Sock It To Me!

     Hi Wu-sters! Welcome to May! I promised that I would not overlook the world of socks this month, and I will try not to disappoint. There is one thing I must say before we get going, and that is as long as there is imagination in this world; the foot fetish kingdom will thrive! The socks theme will prove this without a doubt, and if you are not a sock fan, I think you will still enjoy reading this!

     It is easy to see how feet are sexy, and it is even easier to see how the various articles associated with feet are sexy. My own bias leads me naturally to toenail polish, stockings, and various shoes, and my taste certainly run toward the most obvious of what is considered sexy. The sheerest of hose, the highest of heels, and the reddest of polishes, but as in every other little alleyway of our foot fetish world, the sock is a greatly overlooked fetish object! Don't get sensitive about the fetish word! I still consider any activity that is part of your overall sex life healthy as long as it does not dominate to the point of exclusion of other sexual activity, or cause harm to your relationships.

     The versatility of the sock is amazing to me! Many of your wrote of your sock interests, and the I can almost guess your age by the sock interest! This is simply a matter of taking your early adolescent period and pairing it with the style of sock that excites you. The early 80s seems to pair well with the Flashdance legwarmer type of sock, big woolly up the calf. The mid to late 70s are great for the lace top anklets that were disco popular. However, I must admit this little girl lace paired with a sexy pair of stiletto heels makes for a "Fuck Me But I Am A Good Girl" look that even I can appreciate! The late 80s and early 90s seem to have a more gym and workout feel by returning to the gym sock, especially the barely up to the ankle with the little cotton ball at the back. These may not be exclusive to the age ranges that populated those time frames, but they certainly are a good guess. Here are a few "sockjob" techniques for your horny little imaginations!

Lace Me Up:

This technique begins with a sock of complete lace! The lace anklet with its frilly edges and semi-transparent peeks at the ped beneath can serve as a tease without the slightest contact. However, the sliding and stroking of the rough lace clearly sends more than a few of you toward shooting a tribute to these dainty darlings! Roger stated "It feels almost too rough at first, but that stimulation just below my shaft sends me off faster than anything!" He went on to tell me the story of his first foot fling with lace at the age of 14, and that his older sister's girlfriend found him after a drunken disco night. As he lay on the floor watching her heel dangle, he tried to pretend to watch the television, but she was onto him. After a tease beyond compare from the couch, she used her little lace-covered feet to flip him over. She rubbed his obvious hard on through his pajama pants until it popped free, and poor Roger shot all over her lacey pink anklets after only a few rough strokes!

Breathe Deep:

This technique is accomplished with thin cotton tennis socks. Again, these are the socks that you would find with just the little cotton ball hanging out the back. These are thin, smooth, and very fragrant for the true ped lover. One reader described these socks as teasing as a low cut blouse, or a glimpse of lace bra. These socks barely cover the longed for foot, and yet only the edge can be glimpsed with a diligent look. Another reader described these as the ultimate fragrance capture device since almost no part of this style of sock escapes the warm fermentation of a woman's shoe. The best description that I received was of a sole rub sort of footjob, but in the following contextů.

"My girlfriend was a state high school tennis champion. Her long tan legs were so tone and sexy, but her tiny feet (Size 6) were almost absurdly small for her frame. It looked as if she was crammed into tennis shoes 2 sizes too small. I did not have the guts at age 17 to share my interest in her feet, but I gave her foot massages every chance I could. I told her that it was good for her circulation after a hard practice or match, and I now think she had a clue from this behavior. I even stole a few pairs of her dainty little socks, and I would inhale their aroma while rubbing one against my cock. One evening she was so tired from a hard match that she fell asleep on the couch. Her sock covered feet were dangling off the edge of the couch, and I could not stop staring at the soft cotton opening formed by her arches. My cock was hard with desire, and I crept close to her feet. The fresh fragrant aroma of her peds had me overwhelmed. A few brushes and rubs without her moving lent to my bravery, and I released my cock from my shorts. The head was so swollen that it would not fit between her feet, but I pushed harder until it seemed to penetrate! This is when she woke to find me in as compromising a position as I have ever been, but instead of yelling or embarrassing me, she simply clamped her feet tighter together. 'I was wondering if you would ever actually do this for me!' It appeared that my excitement excited her, and that watching me was a big turn on for her! 'Do whatever you want to my feet, I want to see you do it!' It was on from there! The next 5 minutes are as clear in my mind today as it was 25 years ago. I pulled one foot to my face and rubbed it all over. I inhaled deeply as I rubbed my cock against her other foot. The warmth of her foot, the smooth cotton of her sock, the sweet salty smell of her tiny ped sent me gushing. Her sock, up her calf, dripping from her ankle! It was the sexiest thing I ever saw or experienced!

Cock Warmers:

The legwarmers of the Flashdance era were sexy b/c they covered the legs, but not the entire foot. This left the toes exposed for the contact necessary for dancing, but kept the legs comfortably warm. The true fetish of this era probably has a tape or DVD of the movie, and certainly Jennifer Lopez's music video tribute to Flashdance would raise a current pole or two! A good friend of mine actually describes getting his first toe fuck from a dancer whose pink leg warmers warm his thoughts to this day. She appeared to be quite the exhibitionist from his description, and the legwarmers appeared to help garner that attention. My friend enjoyed the roughed edges of the dancers foot still dirty and exposed in her woolly warmers. This allowed him to smell her sweaty skin, and yet his cock had full access as well. He described her after a dance class sitting on the floor, stretching out. The balls of her feet and toes exposed from the soiled legwarmer. As he sat before he talking and stretching, her left foot extended in his direction almost as if she knew of his secret desire. Her toes pointing and flexing with each stretch, just inches from his face left him nearly in a trance. She broke his fascinated stare, by suddenly swinging her right foot next to the left. She bent full forward stretching her tight well-formed hamstrings. She looked him right in the eye, and stated that if her wanted her feet so badly that he better do something about it while he had the chance! He described basically sitting an the end of her outstretched feet, and rubbing his cock on her toes and legwarmers, but the final techniques was a combination of fucking between her toes and inserting his cock head into the end of the legwarmers. As she picked up on his desire to fuck against her foot and legwarmer, she moved her foot in a manner to assist deeper access and faster friction within the legwarmer. He describes nearly passing out as he emptied his load into her pink wooly legwarmer. The final tease was that she simply got up and walked out of the dance studio. As he emerged he could see her standing near another dancer talking quietly before heading into the lockeroom. He could see his seed oozing from her legwarmer onto her still exposed foot!

     Well I hope my little attempt to SOCK IT TO YOU brought you a moment of titillation, or at least an idea! See you next month!