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Author Topic: What's Foot Fetish?
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Hey guys,

This is Cara from Berlin – I have been involved in producing niche fetish clips (mainly underwater) over the last year and have only had great experiences!
I would love to get a bit more insight into how fetishes can evolve/what they mean to different people to gain a better understanding of the "essence" of different fetishes since I would like to do some films on these "essences"…I am especially interested in foot fetish since I love shoes – the look they can give you, how good shoes feel, the smell of leather, the noise of highheels being walked down a steet…
herefore I am very intersted in some personal reports about what the fetish means to you:

–favourite/worst experiences
–ultimate fantasy
–are you happy to have a fetish?
–do you remember first "feeling" it?
–do you have a personal definition of what exacly turns you on?
–is it exclusively sexual or maybe also just interesting/familiar to watch/do?

Happy to hear from you,


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Hi! You're welcome!
For me FootFetish is a form of sexual liberation, my fantasies involve cumming on female soles.
Yes, i am happy to have a FootFetish. Many footfetishists, according to me are careful, sensitive and chivalric men with a true love and adoration for the Woman. Soles, toerings, turns me on, and i love JerkOff Instructions! [Wink]

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I've been fascinated by feet for as long as i can remember. I love how shapely they are--there's just so much to explore. Ultimate fantasy would definitely be to worship the feet of multiple women at once.
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The foot fetish to me is exactly the same as the breast fetish is to most men. Breast, I can take or leave. Feet are what turn me on and yes it needs to be a specific type of feet. I like Meaty soles with mid length toes, not too short or long. NO long toenails, that's a complete turn off. I like them a little on the wide side, not too long or boney. There is no time I can remember in my life when I was not turned on by the right kind of feet.


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Hi Cara!

Female perspective here...

For me, I've always been attracted to female feet, even as a little girl. I spent a long time not acknowledging this attraction, mostly when I was wrestling with my whole sexuality generally, but I embrace it openly now.

The "fetish" manifests itself as feet being the first place my eyes go on a girl, at least physically. I can love each part of her entire body, but the feet are where I begin my journey. I can get off by just having my feet played with, and I derive great satisfaction from doing the same to my partners.

I don't see feet as the sole focus of my desire though. I need to be attracted to more than just pretty toes and soles. They are, simply, my "favorite bit" if you like.

I've lived out most of my favorite fantasies - scenarios like playing with a restrained girl's feet, or having my feet worshipped by multiple partners at once.

Am I happy to have my fetish? Sure. In fact, I love it. It feels like a part of me, and I feel blessed to be able to indulge it. It also feels like a little secret of mine. I can be quite the voyeur, especially since others seldom know of my attractions and feet are seldom parts of the body that fall foul of the curse of modesty.

What turns me on? A well kept foot, with pretty painted toes gets me most of all. I also love hosiery and shoes. Having my feet worshipped is like nothing else I've ever experienced.

Hope that helps!


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Hey guys! Thanks so much for all the resposes, it's very interesting for me to read about all the details and different things you are into. I Will def stick with my plan to try out some video work!


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Hi cara,

Interesting post.

I'll be happy to participate.

Many of these are from my younger years, as I was first realizing the fetish, lol.

1. Favorite experience.

As I was first realizing the fetish.

I asked a hot airline stewardess friend of my mother's to smell her feet when I was little. The lady was lying on a chair at our house, with no one around. She said something like.

"Okay. If you leave me alone, you can smell them".

Later that day, she told my parents. They were not happy, but I was so young, I guess they did not care.

Worst experience. tie.

One was incredibly stupid. Before the whole.. "Sexual harassment" thing. I asked a one of my friends hot sisters, and my.. guidance couneslor in high school lol. To smell their feet. The friends sister just taunted me. The guidance couneslour, got angry, said no, etc. I didnt get in trouble, but I almost did.

Ultimate fantasy.

Forcable toe sucking bandit, where a guy breaks into a woman's house, ties her, sucks her toes, robs her, and leaves. This came about because of a woman who would not let me smell her feet, also in my teens.

Sometimes I'm happy to have a fetish, sometimes no. It depends on the woman's reaction to my fetish. I've had some women/partners who were okay with it, and others who didn't understand it.

I was inn puberty, when I first felt it, and realized it was more than just innocent.

I dont think I have a personal definition of what turns me on. It depends on the situation.

For me, I would say it's mostly sexual. I might like watching one girl suck another girl's toes. Otherwise, for me to participate in it, yes it is sexual.

Hope that helps.

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Hmm, for me its definitely sexual, typically shared with women I get/have gotten intimate with or women I plan on getting intimate with. I have definite preferences on types of feet to which I'm attracted, but its more of a personal care/hygene thing. I also think its what separates me, and the relationship I have with women from the typical grab ass guys and that experience. Its something different (or so I'm told by my partners).

Favorite/worst experiences - The first footjob I ever experienced of course would rank pretty high. The girl who did it also got into it and enjoyed it pretty well. It always works out best when both parties are willing to try it and try new things. I was pretty green, as was she, but it was fun.

Ultimate fantasy- I can't say I have some. I have particularly memorable fantasies ranging from a footjob on a bullet train in italy (she ran her foot up my the leg of my shorts and we had fun), to a 3-way footjob at a foot party, to an fj under a dinner table at a crowded restaurant, as well as numerous footjobs at the drive-in . I've had some mild bondage fantasies I've always wanted to try, but that is a bridge I have not crossed yet. I've also been to a foot party and been covered in soft soles from ladies who were all too willing to oblige. From an fj perspective, I've been able to get most of my fantasies granted by various partners over the years.
Are you happy to have the fetish - overall, I am happy to have it. At times, it bothers me a bit, but I have a partner who indulges me and things are happy. I wouldn't trade or change anything about it. I suppose one regret I had was that I did not explore enough in my formative years in highschool or college. It may sound cliche, but if I knew then, what I know now, I would have had many more "foot-flings".
Do you remember the first time "feeling it". - I recall my first inklings of partialism in middle school. I was around 12 years old and I remember looking at a girl's sandals and thinking how nice they looked. I used to stare at my teachers feet as well. At first I thought it was gross, but over the years it changed.
Do you have a personal definition of what turns you on? - See question 1. Personal hygiene and a woman who "knows" she's sexy, but at the same time is approachable about it. Its a wonderful thing.

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