Cold Feet!

     I just have to write to you as I have I think a very weird fetish for women's feet and I cannot find specific webs sites to cater for this so I just thought I would write and tell you about it and see if you have ever heard of this before?

     I am 35 year-old male. I love women's bare feet in high heeled sandals or mules the kind that show off the toes and heels of the barefoot, but I also love cold feet as well I would love to see these shoes with bare feet out in the cold? I am not sure why, but I love the look of cold feet. I would dearly love to meet someone on a cold day struggling in the cold and offer to warm their cold feet up for them? Have you ever heard of this before or even see this before? I would love to hear back. Thanks! Andy

     You would think that I would have heard of this little interest by now! It is almost so obvious that it would be easy to overlook the concept of cold feet in terms of their fetish interest. This letter intrigued me for a number of reasons, so let us take a walk in strappy sandals in the cold winter of our minds!

     This concept is somewhat near and dear to my heart as it seems that my feet are cold a lot! Maybe it is the fact that I refuse to cover them in almost any social situation, and therefore they are always exposed to the elements. I have bared my tootsies for the world to see ever since I discovered the world of foot fetishism, and while many have interests in smelly feet that need to be covered in heels, pumps, or athletic shoes, I have always been a foot exhibitionist! My stunt cock usually finds my feet cold to the touch when he first encounters them, and at times tells me that he is quite pleased by the feel of them cold! I will have to admit that the feet warm quickly to the touch, and is there anything warmer than a man's genitals to warm one's feet? It seems the more my cold peds rub that special foot warmer, the hotter it seems to get! This results in warm feet, hot cock, and of course a great deal of fun!

     This scenario of seeing a woman struggling in the cold with her bared and vulnerable toes harkens back to the traditional male savior role. The man gets to offer his assistance to the object of his desire, and he is considered a gentleman. Could this be anymore perfect for the foot fan? He does not have to worry about his offer being rejected due to the woman's obvious need. The woman must consider her feet to be attractive or she wouldn't bare them in such cold circumstances. The man looks good while indulging himself in his true fantasy! I think Andy might be on to something here Readers. Maybe I need to see how many men would be willing to warm my feet this fall and winter? Is it not ironic that I sit here with my feet chilly from the air conditioning, writing about cold feet, while the Middle of the Country experiences record heat!

     What are the ways that someone could warm another's feet? There is the obvious penis to foot contact that I have just cited earlier in this writing; there is the traditional hand rubbing the feet that would be quite effective and less obvious; there is the hot breath/hot mouth on my cold tootsies that would feel both erotic and sensuous; there is the true fetish foot warmer in having the man lay at my feet while I use his warm face to rest and warm my peds; and that could go for all other parts of the body as well for chest, legs, and buns would all make great foot warmers. I guess my favorites would have to be the mouth and cock, because each is effective and erotic at the same time.

     Does anyone out there share this desire? I bet a few more of you may see the interest in it now that I have highlighted what obvious opportunity can cum of it! Let me know!