I am thankful for...

     Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As most Americans know, the holiday of Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on all the good things in your life, and it gives us an opportunity to show our appreciation to friends and family. As the Wu family and foot fetish friends would attest, I believe that the writing of this column has left me with many friends, family, and reasons to give thanks! So here we go…

I am thankful for short skirts that allow me showoff my legs and feet, may the fashion trend stay short!

I am thankful for the invention of the high heel, as there has never been a better invention to highlight my legs and feet.

I am thankful for my best friend's brother, who taught me how erotic feet could be at such an influential time in my life.

I am thankful for the nylons and stockings, as I believe there is no sexier material on the face of this planet!

I am thankful for the art of the pedicure, as there are few more guilty pleasures in the world than pampering my peds!

I am thankful for the internet, because there has never been a more powerful medium for free expression. The erotic playground that brings us all together!

I am thankful for the size of my feet, as they are the perfect size for me to feel good about how they look!

I am thankful for all the men who have been able to accept their sexual interest in feet as a healthy and normal sexual outlet!

I am thankful for all the women who accept feet as the erotic tool they are so obviously intended to be!

I am thankful for all the toys that go buzz in the night! May the nasty men and women who invent such items keep working hard!

I am thankful for Secrets-in-Lace, Touchable, Wolford, Wicked Weasel, Classic Pumps, Ellie, Calvin Klein, Donna Karen, Trashy Lingerie, Stocking Girl, and every other maker of fine, sheer, sexy, tiny lingerie and stockings that recognize the eroticism and allure of these fashions.

I am thankful for all the brave men who have taken notice of my feet and expressed it in public!

I am thankful for every single time that a warm wet mouth has encircled my toes or nestled across my arches.

I am thankful that I am not only orgasmic, but multi-orgasmic, as there are too many women that will never experience the incredible pleasure that I has been my gift!

I am thankful for the fact that men are such voyeuristic creatures, as they feed the fever that is the exhibitionist in me!

I am thankful for men and their cocks, as there is no toy, finger, or instrument that approximates the firm warm sensation of that incredible organ!

I am thankful for women, as their soft curvy feminine features continue to offer me an unfulfilled desire and promise of future erotic pleasure!

I am thankful for my financial slave, SB, who continues to pamper me with every fashion desire and fetish that I care to express!

I am thankful for Wu for being so patient and supportive of my column, he is truly the pioneer of the foot fetish community!

I am thankful for all of you that have taken the time to write me to express an idea, offer an opinion, share an experience, or just to encourage and support my writing!

I am thankful that my mind stays so wonderfully perverted that I can continue to find inspiration to write this column every month!

I am thankful that all you have been to find some enjoyment in my body, my feet, and my writing!

Happy Holidays to ALL!

Thank you again WU!