You're so Veiny!

      There are so many subtleties in the world of the Foot Fetishist. Shape, size, color, symmetry, and texture. Shape alone can be column itself, but a recent letter from an adoring fan highlighted a feeture of my feet that I have greatly overlooked to this point. I have admit that it is one that once again I thought at one point was unattractive or a negative. However, a little exploration paired with some open-minded play, and I have a new fun part of my feet to tantalize, tease, and please all you foot fetish fans! I have veiny feet!

      Place a foot in a heel, and there are two demands on the foot: (1) the foot must flex to accommodate to tip toe position of the foot, and (2) the foot is squeezed within the confines of the leather straps, leather material, or whatever is used to hold the foot in the shoe. These two forces combine to increase the blood flow and pressure to the foot, and much like a body builder lifting weights; the body must adjust to the stress. If women have trim feet, this becomes obviously apparent in the expansion of the veins to accommodate the blood. Thus, the veins bulge and throb as they feed the feet causing them to become highly visible. The arch and the top of the foot are the easiest to see as most shoes reveal these areas, but at the same time these are the main locations of the veins in the feet. It only makes sense that the higher the heel, the more the stress on the foot, the more the blood flows, and the more veiny the appearance! Therefore, those with a high heel fetish may become more attracted to this particular feeture due to their constant search for this type of women in high heels!

      Biology and fetish lesson not with standing, my feet often show their veiny tracts when I where my heels for any substantial length of time. One adoring fan pointed this out in a letter, and he described it as follows:

      "The veins are like little road maps that beg me to follow them all over your foot. Their obvious convolutions draw my desire out to feel every inch! My fingers would wander over them for hours only to give way to my tongues need to trace each one. What I would not give to feel their throbbing as I run my hard cock over each one! I imagine it to be like little fingers that send shivers through every nerve ending as the head flows over each one!"

      How can a girl ignore such a stimulating tribute to my veiny little teasers! This leads to a rather stimulating evening at a dinner party in which I was wearing my highest white heels. I was not wearing any hose to show off my tan legs and feet, but as I stood in the living room of my friend's home, I noticed my feet in the mirrored wall. My feet appeared quite veiny at the time, and this brought back the fan's comments to my dirty little mind. One of the other women at the party who has been a regular in my talks with women about fetishism and feet approached me and asked, "What are you doing?" I began sharing with her my observations of the veiny feet. She laughed "Oh My God! Jeff has been a veiny foot lover since we met!" She was referring to her husband. It was at this time that I was able to observe that her feet were quite slender as well, and that her strappy little sandal number with a 4" heel had her peds showing off their veiny appearance as well. As we were alone in the living room at the time, Tammy and I hatched a little plan.

      Tammy called for Jeff, and he quickly came to the living room. "Jeff, what do you think of Michelle's pumps?" Tammy queried. "They are quite nice" was his innocent reply. I sat and slowly crossed my legs in low set cocktail chair, and this allowed Jeff to sit on the sofa. This was strategic in that it placed my foot fully within his view. Tammy sat in the chair that matched my own, and Jeff had a display of finely pedicured peds set out before him like an appetizer tray. It took all of two minutes to realize that Jeff would have a hard time keeping his eyes off our feet. Never being the subtle one of the bunch, I dangled a heel while blurting out, "So Jeff are my feet veiny enough to turn you on?" Tammy let out a shocked giggle, and Jeff blushed wildly for a cocky attorney. "So, my secret is not even safe with my own wife!" He defended. After the initial shock wore down, Jeff was able to share the fact that his love of veiny feet began with his babysitter as an eight year-old. She was in her twenties, and was the daughter of the neighbor. He describes lying on the floor near her feet while watching television, and that her sandals allowed him a full view of her feet. They were quite veiny in appearance, and while he never had the opportunity to touch them, he fantasized endlessly about how they would feel!

      It appears that the texture given off by the appearance of the veins is one source of the attraction. The other seems to be the temptation or unfulfilled desire to reach out and touch the forbidden fruit! At this time, Tammy and I simply dropped a shoe and placed our veiny teasers on each of Jeff's trembling knees. Tammy said, "Take one in each hand, and tell us which feels veinier to you?" That familiar glazed look of embarrassment mixed with overwhelming disbelief and desire began to spread across Jeff's face. His hands trembled as he gripped and then caressed each of our feet. This is one of those delicious moments for me when I am so turned on that I can barely stand it! It comes again from the site of someone so turned on in part due to me that my own sex begins to cry for attention. The moment was broken by the call to dinner, but we all could feel the electricity in the room. I hugged Tammy whispering "Enjoy that later for me!" I kissed Jeff on the cheek whispering, "Have fun!" Jeff excused himself to "Wash Up!" However, I believe that the bulge in his pants needed to cool a bit before presenting himself for dinner!

      Another subtle flavor of the foot, and its power to entice! Oh, Tammy called to tell me that she and Jeff had sex in the car before even making it home. This is really funny when you realized they live two doors down, and they walked home!