Foot-Racing Curves

     Overall Aesthetic Beauty! Smooth, Refined, Luxurious! Great Lines! I would think the pedal pumping fans already understand where I am headed with this "line" of reasoning. In many ways a woman's foot is very similar to a fine car. It is not always the one aspect of the foot that makes it so appealing, but the overall package. I have often marveled at the fact that the world of fetishism is filled with an endless array of interests even within one particular fetish. One model of car has fans that like certain model years only; certain body styles; size of wheels; paint colors; interior designs or features; tinted windows; and of course the performance aspect cannot be ignored for consideration. However, every once in a while a car comes along that just seems to have gotten "it" right. Every so often that woman walks through the room, and everything about her feet scream perfection. This month I talk about the "perfect" foot!

     I receive a significant amount of email each month from readers of this column, and it never ceases to amaze me. Some men just like to respond or comment on aspects of the article, some like to talk about my feet, and others like to share their experiences. This month I received "opposing" viewpoints regarding my feet. The first was:

"If you ever want to be a successful foot model, you better get a clue! Your feet are a dry, callused mess. Men do not want to see bunions, corns, calluses, or dry cracked skin. I do not know why you even bother to take pictures!"

     First, I was not offended in the least. Many men still believe that their foot fetish is so unique to themselves that they cannot fathom how someone would like what they dislike. Those of you who read my column regularly know that I prefer my feet primped and pampered, but no woman without incredible means can spend multiple days at the pedicurist. It is a little hard not to put some wear and tear on the feet in today's life and shoe styles! I do not look at pictures of my feet unless they are well tended too. However, I have intentionally taken pictures in a variety of conditions in order to answer the desires of many fans. Here is an opposing viewpoint I received this month as well!

"I do not really know what makes your feet excite me so much. The line of your toes is mesmerizing! Maybe it is the overall shape of your foot as it is the perfect width just beyond the toes, and it narrows so severely and gently toward the mid foot! The way your heel rounds so perfectly as it sweeps down from the back of your calf. NO NO! The arch! That deep tall curve of soft flesh that is apparent in every pose, every position, and every style of shoe! I think I finally have it! It is everything about your foot! The overall shape! The lines and curves are so perfect! Every viewpoint, every angle is perfection on your foot for me! I long to have just total perfection touching, rubbing, teasing me! Michelle, your foot is my perfection"

     Please understand that I did not include this for ego purposes, but to acknowledge that the perfect foot is out there for everyone. It is not one singular aspect of the foot that makes one persons idea of perfection. It is the total shape in combination with the fine details that you all long for that makes it your ultimate fantasy. I am flattered by such interest and admiration in my feet, but I have seen women that feel have great feet! Sexy, perfect shape, great toes, smooth skin, and they are not mine! I have a taste for smaller feet in a woman (Size 6-7) too small is child-like and a turn off. High arches are sexy! A nice line from the big toe through the pinkie toe, symmetrical. Plump toes, not thin or long. Soft pink skin, not hard, dry, or cracked in any place. Well pedicured nails that are slighted rounded to the near tip of the toe, but do not protrude over the end of the toe! Hmmm maybe after all these years as a fetish interest in feet is actually a fetish for me!

     Now that I have shared my idea of perfection, what is yours? Perfect lines and curves is how I see the total foot, and that is what makes this article's comparison to the car industry relevant. It is a bit like comparing the new retro styles of the 2005 Mustang and the 2005 GTO. The GTO is a performance package with great horsepower, but somehow they missed the mark. Ford on the other hand just seems to have gotten it right in a total package. So have you seen your dream car or feet?