To The Point!

     It was pointed out to me that in my review of Olympic Foot Presentations, that I overlooked one of the most obvious highlights of any Summer Games: The Synchronized Swimming Competition! As one fan pointed out, could the feet be any more on display, scored, or presented for the foot fans delight than in this very event? The competitors are scored on synchronization, but pointed toes and feet are among the scoring criteria as well! If you actually attend the competition, do you ever see much more than dripping wet, high arched wonders protruding from the water's surface? I actually watched the finals of the team competition, and I caught some of the doubles preliminaries during the broadcast. I was struck by the fact that there cannot be a foot fetishist in the world that would not enjoy this display. Tan feet, white feet, small & medium sized feet (I did not see any large), and in nail polish color combinations to match or complement swimwear. Calves and thighs were tone and tight beyond belief adding the perfect appetizers to the highly pointed peds! The rippled pink flesh of the soles rotating in a slow controlled tease for the voyeur, and the taught crunch of toes blazing red with effort before your eyes! My descriptive verse does not do the women of Synchronized Swimming justice, but I would bet that Romanian Gymnasts who bared all for the horny public after the last Olympics would not be able to hold a candle to a foot fetish video by a few Olympic synchronized swimmers!

     Why does the point hold such admiration and magic for the foot fetish faithful? My Stunt Cock describes his fascination relating back to his childhood:

Every hosiery product advertisement or scene from a movie seemed to contain a women pointing her toes as she slid her perfect feet into sheer nylon. If they were being removed, there was always this hesitation as the sheer material clung to the point foot and toes before a sudden snap revealed the foot, toes, and soles to the viewer.

There is a suggestion of femininity, class, and eroticism simultaneously portrayed by the pointed ped. The Ballerina, the hosiery model, the gymnast, the synchronized swimmer, the dancer; are all taught from day 1 that the pointed toe is an essential element of their presentation. In turn, the individual devoted to feet encounter repeated scenes of this pointed foot throughout life. As we all know, the more we think or feel about an item or event, the more we seem to find it in the world around us! The ped radar becomes uniquely sensitized to the various situations that lead you to what you so desire, presented in the manner that you dream so longing for! You are conditioned to view the women and her feet in manner that is admired and desired in this very pose!

     The high heel does nothing more for the foot than to approximate the pose of the point! Think about the popularity of the stiletto heel, the platform, the high heel sandal! If the men could I think we would all walk around like ballerinas in toe shoes! One of my favorite teases is to let a heel slip off my foot and point my toes. Sometime I will simply point them down, and other times I will raise them a bit to point toward a not-so-innocent victim. As I have stated in past articles, I am a pointer by nature. What I mean is that while have sex and approaching orgasm, my feet naturally point! This is easily proven in many of the video clips and videos that I have put out over the past few years. It is this quality that so enhances my own sex life due to the impact that it has on stunt cock. My own realization and comfort with the foot fetish aspect of sex has naturally led me to incorporate it into my life on and off film and Internet. I will often raise a pointed to ped toward my partners face when I have him kneel over my face to suck his cock. This way I can look up and see his lust and desire as I perform orally on him. I will rub my wrinkled soles across his face and head as eats my pussy, and you can believe me that this encourages him to a very pleasing outcome for me! Even our most recent one on one venture finishing in the most traditional of missionary style positions concluded when I raised my point toes toward his face and stated: "Look at my sexy feet! Stare at THEM! I know you love my pointed feet!" As stunt cock collapsed on the bed after a satisfying conclusion, he simply laughed, "That is not even fair, but damn that was incredible!"

     To get to the point all one has to realize is that a pointed toe can be as sexy as anything else on the body! Hmmm, think I'll go for a swim!