My Foot Fantasy: Part 1

     Over the last five months, I have written and communicated with many foot fanatics about their ultimate footjob experiences and fantasies, and it has lead me to a feeling of expressing my own desire and fantasy regarding the female foot to the loyal readers of this column. Many of you have read of my unfulfilled desire to experience a woman, and I have many fantasies around bi-sexual experiences. Please do not get me wrong! I would never forsake men, but to experience the soft and knowing presence of another woman is like a forbidden fruit. Let me share with you my bi-sexual foot fetish fantasy.

     First off, let me start with my idea of what makes a sexy, female foot. I prefer a small to average size foot, somewhere in the 5 to 7 size range. I think feet that size are dainty and feminine without being too small. I find feet with symmetrical toes extremely attractive, and by that I mean that they create a neat little diagonal row from the first to the pinkie. There is nothing like a pampered foot! Soft, pinkish, and obviously well cared for on a regular basis. Every time that I get a good pedicure, I feel more sexy, and even the feel of my own feet excites me to a significant degree. A woman who feels that same way would be my desire. I prefer sophisticated feet, and I mean toes that are done in French Pedicure style or with a red polish. Pinks are fun, designs are cute, and brighter colors are trendy, but for me there is nothing sexier than toes that look like they are meant for a special or formal event. This is where my favorite fantasy begins.

     As I lay back on my bed, I envision a friend of mine that I will refer to as Rachel. She has the most perfect feet in my opinion, size 5 with ridiculously symmetrical toes. Her figure is nothing to ignore either. 5'2", dark brunette hair, the greenest eyes you can imagine, and a chest I would estimate at 34C, which is perfect for her size. Sexy without being overbearing for her appearance or height. Rachel and I had the opportunity to shop for clothing one afternoon for an event that we were attending together, and this is what I see in my naughty little mind!

     Rachel and I are at an upscale Department Store laughing and browsing through some of the latest formal wear available. There are many dresses, but we both are looking for the same type of outfit. We want something sophisticated and sexy, but it has to be daring and appropriate at the same time. The answer is usually something suggestively short with a deep enough neckline! Rachel and I enter the dressing are together, and after a few outfits are modeled for one another, Rachel is taking an inordinate amount of time in her dressing room. I knock and ask if she is all right, and she laughs responding that she cannot figure out how to put this one dress on! I being the ever so helpful individual ask if she would like my assistance, and Rachel unlocks her dressing room door for me to come in. As I enter, I am struck by her lack of modesty as she stands before me in nothing more than her skimpy thong. She is quite confused and struggling with a dress, and I jokingly state that I would have to come over on the night of event to dress her. I take the dress, and it is clear to me that she simply has tangled the garment. I straighten out the dress, and I stoop to hold it for her to step into. That is when it strikes me. Her cute little feet are inches from my face, and they are a combination of soft pink and tan skin accented by the contrasting white of her French pedicure. I can smell the fresh perfume of recently applied polish wafting up at me as she lifts her right foot to step into the dress. I cannot help but mention that her pedicure looks recent. Rachel confesses that she just went to have them done that morning, and we engage in a harmless discussion of where, when, and how often she does this little beauty ritual. Rachel confesses that she has it done once and sometimes twice a week! I giggle and confess that it is an indulgence that I partake in as often. She jokes that the bills for such care seem excessive sometimes, but that he husband doesn't bitch about that bill. I playfully ask why, and she confides in me that he has a thing for her feet! I laugh, and tell her that we share a common experience due to my own relationship. I compliment her by telling her she has the most adorable feet, and she laughs returning the compliment to my own. I confide that I like the pampering of the pedicures, and Rachel laughs that the vibrating chair doesn't hurt either. I laugh almost too loud, and agree with her. I take the opportunity to tell her that I think someone could orgasm in those chairs, and Rachel blushed saying "You haven't?" I am again giggling as I confess that I was too embarrassed to say that I had outright. The tension in the room is palatable and thick at this point, so we break the moment to go out to the mirrors to examine the dresses.

     Rachel and I shop, have lunch, and shop some more. The one thing that we cannot find is any sexy shoes to go with our outfits. We joke about the fact that we each probably have something at home already, and that is when my fantasy really gets going! Rachel and I decide to go to each other's homes to assist each other in trying on shoes to get each other's opinion. We go to Rachel's house first, and we talk some more as we share our mutual experiences with our partner's interest in our feet, and Rachel confesses that she has begun to see how attractive and sexy feet can be through her experiences, and I admit that I have experienced similar feelings. I joke about how I am usually the bold one revealing things to people first, and we a bit more finding ourselves being similar in another way. At Rachel's house, she shows me her walk-in closet with a floor to ceiling shoe rack that literally takes up almost half of the space! I allow Rachel to choose a few pairs to try on with her outfit, and I am again taken aback by her sudden dropping of her clothing in front of me! She again appears so tan, and her yellow thong is so skimpy and dramatic against her skin that I find myself feeling very aroused by her. Her firm full breasts were accented with soft pink round nipples that were substantially larger than my own, and I found myself wondering what it would be like to make them hard with my touch. As she turned to step into her dress her cute round ass came into view, round and tight, sticking out suggestively. The dress fell over it clinging beautifully, and she asked if I thought it made her butt too prominent. I laughed and responded with a butt like that why not make it a highlight! As she walked to the pick up the first pair of shoes, she noticed that her thong was clearly visible through the filmy material of the evening dress. She slipped her hands quickly under her dress, and in a flash, the thong was on the floor! My mind wondered through my vast experience in short dresses sans panties, and I wondered if Rachel gets as turned on as I do by putting on "unintentional" semi-public displays!

     I snapped to attention as Rachel requested my opinion on her first pair of shoes! A strappy set of silver metallic 5" sandals. Her perfect toes held by a tiny strap just above the cleavage formed by the separation between her first and second toes! I gasp at how much I love them, and Rachel turns about modeling them for me! At one point, with her back to me, I notice a twist in her strap. I kneel to assist her, and for a moment her tone tan legs are disappearing beneath the hem of her dresses just inches below that incredible set of cheeks! I marvel at the shape and tone of her calves accentuated by the height of her heels. Rachel giggles as she slightly loses her balance. She flops forward onto her bed, and the edge of her bed supports her thighs lifting her feet to face level. I joke about how it feels to have someone 'attending' to her, and Rachel asks how much my services cost! I feel Rachel flinch slightly as my hands find her foot to adjust her strap. As I begin to undo the strap, the weight of the shoe causes it fall to the floor. Her bare foot stretches and flexes before me, and the fresh clean scent of her pedicure startles me with its' exciting effect! As I touch her wrinkled sole with a slightly firm touch, Rachel appears to sigh with a deep breath. The scene mesmerizes me! My own excitement is evident to me, and regardless of the situation, I am undaunted by the prospect of offending her. Rachel's gorgeous ass provides a view down her legs to her sexy tiny feet that could rival any men's magazine or video that I have ever seen! She seems to relax as my hands caress her feet, and her legs part slightly affording me a view of a very wet and open set of shaved lips!

     As almost in a trance, my hands lift her foot, my breath begins to caress her foot, and my lips part to taste the sexist foot that I can imagine! My tongue feels wet and electric against the tender area between the ball of her foot and the pad of her toes. She whimpers at the feeling, and I am emboldened by her reaction. I softly lick and kiss each toe, and my tongue wanders across her wrinkled sole. I become aware of her subtle gyrations as her hips seem to grind against the bed. I move to one side to gain access to her arch, and my mouth begins a combination of licking, sucking, and kissing her incredible arch. Her dress is slipping higher as she grinds with excitement, and I spy that her hand has slipped beneath her. Her manicured fingers are perched just above her weeping slit increasing her arousal as well as my own. I press slightly against her foot to encourage her to spread her legs a bit further, and there is no resistance to my urging. It is time! I go for the toes with my wet tongue, and with excruciatingly slow deliberance her small toe slides fully into my mouth. Rachel's fingers are making slow circles around her entire lips, her dress fully above her sexy ass, and all pretense is long gone. She gasps "Don't Stop!" I pull back only to slide her tiny and fourth toe into my mouth! I suck and savor as my hands are marveling at the feel of her soft feet and calves. I am able to slide her three smallest toes into my hungry mouth, and Rachel's fingers are moving with more urgency! My own pussy is so wet I fear a puddle on the carpet! Her second and third toe pass my lips, and Rachel starts to tremble. I know exactly where I have her, as I have been there myself many times! Trembling on the edge of bliss, wishing to stay there for as long as possible. My hot wet lips and tongue engulf her big toe, and Rachel cries out! Two fingers ram deep into her pussy, her body begins to shake, I suck her big toe like a little cock, and she explodes! Her body is a symphony of passionate movement! Her Full tan cheeks buck and shake, her legs flail slightly, and it take some control to keep her toe in my mouth. Her fingers are flying across her wet lips from her clit to a deep penetration of her pussy and back again! I am so hot I feel as if I could cum too! Wave after wave racks Rachel's body with pleasure, and I am amazed by the feelings, the vision, the excitement!

     Rachel slowly rolls over, her foot slipping from my mouth and grasp. I fear the aftermath of the come down, but Rachel looks at me with her tosseled hair and glowing face still flush from her orgasm. "Your turn!" she growls in a sexy voice!

     Of course I will share the rest of My Foot Fantasy next month!