Broken Feet

      Hi Footsters! September welcomes in the month of transition! Transition in weather means transition in the shoes women wear, but the lure of the foot remains in the air! I have a very puzzling item to discuss this month. What is the attraction to the woman in the cast? I get many men writing to ask me if I have ever been in a cast, why I was in it, and if there are any pictures of me and my foot in that cast? I have even been offered money to have my foot and leg placed in a cast solely for the purpose of the eroticism of it for one individual. Well loyal Wu fans, I set out with my usual unabashed curiosity to explore the lure of the broken the foot!

      Why would someone be attracted to a woman's foot wrapped in plaster, or plastic, only allowing for her toes or possibly the balls of her feet to be free? According to Evan, "…it is the restriction for me! The gorgeous toes are trapped for me to do my bidding!" So, one significant aspect for this erotic interest area is almost a foot bondage theme. The helplessness for the woman in that she has no choice in revealing her foot or toes, and the restriction of her freedom to move to protect them. Vulnerability! Jeff states:

      "When I was 13, my sister's friend was in a cast for a number of weeks. She would stay at our house after school, and I first noticed her toes when signing her cast. There they were so pink and small against this large plaster trap. I reached out and tickled them! The poor girl howled with laughter, and this became a game. She would even dare me at times to do it. To this day I jerk off furiously to the thought of tickling tasting, and even rubbing my cock on those exposed toes!"

      Again we find that theme of vulnerability, but more with the idea of tickling added into the mix. This all begins to make sense to me in that it is a natural extension for any foot fetishist. The exposed toes could be clean or dirty, trapped and vulnerable, and just plain on display. The same ideas that would attract any man with a foot interest! It did dawn on me while discussing this topic with a few webmasters with sites that cater to this interest that since many men are unable to develop or locate willing foot fetish partners that casts or injury would offer a unique opportunity. This would allow them unfettered access to their objects of desire, while limiting their partner's ability to restrict them from meeting that desire. Now, I would never support or suggest that acting on your desire without consent should be tolerated in any sexual act, however this would allow for access in a very blatant manner. Bajai explained "…for years I wanted to share my foot fetish with my partner, but I could never find the right circumstances to share it. Then one day after an automobile accident had placed her in a leg cast, I had the opportunity to was and care for her feet!" He goes on to describe how washing turned to pedicures, and then blowing on her nails turned to a kiss on the toes. It was not long before Bajai was sucking on her toes. He went on, "The limits of the cast on our sex life was quite a bit, but as I sucked on her exposed big and second toe she began to opening masturbate in front of me for the first time!" Ahhh another happy ending in foot fetish land!

      The casting offers a secondary piece of this puzzle that I realized while talking with these men. The point of discussion, center of attention, emphasis of care becomes the injured part of the body. This allows for 'innocent' reference or attention on the desired object that can lead to more intimate discussion regarding that part of the body. How will she go out in public with her foot exposed? It needs to be clean? Can she adorn it in a manner to be acceptable? The pure opportunity to more opening focus on and discuss the foot and leg is at a premium at this time!

      The last aspect of the casting as erotic that I will address is disfigurement. While most were much more innocent in their attraction, there is a group of individuals that appear to find the possible alteration of the foot attractive. The fact that it is unique in some manner due to injury, and the curiosity of what might lie beneath holds an attraction. I was unable to locate anyone who was willing to discuss this fact with me, but it was obvious that it did exist. It appear to range from the extreme of wanting to disfigure the foot to meet their own needs to the more simple idea of a foot so unique that it would be like having a toy no one else in the world could experience.

      There are the extremes in any area of fetishism, but it is interesting how domination, control, vulnerability, and exposure appear to be repetitive themes in all areas. Breasts, pussy's (I still feel naughty when I write that!), even feet continue to share such similarities in their roles as objects of sexual desire. Look but don't touch! Like but don't lust! Please feel free to share your comments or thoughts on this unique area of the foot world!