Heel, Boys! Heel!

Dear Michelle,

     Your Fantasies, your hunger, your obsession is mine. I have been a lover of female feet since I was 5. I remember exactly what happened in Kindergarten. My whole life I have been looking at girl's feet and masturbating about sucking them and she (Whomever she is) loving it till the point of orgasam. What I love most about my fetish, but which I rarely can fulfill, is that it is something I don't think anyone else is turned on by. I'VE searched the internet for pictures of it, I stare a every bare foot I see, and when I see this, I begin to shake. I can't stop staring and I even follow her (at a distance and very discreetly) just to keep looking. It is so magnetic that I lose all control of what I'm doing, and nothing else matters. It is the back of a girl's bare heel with a protruding bumb, and the skin is red in color over it (a pump bump). So few girls have it, but when I see it I lose my breath! When I suck a girl's feet while making love, I sometimes cum without even touching myself! My cock just starts squirting!

     My desire is to find a girl who has cute, slender toes, a nice arch, and red puffy heels. I would want her to have as intense a foot fetish as I have, and I would love to watch her squirm until the point of orgasm. I fear I will never have that opportunity. I wish I could talk to someone who has the overwhelming desire, just to tell someon and share our mutual thoughts.

     The world of the foot fetish strikes again! I suppose that I have neglected the heel in my articles and opinions over the years, but my bias, like many people, seems to be towards the other end of the foot (Toes, arches, soles) Rarely have I considered the heel in the manner that our friend has expressed so purely in his letter. So this month I will take a look at the heel!

     People do not always understand why they are attracted to the physical or personal characteristic of another person, and it is not always necessary to figure out the whys. This gentleman does not express why or when he began to find the "pump bump" so attractive, but usually it has to do with an early experience or view of something similar. I have not encountered many women with this feature either, but maybe that is because I haven't looked for it! Given my many trips to the salons and spas for my foot and hand pampering, you would thing that I would have seen it all by now! The heel is the most exposed part of the foot if you begin to think about it though. What is usually covered only by a strap? What part of the foot is most visible when you follow an attractive woman? When a pump covers the entire foot, what is most likely to be exposed as she walks or sits? Of all the shoe style that anyone can think of, the heel is the most likely to be bared in any design. Therefore, the heel may be a larger area of desire for someone due to shear expose to it? If a woman sits forward on her chair or stool, and then place her feet back under the chair, this usually allows her heel to pop off her feet. This may be among the more common heel shows that go on at work or in the bar. This is beginning to make some sense to me!

     Haglund's deformity is a bony growth at the back of the heel that usually occurs when shoes repeatedly aggravate tissue and underlying bone. This is the technical description of this man's object of desire, and it must not be that rare given that it has it's own name in the world of podiatry! The heel is that largest bone in the foot, and therefore it does stand to reason that stimulation of this area in the right manner should be the key to some pleasant physical sensations! However, it is the most abused part of the foot as well because it bears all our weight, and it is the first part of the foot to impact the ground when running or walking! My favorite pedicurist spends a great deal of time rubbing, scraping, and moisturizing my heels, but many men prefer their heels rough and thick with skin.

     I will point out that the heel can be crucial in a good footjob. If a man lays on his back, and his manhood is erect against his stomach, the heel can apply just the right pressure to run from the base of the shaft to just before the foreskin or head. Stroking up and down with the heel in this manner can produce a powerful orgasm, but it can allow the foot goddess to really control the man as well. Pressure at the base can hold off orgasm, and this allows the woman to determine when and if she wants her subject to cum.

     There is the gist of my heel knowledge for now my friends, but I promise to be more mindful of the power of the heel and to highlight any variations of this forgotten part of the female foot! Until next month I wish you all feet in your face!