Toe Ballin' 2

     What an incredible response to my last column! There is so much imagination, perversion, and absolute energy among the true Wu Fans that it fuels my own desires! I regret to tell you that some of the original responses to my Toe Ballin' column were lost when my computer had a meltdown! I am back up and running on a new computer, but I did loose some incredible footjob ideas and experiences from the Wu fans. Please re-send if possible! Here are a few awesome ideas!

Karate Footjob:

     The gist of this type of footjob is simple. Shot from stunt cock's point of view, the vid would feature you seated between his spread legs. You, bare legs and bare feet (of course), begin by displaying your soles for the camera, lots of your incredible toe spreading (I love that). Then some dialogue referring to your dangerous karate feet. Winding up with a footjob in which you do allot of soles to balls stomps, but not hard. Not looking for real ball busting here, just the suggestion of it. All of this activity accompanied by you yelling karate type Hi-Ya's. The ultimate for me would be to end the footjob by yelling repeated Hi-Ya's while you're making our lucky stunt cock come with your bare feet.

Foot Rub Footjob:

     Take one foot and force your little foot pocket under a man's nose while you slowly, but assuredly move your toes under his nose. While this is occurring, you take the other foot and push down on the underside of the male penis, while rubbing/pressing this organ against his stomach. Both feet should have the toes move very slowly. You're simply allowing the toe-sniffer to enjoy a foot rub footjob while sniffing the underside of your toes.

Get the POINT:

     This footjob technique is one that is very near and dear to my own excitement with Foot Fetish! I point my toes like a ballerina, and I use the tips of my toes and the wrinkles of my soles to tease and torture your cock into a throbbing red rod of steel. I love to point my toes in your face to taunt you with this sophisticated and sexy pointing pose. I can use my pointed ped to tease your nipples, your lips, and of course your member! If you make it last long enough the cock begins to twitch and leak it's clear seminal fluid! At this point it takes little more than a few tickles or rubs to set off the rocket of hot milky fluid all over my toes and soles! A light rubbing of my wrinkled soles across the sensitive, inflamed head is all it might take! I often have to rub myself to orgasm as this is happening due to my own feelings of excitement! The following account of an early footjob experience inspired me to share this technique!

     My first experience with a bare female foot touching my penis occurred when I was 12. I was a typical mischievous 12 years old, which drove my mother crazy. On this particular day my mother was having her summer morning bridge game and as usual I was making a pest of myself, which angered my mother to the point that she grabbed me by the hair forcing me under the table. So there I was under the table at the FEET of my mother's card playing friends. One Lady in particular complimented my mother's method of punishing me; Mrs. G as I will call her (Oh! yes Michele my penis was teased by a 50 year old card playing buddy of my mother) said "You put your son where most males belong." "How's that?" my mother replied. "At the FEET of women!" Mrs. G. replied with the emphasis on the word FEET! This statement caused uproarious laugher from the rest of the Ladies seated above me embarrassing me to the point that I wanted to exact revenge on Mrs. G. but didn't know how.

     I wish to digress to tell you how I was dressed. I only had my pj bottoms on and was bare-chested, oh by the way I had no underwear under my bottoms which were of a very thin summer fabric so when I had an erection it was impossible not to notice which Mrs. G. did on many occasions.

     As I sat under the table brooding when Mrs. G gave me the opportunity I had waiting for. She crossed her right leg over left and began to dangle her shoe off her bare foot. The temptation was just too great, so I removed her shoe and started to tickle her foot. This angered her and without saying a word thrust her powerful foot into my chest knocking on to my back. Totally stunned by her actions I just laid there motionless as she lightly rubbed the sole of her bare right foot upon my bare chest (her touch was feather soft) she rubbed her foot in circles going lower and lower until her foot rested lightly upon my crotch until my Toilet (which is what my mother called it and was told never to "play" with "it") got hard. Upon feeling my erection she flexed her toes wiggling them playfully until finally she pointed her toes rubbing them in small circles on my crotch. Her actions caused my heart to pound wildly, pumping rich red blood filling my throbbing penis in an ecstatic state of sexual arousal.

     Mrs. G's next move was the one that would hook me on female feet forever, she took her big toe and skillfully opened the fly of my pj bottoms liberating my swollen and twitching penis from it's confines! My penis stood at rigid attention as it saluted the incredible beauty of her bare pointed toes that were caressing it so lightly! I simply adored the way the sole of her foot would wrinkle when she pointed her toes and it really drove me wild when she brushed her wrinkled soles on the head of my penis! As I lay helplessly at her feet my mind was full of confusing thoughts wondering if what she was doing to me was "right" after all she was old enough to be my mother and then some and I'm sure that my penis was not the first or last to lay at her lovely feet. Since I was taught to obey my elders, especially women, I ended my confusion by surrendering to the maddening caresses that her toes were applying to me. While at her feet I noticed incredible beauty of her feet and legs, the swell of her calves when she pointed her toes, the lovely high arch, her beautiful even toes that were pointed like a dagger at the very essence of my manhood and finally the broad, flat heel that would flatten it on numerous occasions!

     Mrs. G. would playfully kick my penis making it flop around wildly. It was time for the card game to end, and here I still had a hard-on. Mrs. G in her infinite wisdom knew exactly what to do as she pressed my puny between her bare heels until the blood drained from my penis and when she released my penis from the firm grip of her heels it just flopped limp and lifeless upon my belly. I then put my penis back in my bottoms and got from under the table. When I emerged my mother said "We should put Fred under the table more often since he is so well behaved" Mrs. G. replied "All you have to do is put your FOOT DOWN (Emphasis added) and any male will respond appropriately!" Little did my mother know her true meaning.

     Mrs. G. stayed after the others had left my mother was going outside to work in the garden when Mrs. G asked my mother where the afghan she made for her was? My mother told her that it was in the basement. I noticed that Mrs. G. went down to the basement without her shoes. Within minutes she called to me asking where her shoes were and when I told her that they were still in the kitchen. "Be a GOOD BOY and bring them to me now!" It was more a demand than a request. I complied with her demand, and as I picked up her shoes a pair of ballet skimmer flats --size 11 D no wonder my penis looked so puny.

     When I got down to the basement Mrs. G was sitting in a high wing back chair. She looked like a queen sitting on her throne. The first thing my eyes rested upon where her feet she was slowly rotating the ankle of her right foot which totally entranced me. As I approached her she raised both legs to the level of my crotch her feet were flexed then slowly pointed her toes so only an inch from my crotch, She asked if I thought her feet were pretty. My penis did my talking for me as throbbed violently 3 times and ejaculated as the tip brushed against her toes. She smiled knowingly. She had her answer! She giggled like a schoolgirl as she once again flexed her feet, wiggling her toe in delight of what she made me do.

     I begged not to tell my mom. She smiled wickedly saying it was our special secret only if I kissed her feet, which I didn't hesitate to do. I followed her the stairs still holding her shoes watching the soles of her powerful bare feet as she ascended to the landing, once there I put the shoes on her feet.

     That story turned me on to the point that I thought that it was worth sharing with all of you! No, I am not into teasing 12 year-old boys, but the whole scenario is very erotic. Many of you have shared similar beginnings to your fetish interests with me, and I have say that they make better erotic writing than most letters you will find posted in magazines! However, I think we have a great start to the whole foot fetish catalog! What do you think? Please!? Please!? If you emailed me last month with your footjob ideas, please re-send! I have been so neglectful of the footjob content that I am really excited about doing this DVD for 2004! See you next month with more erotic tales from the Foot Fetish World!