It's Gotta Be the Shoes

      What is your preference? You voyeuristic foot fans seem to each have your own preference for how a woman's feet should be adorned in public! The endless variety of the foot fetishist continues to amaze even a seasoned foot mistress like myself! This dawned on me the other day as I was grocery shopping at the local store, and a gentleman began to follow me at a safe yet visible distance. I was wearing very low key casual clothing, however it appears that my footwear may have been a source of great attraction for my new fan! I was simply wearing a pair of those new fad slip on athletic shoes. They are tan/beige in color with a substantial black rubber sole, but the defining feature is the low heel area that allows one to simply slip the shoes on and off. He followed me throughout the store, and he chose to stand in the line next to me at checkout, and all the while casually stealing glances at my exposed heels! Of course I did slip my foot out for a little air just to give him a peek at the rest of my pampered peds!

      My preference has always been to gravitate toward the most exposing of footwear, because I thought that a foot fetishist would really desire to see as much of their object of desire as possible! It appears that I am wrong in my assumption, and that different forms of shoes provide different exposures and highlights that attract the endless variety of fetish interests in the foot world! High Heeled, Thinly Strapped, and Open Toed Shoes have been a standard choice of mine for years due to my belief in teasing and tantalizing the many men (and a few ladies!) that party to this interest. Please, do not get me wrong! This is likely the best bait for even the most casual fetishist, but this choice tends to ignore the needs of many of you!

      Leather has always had that incredible scent that attracts any human being in my opinion. Yet it becomes an incredible aphrodisiac when mixed with the salty sweat of the female foot! A wide open style that has been my choice allows too much breathing and no solid leather service to intermingle! An up to the knee style or even hip length leather boots appear to be the preference for many connoisseurs of perfume ped. The cleavage fans appear to be more inclined toward the traditional vamping pumps, and it centers on the allure of the hint of arch or toe crevice to tease them. At the same time they are still treated to the strong musky odor of the encased leather to create the steel in their pockets!

      This may be the more obvious of the fashions for feet in the leather and sandal concepts, but what about the flip-flop! A simple flat piece of leather or rubber, with a simple band, that secures the woman's toes to the sole. Many men have expressed their incredible desire to see the impression left by many applications of the woman's fine toes, ball of her foot, and firm round heel against the material. One individual wrote to me "…it gives me the perfect sense of how high her arch goes and how round her toes are by the impression she has left." This does nothing to address the fantasy of being between her lovely toes, and as another fan put it:

      "I have spent many hours simply staring at the way the tie or tubing slips
      between a woman's large and second toe. I dream of the feeling of my
      cock being between her toes, and that with each step they would slide up
      and down my shaft! Always teasing without quite sending me over the edge!"

He went on to describe an incident in which he attempted to be hypnotized into experiencing this feeling whenever he saw a woman's foot in a flip flop style! Sadly, he reports that it did not work, but that in his mind the money was worth it to at least try!

      Are these new styles starting to create a new fetish, or are they simply attracting those foot fans who love the round full heel of a woman's foot? Do the arch men get enough of a peek to enjoy this type shoe? Please tell me if you have any input or ideas on this issue! Until then I will just continue to wear my latest comforts with the idea that even these shoes will offer a measure of voyeurism for this insatiable exhibitionist!