Anticipation, temptation, teasing, flirting, longing, desire, denial, frustration, and taboo. What do all these words have in common? They are some of most essential and powerful components of human sexuality. The human is the only identified organism that is known to pursue sexual activity for the pure sake of physical pleasure. It goes beyond a simple extinct; beyond simple procreation of the species; and beyond the satiation of physical drive. The human being revels in the hedonistic pleasure that the physical, mental, and emotional elements of sex produce within them. One of the most significant elements of sex is the build up, or foreplay, that creates the exquisite tension of sexual desire. Like awaiting a fine wine to develop over time, the anticipation of great sexual activity allows the physical and emotional tension to grow to the point that release is essential. The longer that tension is prolonged, the more intense and powerful the release! However, the ability to deny or control oneself is the key to allowing the tension to rise to those barely tolerable levels. If that control to deny or prolong is placed entirely outside of oneself into the hands, or feet, of another then the tension can be driven even further toward ecstasy!

      The foot fetish world is defined by the exact description you have just read! The everyday view of that female executive in her questionable heels, the playful colors spread across the young woman's toes in her sandals at the restaurant, the anklets and toes rings drawing your eyes toward the bare feet of the nymph at the park, and incredibly tantalizing view of the nylon encased ped dangling her pumps at the bar. Your desire to touch, taste, and caress are tempted, even taunted, everyday, and it creates the sexual tension that you so often relieve alone lost in fantasy. You know that your mind drifts to those very pictures even as you slide your manhood into your girlfriend or wife, and how you long for her to wickedly and wantonly recognize your weakness. If only she would raise her foot to your mouth, or rub her soft soles over you body and face! You know that you create that tension even as you hide your true sexual desire by denying the chance to gain the fulfillment. My stunt cock would go as far as to buy pantyhose and stockings just to feel the material rub his cock praying for the day that feet would replace his own touch. His knowledge of brands styles and sizes exceed my own to this day!

      There is no better singular example of the power of anticipation and the foot than the foot fetish related to balloon play. This seems to pair the power of the female foot with the delicate nature of the balloon to create a tension and anticipation that drives some men and women to the very brink of orgasm. One man described that each time a woman poses her foot to grip her toes and push on the thin semi-transparent rubber, it is as if he himself are on the very edge of bursting. Each time that the woman threatens to break the thin barrier is like taking his very cock to the edge only to suddenly pull him back from the precipice of orgasm. At the same time, the child-like innocence of balloons paired with the wicked teasing knowledge of the woman who understands their sexual power creates that excruciatingly torturous feeling of tension without control. The ability of this fetish activity to flirt with edge of innocence is truly intriguing to me! At the same time there is a delight in the surprised screech and giggle that a bursting balloon will produce from most women! It is a reaction that is similar to the naughty giggle of flirting as if to say "You are so BAD! Don't stop!" That coy but flirtatious reaction just begs your horny souls to continue your lustful pursuit. The pure shock of the burst is so sudden and strong, so I wonder if the surprised reaction at the first spasming shot of a man's cum is similar? A balloon fan should let me know on that one!

      I recently watched an edition of Playboy Channels Sexcetera that highlighted a man and his balloon fetish, and I have to admit that watching the women straddle, fondle, and hump these gigantic, pliable balloons was more erotic than I would have thought at first. They showed the women standing on balloons so forgiving that they would not burst under the normal pressure of the foot. However, the model's hesitation, and even flinching, due to the tension and anticipation over the possible explosion was stimulating and entertaining.

      I have to admit that a balloon photo shoot cannot be far behind for me! I think it would fun to be at a party of some kind (and with New Year's Eve just around the corner) that had balloons in abundant supply. I could simply begin to fondle a balloon or two at my feet, and then I could take notice of anyone who might be paying attention. My usual attire of barely there strappy heels could easily put on a show that would entice any foot fan to at least stop for a moment! Slipping my foot out of such a style is easy as well, and I know that my nails can get a little sharp on the edges; even with the meticulous care I give to them. How delicious it would be to know that at any moment I could simple tip the edge of a toe and "BANG" the release! I wonder what my audience would do at just such a moment? Would they ask me to dance? Would they have a raging bulge in there fine slacks? Would they run for the bathroom to stroke their hard cock in tribute? Something tells me that this little mischievous foot girl is going to have to find out for herself!