The hottest trend in the world of pornography appears to be MILF. When I first heard this I was unsure of what it meant, but for those that boarder on the clueless, like myself, it stands for "Mothers I Would Like to Fuck". I spoke with my partner about this phenomenon, and he shared a number of observations with me! Apparently, just about every male has had the experience of a mother he found attractive growing up! This explains the appeal of MILF porn in that it taps into the current fantasy world of young males, and it rekindles the fantasies of the adult males as they recall their younger days of unstoppable sexual fervor! I have noticed a more obvious foot fetish acceptance in a number of these pornographic films, and I was, of course, reviewing these films as research only! However, this is not a film review, but an article on why I have stated to many foot fetish fans why women over 30 are better candidates for the foot fetishist!

     There are a number of reasons why the MILF women make good candidates for foot fetish activity. The first is that most mothers, or women of mothering age, have learned to be more comfortable with their bodies. We all see our limitations and imperfections more easily than the men and women that are attracted to us, but after childbirth, aging, and experience, we are more comfortable with ourselves. The second is that we are more comfortable with the sexual drive of men. Since we are less visual, we take time to grow comfortable with the fact that we do not have to be perfect in order to be looked at by men. We also begin to understand the multiple different fetishes and tastes of men without feeling threatened or insecure by their needs. Third, our sexual drive physically peaks, and this allows us to overcome many inhibitions due to sheer physical desire. Let's face it, if the Good Lord had placed women and men at their physical and sexual peaks at the same time, we would have populated many a world over by now! Finally, women of this age range tend to be more financially secure than younger women. This is important because a good manicure and pedicure can run anywhere from $45 to $125 depending on where one chooses to be pampered that day. This is not easy to come by money for the financially struggling student, or the just starting a career woman. The point is that the MILF women are the perfect physical, mental, and emotional match for the foot fetishist!

     A recent experience drives this point home like no other! I had a chance to attend the afternoon musical of some grade school relatives. This event was sparsely attended by the parents and relatives due to the timing of the event on a weekday, but was it a parade of foot fun! The MILF came in wearing every style of footwear known to drive you foot fans over the edge! Sandals, heels, flats, flip-flops, work pumps, and even hot sweaty gym shoes. I was able to casually notice the primped and pedicured versus the plain but pretty versus the callused and neglected! There were slightly dirty feet, bright toes, chipped polish, French, completely bare. I was, of course, freshly painted, soft, and clean, in a pair of white thong sandals with a 3" heel. A small selection of men were scattered throughout the crowd, but I was sure that more than one gentleman was engrossed in the foot show! They were as easy to spot as usual as they steal glances at the feet of the women around them, and one forty-ish father spent a great deal of time watching my sandal dance and slap at my soft pink sole. Once again the mundane can be erotic if only one is to pay attention.

     As I "reviewed" a recent MILF film, I recalled the 'innocent' flirtation of the 18 year-old boy that often lived next door to me at my first house. He was well-built, sandy brown hair, brown eyes, and waiting to leave for the armed services. He would offer assistance with yard work, bringing in the groceries, moving furniture, and sometimes just talking. I would occasionally fantasize about seducing this young man, but certainly did not want to cause a neighborhood scandal. I was washing my car one afternoon when my friend came over to talk, and I often wear comfortable, yet revealing, attire around the house. That day my shorts were hip hugging thin pink cotton, and my t-shirt was a white clingy tank top. He sat on the ground chatting with me as I suds up the car, and this was certainly not as erotic as some teen movie, but not exactly innocent either. I noticed that he was having a difficult time keeping his eyes off of my wet sudsy feet, and his shorts appeared to need constant adjusting! At one point I grew a little wicked, and I purposely bent over the hood directly at him. My calves strained as I push up on my toes to reach over the hood, and I could feel my shorts pulling tight across my round cheeks. My friend grabbed his member, thinking that I could not see him, but my side mirror gave me a full view of him. He actually appeared to tug 2-3 times as if trying to jerk through his shorts, and I was afraid that I would soon make my excitement apparent through my shorts as well! I leaned over that extra inch of two, going up onto one foot allowing my left foot to extend back toward him. My bare soapy sole exposed for his view, and again he attempted to pull on his frustrated member. I began to feel self-conscious, as my nipples were so hard that it was impossible not to notice them through my damp filmy T-Shirt, and I certainly was getting to that excited point myself where judgment tends to give way to lust.

     The rest of the carwash was a more innocent rinse and dry, but my body being somewhat on display kept tensions noticeable. I found myself lingering on the corners of the car to push my hips against anything hard! My lusty young friend was called home at one point, and I went into the house. Three quick rubs had me over the edge!

     I tend not to think of myself as a MILF, but I guess it is not a bad thing! Maybe taking on a young man or two to play Mrs. Robinson would be a fun excursion! Oh My I Must Be A MILF, I KNOW WHO MRS. ROBINSON IS! Oh Well! So, if I were to offer a piece of advice, it would be this: Don't fret at those family obligations for graduations, musicals, and spring events. Keep your eye out for the feet of the MILF as they are out there waiting for a man to pay attention to them.