My Foot Fantasy: Part 2

     Rachel's little masturbation show as I licked and sucked her dainty feet was more erotic than I could have imagined, and there was no hesitation in her voice or actions when she growled that it was my turn!

     Rachel practically bounded off the bed, her hands firmly grabbed each of my shoulders, and she moved my body onto the bed. I sat at first with my sundress rising to only a few inched below my now drenched pussy. Rachel directed me to move fully onto her bed, and I used the edge of the mattress to slide off my sexy little sandals. Rachel dropped her sexy little cocktail dress to the floor, and without a moment of apprehension was on the bed at my feet. Her assertive nature overtaking my own was both a little alarming and erotic at the same time as I am use to being the teaser, the controller, the one in control.

     As I lay back on my elbows, Rachel's body stretches out down the length of my legs, her face near my feet. Rachel begins at my ankle, her soft full lips pressing softly against my skin. She giggles as goose bumps emerge all over my legs,

     "Cold?" she laughs.

     Each light kiss is so erotically charged that I have to try to keep from flinching in response. Her tongue darts out from between her lips as she moves down to the top of my foot, and I lean toward her so that I can free my arm. My hand begins to run over my breasts, and my nipples are already like hard pebbles beneath the thin cotton material. The close Rachel gets to my toes, the stronger the temptation to touch myself, but I love to drive myself crazy with anticipation. Rachel moves her body farther down my own to improve her mouth's access to my feet. As her diminutive body slightly curls near my feet, I am struck by the vision. Her fingers run across my foot as she grasps my arch and outside edge with each hand. Her sexy face is staring up at me from just over my toes, and her hot breath is caressing my sole. I know that she can see my soaking panties my hand teasing my nipples. The sly grin on her face makes breaks as she says

     "Let me see them" referring to my tits

     I easily pull the straps my sundress down my arms, and my tan tits and rock hard nipples further stiffen in the cool air.

     "Touch them" Rachel whispers.

     Each time my fingers brush my nipples, I feel as if I could explode with excitement. She is teasing me, driving me to the edge of orgasm without even making full contact with any other part of my body than my foot. Her tongue slides from her mouth, and the very tip makes contact with tip of my big toe. I can hardly resist the urge to shove my toe into her mouth, but she drags the tip of her tongue across the slant of my toes. Rachel never stops staring up at me, and this increases the intensity of the moment. My own gaze wanders the length of Rachel's body, and I want to touch and taste the rest of her! My foot is lifted and her tongue runs the length of my sole from the heel to the soft crevice separating my toes from my sole. It tickles, but not in a bad way. My hand pulls my dress to my waist, and I pull my panties aside. My pussy is fully exposed, wet, and open in front of a woman, and there is no accident, no pretense, just lust. Before I can do anything more, Rachel sits up, lifts my leg a little higher, and slides into an upright sitting position. Her legs are apart on either side of my own, and I fall back against the bed. I gaze into a mirror on the ceiling, and the view of our exposed bodies is like a dream. Her mouth begins on tiny pinky toe, kissing, licking, and finally sucking! My hand wanders toward my wet lips, but before I can touch myself, Rachel's foot gently kicks my hand away. Her tiny ped deliberately rubs my inner thigh mere fractions from my opening. The heat of her mouth finds my fourth toe, and she is repeating my performance on her own foot. I cannot help but push my toes into her mouth with each movement. I practically jump as her toes brush the soft outer edge of my pussy lips. It is hard to remain passive, but the pleasure is unmistakable. Her big toe gently presses into my moist slit making small circles that spread my excitement over it. It is hard to concentrate on one feeling. Her mouth on my toes, or her sexy little toes touching my pussy! Rachel is careful not to enter me, and careful to not make full contact with my swollen clit. She can sense that either would send me over the edge. I have to stop touching my nipples as this too would set off my orgasm. Rachel has the perfect pace. Her mouth works neither too fast or too slow, her foot moves with skill and touch. My own body has given itself fully to her. Her mouth begins to engulf my big and second toe, her own nipples bush against my leg, her toes slide side to side just below my clit. I am balancing on the edge of pleasure, out of control, but not over the edge. Rachel fucks her mouth with my toes in a steady rhythm increasing in speed; her foot hesitates just before her big and second toes push into my pussy. The sucking and fucking of feet in simultaneous pace breaks through all tension and resistance! I grab her foot and hump against it for all I am worth! Electricity bolts from my drenched toes straight into my ped pumping pussy, and I am lost! Orgasm waves so deep, so full, and so intense they wrack my entire body with spasms. OVER and OVER and OVER! They carry on so long I am not sure how I can even stand it! As the intensity begins to slow my vision even begins to darken due to my lustful panting. I collapse against the bed in utter sexual fulfillment!

     Okay! The hardest thing about writing this damn fantasy was trying not to masturbate to it orgasm before I finished the story. I will fully admit that it took me three separate times to sit down to write to finish, because the visions in my imagination kept driving to masturbate instead of finish! I had two or three orgasms each time I stopped writing, so this fantasy rates as a 7-9 orgasm fantasy for me! Damn if this wouldn't be the greatest foot fetish porn scene ever filmed if I could find my Rachel!

     Thanks for letting me have fun writing these articles the last two months! Should I return to the information, or do you guys want me to share my ending for this little lesbian foot fetish fantasy?