My Latest Footjob

     The last two articles have been focused on footjob techniques, and I have had many great letters of response from the Wu Faithful! Poor stunt cock may have to get some R & R by the time I am done with this little research project. I thought that you would enjoy reading my account of a recent footjob exploration session that I inflicted on my Stunt Cock!

     It was a Tuesday afternoon, and there was nothing special regarding the day. I went to get my peds pampered at my favorite salon, and as I sat in the soft vibrating chair, my mind wandered over the variety of footjobs that I have written about recently. I began to picture some of them in my mind, and I even drifted to thoughts of some my first foot experiences. As usual, I get kind of dreamy during pedicures due to the pampering and relaxing nature of it all. I could feel myself getting moist between my legs, and I continued to let my guard drop. One of the best parts of being female is that orgasms can be big or little, many or few, obvious or subtle. I could picture a large throbbing cock pumping at my feet, and with little to no warning, my pussy broke into mild, but distinct, rhythmic pulses of pure enjoyment. The intensity of which surprised me enough to tense up across the rest of my body. The pedicurist asked if I was all right as she felt my sudden tension. I stammered a lame excuse about dozing off and waking! Hopefully, my blushing was not too obvious!

     As I left the salon, I thought of how stunt cock loves a fresh pedicure. Soft soles, fresh polish, and my sensitivity is very high! I decided that I would seduce him with my feet as soon as he got home! I was so erotically charged with the idea of seeing him lose total control on my feet that I had to keep busy the rest of the afternoon so that I did not masturbate! I did not want to lose that sexual tension!

     As I heard stunt cock enter the house, I laid out on the bed in nothing more than a silk slip. My legs were propped up on a pillow facing the door, and I knew that he would appreciate the view as he entered the bedroom. He stood in the doorway with a grin about a mile wide, and I he could tell that I was up to mischief! I simply looked up seductively and said "STRIP!" As he stood before me completely nude and partially erect, I admired his manhood. I brushed the head with my toes a few times at it twitched to a full throbbing erection. I moved forward and slid my soft soles onto each hip just an inch or so off his cock. I slowly slid each foot up his body and across his chest, up his neck, and across his face. His lips and tongue try to capture my toes, but I tease him mercilessly by pulling away. I point my toes and brush the nipples on his chest, and his member bobs with excitement. I lightly pinch his left nipple between my big and second toes, and I have to kick his hand away from his cock with my other foot. I place my foot before his hungry mouth allowing him to kiss and suck at my toes. The darting wet warmth of his tongue between my toes sends shivers of electricity to my pussy. I notice that I am caressing my own tits and nipples through my silk slip as this is exciting me to an incredible degree. Stunt Cock's licking and sucking has moved to my arch as I drop my other foot from his chest to his cock. My legs spread as I do so, and my pussy throbs with anticipation. I point my toes and allow the top of my foot to run down the underside of his cock. I slide further down across his smooth shaven balls. I arch my foot suddenly so that my big toe comes into contact just beyond his sack, and his hips respond with an approving thrusting against my foot. His cock now glistens with pre-cum oozing from the tip, almost crying for attention! I feel sexy! I feel powerful! I feel desired! I feel in complete control!

     "Lie Down!" I command. Stunt cock lies on his back, and I spread his legs. I begin running my soles all over his body again, and he is just reveling in every movement. My pussy is inches from his cock as my feet run over his face. He is propped up with a pile of pillows, and he can see my hand begin to rub my pussy. His breathing is shallow and rapid, and I ask if he likes to watch me. He nods in an almost pleading manner, and I surprise him by suddenly shoving two fingers into myself. I immediately break into a strong and unanticipated orgasm. As the waves of pleasure break across my body, stunt cock grabs my feet and sucks hard on my two big toes at once. This re-intensifies my orgasm, and I gasp for air. I LOVE TO TEASE!

     As I come down from my orgasm, I slide back to concentrate on my object of desire! I begin to slide my arches across his gorgeous hard on. He literally shivers and I curl my toes to rake them down the length of his shaft. I stoke him repeatedly, but it only takes a few moments as I feel him begin to tense. I stop suddenly leaving his member dancing and throbbing for release! Stunt cock nearly whimpers with frustration. I begin to repeat the process, but I concentrate more on his balls and base of his shaft, but I have to remind him to stop trying hump against my peds. I want to work him! I run the ball of my foot up the center of his shaft to his head, then I curl my toes and pull them slowly across his head, down the length again. This is getting him close, so I push his feet to raise his knees. One stroke, two strokes with my left foot. The right foot slides beneath his balls, and my big toe finds the sensitive area just before his asshole. I begin a slow circular rubbing brushing from his sack to his asshole. The whole time I am slowly running my left foot up and down his shaft. His body begins to tense, and the scissoring of my legs is trapping and rubbing my clit between my own pussy lips! His body is tense, his hips are twitching, he is moaning, and I suddenly push my big toes against his anus. I am surprised as it slightly slips past the resistance, and he absolutely explodes with cum. My pussy explodes as I witness this scene. My toe practically fucking his ass, and his cum flying with a force that I rarely have witnessed in my life! I can't help but finish myself with fingers to complete my own orgasm as his subsides.

     We each just lay there for a minute catching our breath. I break into slight laughter as I proclaim, "How Fucking Hot was that?" Stunt cock's cum covers his belly and chest as he weakly smiles down at me with an almost amazed look on his face. "Holy Shit!' he replies over and over again! We have been together for many years, yet we can still have intense, spontaneous, and outrageous sex! Who would have ever guessed that feet could be so FUN! See you next month!