Letter To Michelle

Hi Michelle

      First of all I really want to tell you something, and this is not just a compliment, I believe it's really true:

      You are the only woman that really understands the nature of foot fetishism, and furthermore when I read your articles I really feel that you are very sincere regarding this subject. So I thought you would really appreciate it if I share the story of my foot fetishist with you, and that I might ask you for a little advice if you don't mind.

      I'm 32 just married man, and my foot fetishist started for me at the very early age of 5. I remember a friend of my sister's who used to come home to study with her. One day, I was playing on the ground near her and my sister, and I remember that I found her feet really cute as she was dangling her shoes. I could smell her feet, and I found myself feeling very excited by the whole situation. As a child, I had something naughty that I used to do. I would lay down on my belly near her feet as if I'm playing with my toys, but in fact I started to rub my little tiny penis against the floor. I remember the intense pleasure that this activity would give me. This only occurred two or three times, but I can remember it as clear as if it were yesterday.

      As I grew older, I remained interested in female feet, but this took on more of an interest in the entire girl as well. I began to have intense fantasies about laying under her feet to kiss and lick them. At that time, I began to think that I was weird or perverted as this did not seem to be common among my friends or the pornography that I could get my hands on at that time. Then one day I saw a movie, and in one scene there was a wonderful woman with gorgeous legs and feet trying to seduce a man who was licking and kissing her feet! WOW! Did this make me happy as I realized for the first time that this may be more normal than I thought!

      At the age of 12, I was actively collecting erotic pictures featuring gorgeous women with bare feet and wonderful legs, and I was practicing my favorite play: laying on my belly rubbing my penis against a pillow while watching the erotic pictures. I recall think that women have a strong and unique power over me, and that power can make me feel and act in a way that is so beyond my control. It was at this time that I experienced my first ejaculation. I was staring a poster of Farrah Fawcett-Majors, and all she was wearing was a Men's Dress shirt and a pair of the sexiest strappy sandals. I remember feeling really ashamed at first as my pants were soaked with a strange clear fluid. At first I thought I might be pissing, because it has almost the same feeling losing control combined with tremendous relief. However, this was different; spasming, sweeter somehow. I remember that experience was a turning point in my sexual fantasies. Feelings of being dominated by a foot mistress began to take shape. I recall wanting to kiss, lick, and worship a women with sexy legs and feet. The most intense thought of feeling her feet all over me, my mouth, my hands, my face, and of course my penis. I began to view footjobs as the ultimate female domination over a man! That she could force me to lose control with nothing more than her feet! However, this seemed even more perverted to me than ever before, and I feared telling or sharing this with anyone! About 5 years ago I discovered Wu's Feet Links, and my dreams came true! Since that time, I have felt more free to deal with my fetish, and the addition of your columns have helped to see that my interests are not as abnormal as I have felt all these years.

      I have begun to have sexual experiences with my wife, and I'm proud to say that she has begun to participate in my fetish. I can kiss, lick, and even bite her feet during sex. I have been lucky enough to experience two incredible footjobs from her as well. I cannot begin to describe the fulfillment I experience when she makes me ejaculate on her feet! Do you know what she said when she gave me my first footjob? "I can't believe how hard you got, and so quickly!" My somewhat shy wife even said "I don't think I have ever seen you so excited! Look how much you came!" But do you know that I still couldn't tell her that I have a foot fetishist! I am afraid that she will misunderstand and think that I love her feet more than her. On the other hand, she has told me that she gets very excited and wet when she sees me so excited and hard during these two footjobs!

      After this long story, that I hope you like, I would like you tell me what you think about it. And help me, if it's necessary, to tell my wife about my foot fetishism and how?


      WOW! I share this letter with all the friends of Wu! I think this letter illustrates the depth and desire of the foot fan! In addition, it illustrates how our own fears of our sexuality can interfere with reality! Hello! Is your wife not telling you that she is enjoying your foot fetish? She may not call it that, and she may not think of it in those words, but she obviously welcomes this activity into your sex life! The only thing missing so far is your taste for domination! Last year I wrote an article on how to get your spouse or partner into your fetish activity, and this still applies today; take it slow; be subtle; be sensitive! She has clearly picked up on your interest in her feet, but be careful not to rush it! She will continue to find ways on her own to drive you crazy now that she is feeling excited by it too! Be subtle by purchasing shoes, outfits, hosiery, or pedicures that spark your fire, and nature will take it's course from there! Be sensitive to attend to her sexual interests as much as you would like her to attend to this area for you! That way she will know that you care and desire her for more than her sweet peds!

      I continue to receive letters from many men that are almost as obvious as this one! His dream come true is right in front of him, yet society has ingrained this puritanical ideal of perversity so deeply that we ignore the evidence! She likes IT! Your wife gets wet by feeling your turgid cock throbbing between her succulent feet! She likes seeing you shoot a huge load on her feet! Do you know how many men are reading this article thinking; "DAMN! I WISH THAT WAS MY WIFE!" Follow the three S's, and be among the many fulfilled foot fetish fans!

This letter was edited in order to preserve the writer's anonymity! Anyone else want to share with Michelle?