Toes: A Sensitive Topic

     What is it about the toes? Men have written me about longer toes, shorter toes, skinny toes, plump toes, even missing toes! What I have come to realize is that just like some men like their women rail thin; some Victorian full; some athletic and lean; others muscular and thick; there is a match for toe types just like there is for body type, personality type, and any other characteristic that a woman might possess. However, there is one point that appears universal when it comes to toes: sensitivity! This brings me to the point of my first literary endeavor for 2005, and this is what are the best places and ways to touch your woman's toes!

     Let us start with the least sensitive areas, and we will move our way to the most sensual or sensitive areas of the toes! Easily the least sensitive area would be the top of the toes, not the tips! The area of the nail, just around the nail, and the knuckle like extension back toward the foot. These areas tend to be the least sensitive for most women, and, while touching, caressing, and fondling can be quite enjoyable, they are likely the safest area to start on the female foot. I identify this as a starting point, because like any part of a woman, starting at the most sensitive can be too intense. Good foreplay for any area would involve the build up, or tease that gets the motor warmed up!

     I tend to enjoy more direct pressure and attention on the tops of my toes, and a simple massage seems to work the best! If my feet were in your lap, and my legs extended my feet just beyond your legs if an ideal position. You could then face toward my feet, so that you could grip them from the top. This would allow your four main fingers to feel and grip my soles, while leaving your thumbs on the tops. A simple attentive firm stroking of your thumbs over my toes is relaxing and heavenly! I love for you to start at the point where my toes join my feet, and firmly rub and stroke up toward the toenails. Easing pressure at times to simply caress in a similar motion can really be relaxing and erotic for us both! Women with more sensitive feet might find this extremely stimulating, even ticklish, so take care to start with her actual foot top in that case!

     The next area of the toes would be the tips! This is an intriguing area due to the vast differences most women seem to have in the level of sensitivity of this area. Most women seem to have an increased sensitivity in this area, but not to the point of over stimulation. I realized the power of this area due to the flex and point preferences that I have written of in the past! I prefer that a man, or woman, face me at this point, and grasp my foot in a manner that allows for the thumbs to hold the balls of my foot. This allows the four main fingers to rest on the top. This gives full positioning access to the masseur, and allows for the best access to the tips. Light finger brushing across the toe tips is nice, but I much prefer the tongue or lips at this point. The position itself places me in a voyeuristic and powerful position to view the sensation! The sensation of warmth, wetness, and softness seems to match the level of sensitivity of the toe tips perfectly, and it shifts the activity from attentive and relaxing to more erotic and stimulating! I get so excited watching someone kiss, lick, and suck the tips of my toes, and it allows me to point my toes in a manner that I think is one of the sexiest positions for the female foot!

     The pads of the toes are a soft fleshy area that starts the underneath of the toes. This area is really a subtle extension of the toe tips, but with a significant increase in the overall area and the number of nerve endings over the tips! A combination begins to work best in the area! Lips, tongues, and fingers allow full exploration, positioning, and stimulation. Attention to each toe is incredibly important, because sometimes I find that one toe seems more sensitive than the rest. You don't want to miss the one that might send her gasping for her breath, do you? At this point we move from the subtle eroticism to the obvious sexual nature of the act, and this is due to the first penetration! At this point, some soft toe sucking would be welcomed on my part! The act of full warm engulfing of each tip and pad sends shivers throughout my body, and at this point I have a very difficult time not touching myself. My arousal is apparent at this point, and feeling my own breasts and nipples are my first reaction.

     The magic can really happen at this next area! The actual underside the toes and the crevices between them! I group these areas together, because it is almost impossible to stimulate these areas separately. These are the most protected and sensitive areas of the toes, and for some women, they are completely taboo! An extremely ticklish woman may not be able to handle any contact in this area at all, but some of us like that out of control, over the top sensation! The way the toes curl and group together is almost like they form a protective cocoon for the crevice and underside of the toes, almost as if their sensitivity is a treasured secret. Penetration of this sacred area with a hot, wet tongue is by far my greatest physical pleasure in this toe trip. The first part of my first and second toe by a tongue is akin to the initial parting of my wet pussy by a tongue or cock. A slow and gradual parting of each crevice, slowly increasing in depth, urgency, and intensity can be almost like sex itself! Lips and tongues sliding across my each soft underside, tempting and teasing each crevice, not knowing which will pushed apart by the hot, pliable flesh of your mouth! If you cannot tell, I am often moved to full on masturbation at this point. I can easily orgasm several times during this type of attention.

     A woman has many moods as your all know quite well by now! The feet vary in sensitivity, similar to moods. At times, I can be so ticklish that this activity would not be even possible, but a glass of wine and a gradual approach seem to work well! Welcome to the New Year Wu Fans! I apologize for my absence last month, but for the first time, my personal life crashed into my web life! I hope everyone had a safe, happy, and erotic holiday!