TOES! TOES! TOES! The ten little magical digits that every foot fetishist has some attachment, affinity, or desire to touch, taste, smell, or see! Some like them bare, some like them with colorful polish, and still others want them dirty. It is like an endless parade of idiosyncratic lust relating to some adolescent experience simultaneously burned into the brain and groin granting entrance in to the fetish kingdom. Many a foot fetishist expresses shame, frustration, and even self-hate due to this gift, but let me offer another perspective!

      How do men and women reach out to embrace their various desires or fetishes? If you love panties, could you not be caught trying to peek up skirts or rifle through lingerie drawers? If you are a tit-man, do you not constantly feel the sting of stares when caught ogling the fleshy mounds that are so constantly displayed without full satisfaction of a view of the full prize? If you are an S/M fetishist, do you not feel the total frustration of the lack of outlets visually or physically in your day-to-day life? Every sexual desire comes with natural denial, frustration, and longing! You have to understand that if your desires were granted to the most complete point of your fantasies, they would loose their intoxicating power to bewitch and lure you into sexual excitement!

      The foot fetish has such a clear advantage to all other fetishes due to the simple fact that everyday life provides them with more stimulating, tease, and frustration than any other fetish. The toes and feet are so well displayed in our culture, that their ability to remain a constant sexual focus without full satisfaction gives them an awesome power! A foot fetishist's frustration is the key to their excitement! Like the proverbial carrot on a stick just outside the reach of the beast's hungry mouth, we parade our feet before you all! Your rigid cocks leading you about daily existence until you have no choice but to stroke them to relief! The subtle obviousness of this fetish is the key to power of your desire. If you persevere, the physical and emotional fulfillment of your desire will be unmatched in your sexual experience.

      I recently had an opportunity to fulfill the longings of a foot fetishist that I have known for many years. Jessie is 47 year-old professional man, who has worked with my stunt cock off and on throughout their careers. He carries himself as confident and professional most of the time, but his desire for my feet has always been apparent. It was also apparent that he was embarrassed by this aspect of his arousal. Jessie would blush, stutter, and even sweat around me if my feet were on display, and if I made clear my awareness of his focus, that really sent him over the edge.

      Jessie recently visited our home for a combination of business and social reasons, and at the end of a long day we were all happy to sit back with a drink. We were all dressed professionally due to our various obligations for that day, and it did not take long for happy hour to have its desired effect! Stunt cock watched as I dangled a heel from nylon encased toe, and the smile that spread across his face let me know he was aware of my intent. Jessie's gaze shifted quickly and often to my feet, and while I knew Jessie was a foot fan, I had yet to figure out his specific area of foot fetish. However, my tan feet and red polished toes showed distinctly through my white, sheer to the toe, and seamed hose. His focus was so intent on my dangle show, that I surmised that he was certainly a toe fan. He also was much more flush and intent regarding his need to gaze upon my toes than ever before, and thus I determined that the hose were having an additional impact. The next task was to find out how specific I could get in detecting Jessie's fetish.

      Stunt cock left the room to freshen our drinks, and that gave me a perfect opportunity to take this to the next level! I let my 4" pump drop from my delicate red toes, and the thump against the wood floor nearly made Jessie jump like a startled child! Understanding Jessie to be the gentleman that he is, I requested that he retrieve my shoe for me. He hesitated a moment as if he were caught between revealing himself by this action, or attempting to maintain his ridiculously, thin fašade. I joke about being too comfortable to move, and with that he took one knee to retrieve my shoe. I extended my toes toward him in an absent-minded fashion all the while attempting to measure my impact! I pointed my toes as he attempted to place the pump upon my ped, but I noticed a slight alteration in his expression. I cannot quite explain it. It was not disappointment, but some hesitation that seemed to break the tension. At that point, I playfully spread my toes in order to foil his attempt to get the pump over them. His gasp was audible, and then a nervous laugh. I relaxed my foot's posture, and as he again re-attempted to capture my toes in the fine leather pump, I again spread them quickly in a teasing and playful gesture. I lifted my foot higher toward his gaze and stated,

      "Are you having trouble?"

      Jessie swallowed and managed a weak smile, but he never stopped staring at my wide spread toes! The sheer nylon stretched tight almost like webbing between my toes. The dark tan skin obvious through the diaphanous material was clearly driving him into sexual abandon. He was frozen like a statue on one knee, and his cock had now become a throbbing obvious baton in his slacks.

      "You love to see my toes spread don't you Jessie?"

      All I received for my questions was a dry gulp and slight nod of the head.

      "Take out your cock!" I stated in a tone that surprised even me.

      My voice was more commanding than demanding, and there was no hesitation in Jessie at all! He awkwardly unzipped his fly letting his throbbing red meat flop into view. His cock was handsome. Straight, decently proportioned, and slightly drooling from the tip. I kicked at it gently with the tip of my pump, and I lifted my spread toes to within inches of his face. Jessie fell to both knees as my other pump hit the floor and neither of us was aware that stunt cock was now standing in the door of the room. I lifted my other foot, spreading my toes as wide apart as I could, and placed it alongside the other. Ten nylon encased toes, spread wide in an obvious display. Jessie reached out and pulled them to his face. His grip was urgent as if they might disappear without warning! He inhaled deeply taking in the aroma of leather and salty sweat from a full day, and cock drooled like he would burst at any moment. His pre-cum actually dripped on the floor due to its volume. My stocking tops and sheer thong were in clear view given this less than lady-like pose, but this only added to the tension.

      "Stand up Jessie!" I commanded

      His cock now at foot level throbbed and bounced, and I my own juices were flowing the delicious sexual tension of the moment. I spread my knees, and reached for the hard cock before me with my toes. The spread pose was like open hands, and Jessie shuddered uncontrollably at the feeling of my warm toes against his shaft. My own hands were pinching at my hard nipples through my silk blouse, and I was trying to resist touching myself. I stopped just prior to my sense that Jessie would erupt. I spread my toes as far as I physically could, and I placed the nylon web between my big and second toe over the head of Jessie's swollen member. He pushed once, he pushed twice, and then it happened with enough force to almost break contact! His cock gushed against the nylon trap, and as his head brushed the sides of each toe he seemed to spasm. Cum dripped down my toes on top and down the sole. I could not take it, and my fingers found their familiar place on my clit. Before Jessie's spasm could end, my body began to rock with incredible strength. Stunt cock was now visible in the background, cock in hand stoking furiously, hot cum dripping down my foot, and my own orgasm racking my body with a force that drives me past the edge. Stunt cock grunted loudly at began to shoot all over his hand, and before I could catch my breath I was breaking into a multiple orgasm. Damn there is nothing better in this world than the total loss of control to pleasure!

      The moment broke awkwardly as we all began to return to earth! Cum on everyone and just about everywhere! A mini, spontaneous foot orgy you might say! Jessie's embarrassment was apparent, yet neither stunt cock nor I would hear of it! A towel, a drink, and a little laughter broke the tension, and I later related to Jessie how I was trying to figure out his fetish. He was totally surprised and amazed at my level of awareness of foot fetishism, and told us how he suspected that Stunt Cock was footman due to my footwear and displays. Needless to say he now understands that Men are not alone in their enjoyment of foot sex! Another intricate twist in the foot sex experiences of my life! SPREAD 'EM now has a whole new meaning for me!