Do you ever notice that some people go to great lengths to wrap a present? Martha Stewart practically made an art form out of gift-wrapping! So what is my point you ask? My point is that sometimes it is all in the presentation! I have notice that the foot fetish world is very similar in that respect, and that is every man and woman with a foot fetish have fell in love with feet in a specific manner or situation!

     I was channel surfing one night (yes we girls cruise the remote too!), when I stumbled across a ballroom dancing exhibition on ESPN2 of all places. I found it very elegant and interesting, and in wandered stunt cock. It took all of 10 seconds for me to realize that he did not leave the room because of the dancers! He has always had a thing for dancers, and he says it is because of their great legs. The fact that they all seem to point their toes a great deal plays just as big a role. Every single female dancer in the competition wore beautiful flowing colored dresses, while the males were all in black formals. In addition, every woman wore 3-4" heels, but most of the ladies were strapped into very seductive 4" sandal type shoes. Some elegantly wrapped up the ankle and even the calf of most of the dancers. Other styles clung wistfully to the heel with one tiny strap, or were cut out on the sides to bare incredible arches. The fact that many were so flexible that they often places an ankle on the shoulder of their partner seemed very seductive to me as well! How many foot fans out there would love a well-dressed and pampered princess to place her sexy heel strapped ped right next to your face?

     Stunt cock and I broke into a conversation regarding how fun it is for him to go out on the town with me for a similar reason. He stated that he loved the fact that I am all decked out to show my best, and regardless of the sex at the end of the night, it is the constant tease of the presentation that often feeds his fantasies for many days. I never fail to notice the many stares that fall to my feet in those situations, and we often giggle to each other pointing out my various foot admirers at any given event. However, it is not the foot in isolation, but the entire manner in which it is presented that can be erotic!

     Another presentation form that I was very misunderstood about was women gymnastics competitions. I was concerned that these finely tuned bodies were mere teenagers, and I often thought that it was their incredible flexibility that drove men wild. I have read that all men are attracted to females once they hit adolescents because they begin to develop into women. This is natural for all men, but that acting on those urges or attractions is the difference between criminal and normal. The truth power behind many gymnast fantasies are in the feet once again! Talk about a variety! In one competition, I counted four different presentations of the feet alone that I know would drive many a man insane with lust: The barefoot, the foot with tape, the foot covered in a tiny sock like anklet, and a foot or toe cover that only partially covers the toes and ball of the foot. These women point their toes constantly, and I would swear that a few could almost curl their feet beyond what is normal or reasonable! It was pointed out to me by a friend of stunt cocks that a foot fan is usually a leg & ass man as well. This again seems very natural to me, and once again our gymnasts usually fill this order to perfection! A pointed toe, extremely toned legs, and tight little cheeks struggling out of their little bodysuits is a presentation that many would find irresistible. If you like feet with a little wear and tear on them, or a little soil, then the gymnast is a perfect fit! All day running around a dusty or dirty gym in their bare, or nearly bare, feet would be the dream of many of you according to my email. However, isn't it the total package that once again makes this a vivid and enticing fantasy? The situation, the outfit, the footwear, the lack of footwear, and the body together add up to a dynamite package?

     In my last photo shoot, I wore an outfit that is common workplace attire for me: a simple blouse, a conservative skirt, hose, and pumps. The difference for me is that I usually push the envelope of acceptable attire in the hose and shoe department. You can see hundreds or thousands of similarly dressed women all over any major city on any given day. Does your eye not always catch that one in the slightly higher or sexier pair of heels? Have you ever noticed that seam disappearing up the skirt of one tone pair of calves? I would be lying if I said that I had not worn that exact outfit to work recently, and that I was followed by at least three men during the course of the day. Two seemed to follow me to and from lunch, and the heel dangle show that I put on during lunch rivaled anything that appears in the video clips this week! It was fun to watch two men sitting there eating their lunch staring at my legs and feet, but they barely talked to one another the whole time! Again, my point is that the presentation of my natural attributes in sexy hosiery, fuck me pumps, and conservative businesswoman attire spark a common fantasy that many men find hard to resist!

     Those that believe that men with a foot fetish are only interested in feet are truly mistaken. The foot may be a central or very powerful part of their desires, but women need to realize that the entire PRESENTATION has the greatest impact. In that fact lays the true power of incredible sexual fulfillment for the men and women. What is your favorite presentation? I bet you will never look at gift-wrapping quite the same way again!