The Perfect Excuse

     The Holidays are here! Some look at this time as a time of celebration, some as a time of trial and tribulations, and still others as a troubling time. The colder months of winter often mean that the obvious displays of open toed shoes and sandals are being hidden away for another season, and that in and of itself might be something to be depressed over! However, the enduring foot fan should look at this season as a time full of opportunity!

     There are multiple opportunities for the foot fetish fan to indulge, endear, and entrap the objects of his/her desire for their own hedonistic desires! Last year at this time I wrote about the most obvious of opportunities, and that of course is the holiday parties! New Year's Eve, the Office Party, the friendly gathering, and any other excuse that we find to dress in our best and imbibe the spirits of the season! As we women try to find the best that fashion has to flatter our assets for the season, shoes are the most significant of accessories for that holiday outfit. At times, it has taken me longer to find the right shoes than it has to find the right dress. If you were to tag along on this holiday venture, would you not be treated to a substantial amount of shoe modeling? I have noticed more than one man sitting outside the shoes store watching the women, and there has been a few more in the store themselves with their wives. I was lucky enough to encounter a couple in a trendy upscale department store trying on shoes, and he was totally unashamed and unembarrassed while giving her direct feedback on her choice of styles! I am sure that any man given his choice would pay for even expensive shoes if they were to assist in fulfilling his fantasy. If you are trying to provide your partner with subtle hints as to your fetish, what better way than to take an interest in her footwear? You can watch, you can hint, and you can even make your fetish choice! Now, that is opportunity!

     There is additional opportunity in the fact that long days of shopping can end in some very tired tootsies. A foot-soak or bath and/or rubbing of the feet are a welcome relief to your tired female shopper. It would be incredibly hard to lose in this situation. You look considerate and thoughtful even if your motivation is purely sinful! If you are into the fragrant perfume of the female foot, this is the perfect opportunity to revel in the hot steamy leather encasement that has fermented her foot throughout the day. Remove her shoe or boot leaving it precariously close to you, and while rubbing her foot you can lift and whiff! If you prefer a pampered ped, prep a bath and wine. As you inquire as to her day, you can linger at the end of the tub and offer to rub her feet. The best bet is to just gently take hold of her foot and do it without offering. We women appreciate an assertive gesture that meets our needs! Once again, the first timer, or reluctant foot fan, can communicate their desires more subtly through behavior, and again this is the perfect opportunity. I have been given substantial foot massages by roughly half a dozen men in my time, and I can tell you from experience that there is no better communicator of this fetish than the obvious bulge pretending to be a foot rest during this 'innocent' activity! Curious how after one foot is done with its massage that it is placed in a lap just the right way as to make contact with your manhood!

     I almost overlooked one of the more subtle shopping opportunities for men during this holiday season! How often do you venture off on your own when your partner enters the bath and body type of store? That fruity and fragrant women's shop full of wicker, soaps, and lotions is a hidden opportunity for the foot fetishist. Were you aware that many products sold in this shop are for women's feet? Pumice stones to soften calluses and heels, peppermint lotion designed specifically to revive the tired foot, cuticle creams for pedicures, and the list can go on! If a man were to take interest in such a shop, would he be considered feminine? I find a confident man that is not afraid to shop for lingerie, women's clothing, or accessories for women to be quite attractive! How many men have endured the embarrassed feeling of speaking to the pretty young woman at the lingerie store while shopping for their wife or girlfriend? Would it be any different in this type of store? It is better actually to know absolutely nothing about what you are doing at that point. Many of the saleswomen are very knowledgeable about their products, and what an opportunity to engage them in conversations about the products related to their feet. What can you tell me about this foot lotion? My partner likes to pamper her feet, but how do I know what to buy her? The voyeuristic experience of talking openly and innocently to a woman about foot products should be a fun and stimulating experience. Stunt Cock has done this on any number of occasions, and he often relates to me after giving me the gift what occurred during his buying spree. He often ends up buying me more than he had planned on! We often laugh over the conversation trying to guess if she was aware of his fetish or not. Always seems like the younger women are not as in tune as the slightly more mature. Opportunities for you and for her that could lead to more open communication about your fetish, more experiences for you in the foot fetish world, and/or just another opportunity to get hold of those sexy feet!

     I wish you all the happiest and horniest of holiday seasons! Try to see the opportunity that is hidden in all aspects of your life, and you will be surprised by the sheer number! I would love to hear from anyone who tries any of these suggestions over the course of the holidays. I would enjoy hearing your stories of success, near misses, or any other developments!