generally sublimate yourself before a foot queen! That elusive and subtle fact that will take you to the warm, salty nirvana of the sweaty sole; The key to unlocking your chance to kneel before a woman, and for that woman to truly enjoy your absolute devotion to her peds; the final missing piece of your search for the finest in foot fulfillment! That simple but elusive fact is that you have to on top, before you can be on the bottom!

     It is basic evolutionary fact that the female of every species seeks a mate that would further their chances of promulgating their kind! A strong viral male that has the ability to stand independently of a woman, and that can lead a productive and positive life! This is not all locked up in genetics or physical prowess. It is an attitude and confidence that a male can exude that is among the most attractive of traits for the female. I enjoy a confident man, but he cannot be cocky or egotistical. He must be comfortable in his own skin, know where he is going, and accept what he want out of life! This is true for his career, his tastes, and even his sexuality. As dichotomous as this sounds, this is the kind of man that I want to dominate and accept worship from in all forms.

     So, you may be asking at this point: How do I be so confident and dominant while desiring to be the one who provides worship and service? These items are not mutually exclusive, but simply traits on the same spectrum. The usual mistake made by the majority of men is that they think that romanticism, devotion, and even groveling will land them a mate. The truth is if we really believe that you are a helpless, sniveling servant, we will find ourselves attracted to someone else. I would venture there is an experience in every man's life where he devoted himself to a woman so fully, that he actually lost most of who he was as a person. In the end, he was left to wonder why the woman lost interest and left him. Women may seem like they measure what they can get out of a relationship in order to assess their own desire for a man, but in reality it is that independence and confidence that reassures us that they can function successfully in the world.

     This translates so cleanly to the bedroom that it is often overlooked by most people. I have said it before, and I will repeat it here. If you take your time to get to know a woman, and take your time to open up regarding your desires, your chances of having her be open to them multiply by an incredible amount. In other words, if I want to please you as my mate, I will do most anything. Therefore, establishing a relationship is the key to having your desires to worship, or to be dominated, fulfilled by a woman. Of course, you can always go to a professional, but that is usually lacking in its' ability to fulfill your desires. It is only one step closer to your fantasy, and the experience is only an acting out of the vision in your head. Domination and worship are about the feelings as much as the actions and for this to truly be fulfilled one needs a real relationship. This is where the Domination/BD/SM crowds have gotten it right most of the time. They understand the difference between emotional fulfillment of the fantasy, and the need to function in everyday life. So, the foot fetishist must find the same balance.

     Be strong and confident to find a mate, take the time to establish a relationship, make sure that relationship is one that has good communication, and then take the chance to communicate your desires to her. Just remember every man's sexual desire is full of perversions, but the difference between it being fun, adventurous sexual play and a disgusting act is locked in how the woman feels about the man! Stunt cock was not always stunt cock! He had to work his way into my heart mind. I now understand what turns him on about my feet, what scenarios drive his desire, and even his favorite view or position of my foot! I have the power to make him cum with just my feet, and how to use my feet to make him cum during sex regardless of his desire!

     The lesson is about transforming your desire into the kind of sexual activity that empowers her! It will make her feel womanly, attractive, and validating for her sexuality. Again, this is done between the ears a great deal more than between the legs. However, once between the legs is an actual activity, your wildest fantasy will not only be fulfilled, but exceeded by the power of the experience!

     Hope this helps!