Deep In My Sole

     What is it about the sole of the foot that captivates the imaginations and loins of so many people? This is the question that I ponder this month, and the most intriguing moment occurred the other day that lead to this question. I will first describe the event followed by my views on the sole!

     I was out for dinner the weekend prior to Valentine's Day with a number of couples, and as usual I dressed well. My longer skirt might have disappointed my partner's love for my legs, and it may have inhibited my tendency to let a little more show after a cocktail or two! However, I wore an eye-catching pair of sheer off black seamed stockings. The kind that let the just the seam run down the back of the leg, over the heel, and across the sole. No reinforcements to impede the view of my sole, to be to the point. The heels that I chose for the evening were a black leather pump with a 4" heel, and you cannot under estimate how fun it is to wear sexy hosiery and lingerie.

     After dinner, a few couple adjourned to the bar, and this is where the evening began to get interesting! I first sat at an elevated bar table with multiple stools around it. This allows you to sit high up with rungs to place your feet on since they do not touch the floor. In pumps and skirts, this gives a woman two choice: Sit with legs together, and heel hooked over a rung; or Sit up straight with your legs crossed, and one heel hooked over a rung. Either way, it allows a woman to play with her heels a great deal! You can dangle a lot with your legs crossed. You can "pop" your heels out of the pumps a lot with your legs together. I first sat cross-legged to put on usual dangle show! It is fun to see how many people look at your feet and heels as they pass by, or how distracted someone is at a table near-by! However, I switched at one point to sit forward with both heels on the rungs of the stool, and I began to let my heels pop off as I pressed my toes down on the rung. I tend to bounce my legs a little, and I could almost hear to soft popping off and slapping of the sole of the heel as I did this. A good friend of mine tapped me on the arm, and she said "There is a man at the bar staring at your feet!"

     I innocently replied, "Why do you think that?"

     My friend said, "I swear he hasn't looked up from beneath your stool in like 10 minutes!"

     I was able to use the amble mirrors about the bar to observe this for myself without any making it obvious. I whispered to my friend, "Let's go to the ladies room, and when we get back, let's switch seats to see what he does." My friend being the closet nymph that she is was up for my little game. Upon our switch, my handsome admirer did not immediately move, yet he did look somewhat disappointed. "Watch this!" I told my friend. I let my pumps fall to the floor, and placed my stocking feet on the stool rung. It took about two seconds before my new voyeuristic friend re-positioned himself at a bar table just behind me! The show that I put on was an extensive sole ballet of crunching and flexing that would have made for great video! After about 10 minutes, the man slipped up to the bar, paid his tab, and left. A few moments later a full round of drinks appears at the table, and the waitress just said "A man paid for these, and asked me to bring them over after he left. He only asked me to tell you 'Thank You!'" The table was puzzled, but my girlfriend and I laughed and giggled over the situation. Yes we did share it with the table, as they all the couples were open enough to understand.

     Many foot lovers are sole lovers! Is it that the sole is so hard to see? It is like a secret, a rare site, or a hard to find experience. The voyeuristic nature of men ingrains strong visual images of their exact interest or desire, and rarely in a "normal" sexual encounter are these images available to fulfill that fantasy. Women wonder why dressing up seem to make men so horny, but I truly believe that so many common fantasies exist around events and evening wear that it is a rare opportunity for them. My sex life off the camera has much less hosiery due to the fact that we have so much of it on camera, yet we have incredible sex when we I wear it!

     Back to the sole! Men love the sole wrinkled, stretched, arched, flexed, and pointed! Some love them soft pink and pampered, yet some want them hard, worn, and yellow with think skin. Either way, the sole may be harder to touch and see than any other part of a woman's body. Of course, is it a coincidence that man sexual positions make the sole of the foot more visible and accessible than at any other time? The use of the feet in sex cannot be understated, and the sole lover is a prime candidate! I rub my lovers face and chest during sex with my soles! I point and show them in his face. We even have a position for soles sex! This is a doggy-style position, but with my legs together! I sit way back on my heels, and I this allows my partner to rub his cock on my soles, fuck my arches, and then slide right inside me! As he pumps and grinds in me, his balls can bump and rub across my soles. This sends him over the edge very quickly!

     In the end, the visual stimulation of the forbidden fruit of the soles presents a voyeuristic picture, but the use of that picture to fulfill fantasies can lead to incredible bedroom passion! Don't forget your soles ladies! Your man certainly doesn't!