August Foot Column

"How To Get The Girl"

Q: How can I find a woman who will enjoy my foot fetish and not think of me as "weird"?

A: The answer is a tough one that has many variables to it but I will give it my best shot. Since I am not a professional relationship counselor this column is only to serve as a "guide". Add in the fact I have not been in the dating loop, so to speak, for roughly 12 years. I am sure my mind set and ideals might be a bit "old fashioned" but they worked well for me thus far!

First try to remember that relationships center around more than just feet and sex. They require thought, understanding, unconditional love, trust and most of all respect. Without first understanding the working mechanisms of these relationships, you cannot possibly achieve a lasting bond with your chosen partner. If you are looking for a "quick fix" you may have better luck sticking to online dating services, personal ads, etc. For me, I would say honestly that achieving a lasting connection with someone is key to having a really fulfilling sex life with a nurturing partner. Of course, I am just one person in the world and so many of us have different definitions of "comfort". Do not hide any part of yourself going into a new relationship. Hiding something from someone you hope to build trust with just doesn't work, ever. So, do not hold back.

This does not mean go full force into perving the peds on the first date but if the signals you get or jokes/hints she drops leads you to believe that is actually quiet open to the idea of her feet being touched or pampered by a man, play it by ear. Give the banter back to her ever so playfully. In other words, be respectful and hopeful she has the kink you need ... an open mind.

On a comical side of all of this there are many no no's that most people would agree apply. Googly eyes are absolutely the worst move any person can make when attempting to scope out the opposite sex. You know the eyes I speak of. We have all seen them in person as well as personified on screen and in the media. *wink*

Having a fetish is not the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Why people fear opening up is the most puzzling phenomena to me. To hide your likes is to limit your happiness. Sexually enjoying feet is only taboo because it has always been associated with implications of sexual deviance. Licking in between each toe on a partner's foot to arouse both yourself and them is no more deviant than slowly kissing your partner's lips in a passionate embrace. It is just a different body part.

Overall you do need to be able to "get a feel" for when the time is right to bring your fetish up. Once you have dated and sex is a topic casually mention what you do like and why. The why is key. This sexual preference is like any other, it offers you pleasure of both your mind and body. Expressing what simply massaging her feet can do for you, as well as her, seems to me to be one of the most logical reasons to share such key information. What crazy woman would turn away a man who was open, honest and expressed what pleasures him in a passionate and exotic way?

"Baby, massaging your feet when you have had a long hard day, really makes me ..."

Each approach is different and not any one person can tell you exactly how to "get the girl". The only person who can obtain this is you. Know what you want and all you have to do is work towards making it happen. If you act like a clam and stay inside your shell you will never fully realize the potential that could slip by you. This being said I stress caution in respecting the natural laws and limits of flirting and the approaching of the opposite sex. What will work for one of you, may not necessarily work for all of you. Sadly there is no magic guide and as I have joked in the past, you cannot set out bread crumbs and hope that the foot fairy brings you a foot girl of your own so you will need to find your own method to the madness. For me, I found the lasting relationship with an open-minded partner option was the best!

Best of luck ... now go get you some FEET!


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