A Sensitive Sole

      I have a theory that I would love to bounce off the collective foot fetish community this month, and that question is "Do women receive erotic pleasure from foot sex?" While it may be quite obvious from my articles that I do, it may surprise a few of you that there are many women out there with a great deal of potential to enjoy this all too common fetish that do not even know it! My theory is this:

      Almost any area of the body that is ticklish is sensitive, and most areas that are highly sensitive are considered erogenous zones. Therefore, any woman with ticklish feet has an untapped potential to truly enjoy foot fetish activities!

      I have not found too many women who are not ticklish at least to some degree on their feet, and this leads me to believe that the foot could be the key to severe erotic pleasure for most women! As usual (and I have said it before!), society's misconceptions and hypocritical view of sexuality are what bottle this concept up for most of us. "The feet stink, the feet are ugly, and foot fetishism is weird" Funny how there are very few women who have spoken to me in my personal life about my views on foot fetish that have not ended up with pedicures and wearing more open toe styles of shoes the next time I was in their company! The nape of the neck, the under side of the arm, the soft sexy lower belly, the inside of the thighs, and the genitals have all been long recognized for their high sensitivity and erotic potential. Even the fingers have not been ignored for their ability to bring pleasure to the body, so why are the feet so taboo!?

      At this point, you are probably thinking "What sends Michele on this little tirade this month?" Well buckle up for a bumpy ride as I share a little story that takes me directly to the heart of this issue.

      I was preparing for the holiday weekend in my usual fashion, and that includes a really fine pedicure and manicure. I did not frequent my usual haunt for these pampering pleasures, but I went to a new spa due to the recommendation of a friend. As I entered the sumptuous newly opened spa, I was impressed with the well-decorated interior. The receptionist greeted me warmly, and this is always a great way for a new business to make a strong impression. The desk girl requested that I take a seat, and it was only a few moments before my nail technician entered the room. She was blonde with a simple yet attractive presence, and her smile made her seem bright and approachable. Her name was Melinda, and she was 27 years old with the look of a 22 year-old coed. We chatted as she worked on my hands, and she had a firm touch that was polished from significant practice. She was so open and friendly that I found myself very comfortable with her, and any woman will tell you that this is a rare occurrence in the catty world of women! Under her smock she wore a trendy low-cut pink top, and it cut off showing off her tan flat tummy. Her breasts were appeared full and firm in her top, and I did not see a hint of bulge or bulk from a bra. They swayed and jiggled just enough to reaffirm her braless choice as she filed and painted my nails. However, I get carried away with my own admiration of the female form!

      Melinda went to work on my feet, and this is where many men have little to know experience. A woman sits back in plush recliner with both heat and massage features as her feet are placed in a hot swirling Jacuzzi bath. This both softens the skin and nails for easier treatment by the nail technician, and it allows the patron to relax and feel pampered in the process. Melinda and I continued to chat as I soaked, and I have to admit the warm vibrations of the chair were doing a bit more than relaxing me! I often chalk these feeling up to my oversexed outlook on life, but this cute nail techs breasts and all the pampering had me feeling quite turned on. The first step is a scraping process, which removes the dead thick, build up of skin on the feet, and while this may sound gross to many, it is the key to sexy soft feet! This also increases the sensitivity to a huge degree! She then proceeds to trim and shaped the nails and the nail beds, but the best part is right before the painting of the nails. She rubs lotion on your feet and lower legs, and this is a massage more than a simple application. Melinda was incredible! She took her time, and really made me feel good. Her firm touch on my soft skin felt so good, and the nice view of her full swaying breasts did not hurt either. When her fingers hit my heels and arches, I flinched a little from my incredible ticklishness. Melinda apologized for the unintentional tickle, and I spoke of the sensitivity regular pedicures can lead too for a woman. She quickly agreed revealing her own penchant for pedicures and ticklishness. By this time, there was a spark of flirtation that was crackling between us, and my tingling pussy was feeling slightly dampened by the titillation of the moment! Melinda began to show me with her firm touch the areas of her sole that are most sensitive, and we compared the threshold between the feeling of being tickled and feeling "good". She told me that a good foot massage can feel really good, and I laughed saying "I think I know what you mean!" We giggled together a little, and she moved to the underside of my toes. I sighed as she lifted my foot a little for better access. I tilted my head back a little and sighed from the good feeling. I wondered if she could see up my skirt at all, or if this is something she would even consider! I began to feel lost in her touch, and I was torn between giving in to the wondrous feelings radiating up from my sole or remaining proper to the circumstances.

      Melinda moved to my other foot, and this caused me to shift in the chair. I took the opportunity to again compliment her on her technique. At this point, I noticed that her smock had opened a bit more perching on the outside edges of her breasts rather than over them. The quarter-size dark nipples straining against the thin pink material of her shirt quickly confirmed my suspicions of her braless choice. They were stiff and engorged to a full thick point, and my mind wanted me to reach out with my toes and grab at them! Her cheeks were slightly flush, and I was wondering if my feet were exciting her! I allowed my thighs to drift a little farther apart, and I hit the remote control on the recliner to hum a little harder! My head again drifted back, my eyes closed, and I pictured Melinda's breasts bare. Her hands worked the sole of my foot with such expertise that I was simply putty in her hands. I became aware that my foot was being held a bit higher than normal, and I could feel the cool rush of air on my now moist panties. I slowly opened my eyes to the site of Melinda holding my foot practically face high! Her breath was warm and insistent on my sole, and I felt as if I could orgasm from this alone! It was at this point that another nail technician entered with a client completely trashing the moment!

      As you can guess I was left with an incredible level of frustration and excitement. I drove home trying to hold on without touching myself! I ran into the house kicking off my sponge disposable flip-flops. I called to stunt cock to come see my nails, but as he cradled my heel in his hand to examine my pedicure I was overwhelmed with my own needs. I thrust my foot to his face and I demanded that he feel and taste my foot! His hands caressed my arch as tongue found the wrinkles of my sole, and I was in heaven! The soft sensitive skin was alive, and every sensation sent lightning bolts straight to my weeping pussy! "Please" I begged as he grabbed my other foot and buried his warm face in my soles! I pulled my soaked panties aside and sunk two fingers into myself as fast as I could! I only had to firmly hold them there for a second before I exploded. My pussy grabbed at my fingers as each wet stroke of his tongue sent another spasm though my pussy! I couldn't take it! Stunt cock licked and sucked like there was no tomorrow, and I can tell you the sex that followed was tremendous!

      Whew! Ok so I got a bit carried away there! The point is that by taking care of your feet, being open to the possible eroticism of the feelings they can produce, and then daring to experience the forbidden can lead to incredible pleasure. I have learned this over time! Be persistent! Be comfortable with your fetish, and over time your loved one just might discover that she is a foot queen too!