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November Foot Column
Slaves of Feet, Really?

Recently someone wrote me asking this burning question that I am sure many of you have often wondered yourselves...

"I've noticed that there are a lot of "slaves" when it comes to foot fetishism. Feet being the lowest part of the body and therefore something about being submissive which comes from ancient cultures or something along those lines. The thing is, there are tons of guys out there that will worship feet all day and night and talk about being someone's slave. But how many of these guys REALLY want to be slaves? Sure there are tons of submissives out there but most of the time, I feel it's all just talk. No real desire. I think it's to just flatter the woman which is fine to a degree but if you're not serious, why say it? Not everyone wants that and I'm one of them."

If I had to guess I would say you are probably seeing a lot of behavior that is associated with online Dominance and submission. D/s involves "master and slave" role-playing scenarios that are conducted over the telephone, email, messenger and web cam. It is an agreed upon arrangement by consenting adults and is not to be entered lightly in many cases. More information can be found here:

The most common online D/s relationship is Financial Domination. This consists of online "play" and a money/gift exchange between a Mistress and her slave(s). The relationship is one based out of a desire to be submissive and supportive to one superior female.

Even though I am not a domme I do get approached with the "I want to be your foot slave" comments and letters. I do feel that this offering does tend to be an overused conversation starter these days. I cannot say if these males wish to truly be "slaves" to women in every sense of the word because I do not entertain them. Honestly I wouldn't have the foggiest on just where to start with one of these gentlemen. For me, business is pretty cut and dry. There is no role playing etc to be had.

From the looks of it on other various websites and social networks nowadays there is a bigger and bigger crossover from foot fetishism into financial domination and this could possibly be the cause for the what feels like a sudden surge of "foot slaves". Since for most people, online is the only way they can fully satisfy their submissive or dominant fetish the most logical thing to do is pay someone for their time and/or services. Many of these so-called slaves send gifts and tributes to please their superior as well. Each situation and relationship is different and most involve the foot fetish as a form of "play".

In the end it really comes down to what makes you most comfortable at the end of the day. If being a submissive is not "your bag" then just look the other way. Just be true to what you like and how you want to be seen to those around you who share the same fetish and activities.