The Thrill of the Crush

      Happy New Year to all my foot friends in Wu-Land! It is that time! Another article to discuss the fun and fascinating world of foot fetishism. The one aspect of writing this column that continues to amaze me, it that the material for examining the feet as a sexually stimulating part of life never seems to end! Most of my articles to date have been from the perspective that the feet in and of themselves, are the allure, but the ability of the feet to communicate in a seductive and stimulating manner struck me hard this month!

      The world of trampling and crushing is fascinating to me! Is it power and control? Is it humiliation? Dominant play? Do men really want to feel their cocks squeezed between the cold hard floor and the hard leather sole of my wicked pumps? While my stunt cock is not a crush and trample fan, it appears that a fair number of you are. Derrick was my first trample fan, and he wrote to request that I do more photo sets of walking on male figures, and the smaller the better. He described that his fantasy involved the total and utter submission to a woman, who had little more than contempt for his "…interests, feelings, or entire being." Derrick would be overcome with the intensity of his worthlessness in her eyes, and the he would "…be honored to be crushed under her heel." While this may be extreme in terms of trampling and crushing fans, it points to a common theme of becoming the focus of the anger and power of a woman.

      Jason was on the other end of the spectrum for this fetish. He described his interest in more innocent terms. He likes for women to simply walk on his face and chest, and this can be done in stiletto heels or bare feet. This combines his fetish for feeling the entire weight of the woman upon him, while being able to look up her skirt! Jason states that while he does not want to be hurt, the feeling of being beneath "real" sexual contact with such a beautiful creature yet tormented by the view of her "secrets" is overwhelming for him.

      One might play all sorts of psychological games with this area of foot fetishism, but the truth is that it is about the strong and physical communication of the feet. The power that women display in their choice of shoes, the boldness to go barefoot, and the look but you can't touch tease are all parts of the trampling and crushing scene. It is about attitude, power, and the ability of a woman to put her needs above those of a man. Some men obviously enjoy the feeling of being disgusting to a woman, so much so that we would just as soon crush you like a bug than to look at you! The irony is that this is exactly what you desire, so are we pleasing you by our contempt? I still have not found anyone who can answer that one for me, so please email me with your comments!

      I did try to walk on stunt cock a bit, and found that it was definitely a difficult trick! Balance is hard, but the sensation of his warm flesh as my personal carpet did have some comfort to it. In fact, if I were a dominatrix I think that I would screen for slaves with a simple test. They are to lie before me wherever I want to go as my personal carpet, never letting my precious peds brush that dirty floor! I would start off with my soft pink bare feet just to warm them up, and I would take note not to brush any cocks masquerading as speed bumps during my stroll. Soft bellies, firm chests, and even their faces would feel the weight of my body through my two precious travelers, and the first to cum or cry for mercy would be dismissed forever! The second round would consist of my in well worn pumps that have my perfume of leather and sweat well embedded in their soft leather. The mixture of my sharp heels, and the over-powering scent of my feet would be the next test! I might even kick anything standing in my way out of minor amusement. The warmth of my skin would surely activate the hidden scent of the shoes, and we would see who is truly worthy of a place at my feet! Once again, mercy or cum makes no difference to me, bye-bye. The final trial would be my 6" spike Hip Boots that may actually be able to pierce the skin. Anyone left erect would be allowed to remain under my feet. OK I am scaring myself! There is a little Dom hiding in me, and I don't think I mind!