The Touch

     There is nothing like the feel of smooth warm hands pampering and rubbing your feet! Every time that I get a pedicure, the rubbing of my feet, ankles and calves is enough to put me sleep! I think that this might be the most likely avenue for any individual with a foot fetish to get their partner to begin to enter into their kinky little world. The question is do you have the touch?

     Let me go into a little more detail on why this might be so important for getting you needs expressed and met with your partner. I was recently afforded the weekly luxury of my manicure and pedicure, and my partner joined me in my weekly pamper session. While he felt a little odd in such a female dominated atmosphere, he had his hands and feet pampered along with me. He was able to experience for himself how good it feels, and he noticed how soft and neat his hands looked afterwards. We went home and showered, and as we lay on the couch together relaxing, he began to massage and rub my feet. His soft hands on my silky soft peds were an intense sensation, and his slow and deliberate rubbing showed no hint hurry or intensity. We carried on like this for almost an hour while watching television, but I became extremely relaxed and excited. My robe eventually slipped open across my thighs, and his hands began to wander more. This ended in many orgasms and his ended with a tremendous orgasm while sucking my toes. I won't give you all the dirty details at this time, because my point is something else.

     First, the atmosphere was perfect for this to occur. We spent time together (stop groaning) doing something that I enjoy, but that he learned to appreciate as well. This communicated understanding and connectedness between us, and this reassures a woman on many levels. At home, we were able to relax, talk, and enjoy each other's company without distractions or annoyances (Turn off the phones!). I was able to lounge about in my most comfortable robe, as was he, and not worry about makeup, lingerie, ect. So the first step is to consider how to connect with your partner.

     Second, there was no rush whatsoever! No hurry for dinner reservations; No need to get home for tip-off, kickoff, or first pitch; no rush to get to the computer or return a call! This allows us both to breath, relax, and focus on one another. At home, he was able to control his excitement. This meant not trying to have sex immediately, and understanding that foreplay is not a 15" chore prior to the good stuff! In all fairness, sometime I just want to screw too, but for your foot fetish purposes this scenario will work much better. In fact, I had very little sense that he wanted sex at all. Go slow! It communicates being in the moment with her.

     Third, focus! His attention was on me, all on me! He seemed completely absorbed in the feeling of my feet and skin without being anxious. This intrigues a woman in this situation because your touch is caring, interested, and non-threatening. You're giving without expecting, and this again puts a woman in a place where she is more likely to want you; and want to please you. This should be fun for you too because you can get lost in the objects of your desire without fear or worry of time. I always feel better after a pedicure because I know my feet are attractive, soft, and perfumed. I am not worried about smell, rough skin, or chipped nail polish. I am comfortable with your focus.

     These steps create an erotic setting without it being staged or forced by either person. The woman is physically and emotionally in the best place possible to be open to wanting to please you. Your focus on her feet, and your touch will communicate your desire without having to talk about it. You can rub all sorts of areas after a while, and while the feet are part of it, they are not the only part. This will again make it more natural and at ease for your partner. Yes, I did notice the erection sticking through his robe after a while, but he did nothing to try to make notice of it or rub it on me. This again made me intrigued, and I found myself wanting him more. You may not be able to follow all these same steps, but a warm shower and a glass of wine can have a similar effect! Remember that if you do this a few times, maybe not even having sex, you will surprised by how much you will get out of it!

     If this is not as erotic or dirty as you might have liked, that is all right. You know my nasty mood will strike again soon! I just had a wonderful night of relaxation, unexpected eroticism, and fantastic sex, and I bet you can too. Just take a few of these hints, and give them a try!