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Posted by little5 (Member # 26188) on :
I've said before and I'll say again, I absolutely despise long toenails. Do you guys like them. So many foot videos are ruined by them. Most of the feet would be sexy if they'd only cut those damn claws. Want to turn me off instantly, show me some otherwise sexy feet with long toenails.
Posted by Rocky @TheSoleMates (Member # 28971) on :
I can't stand long toe nails either. Even if the feet are perfect otherwise and have a cute polish, the nails kill it for me.
Posted by Meshington (Member # 51122) on :
I can't say I'm a fan of long toenails. It isn't a bonerkill, but I never go looking for them.
Posted by Icarus (Member # 46711) on :
Yeah, turned off by long nails...
Posted by Little feet lover (Member # 46410) on :
Yeah, it’s a turn off. I don’t know why some women do that. I am guessing their men are into long toe nails, but to me, it ruins the look of otherwise perfect feet.
Posted by canIsmellYourFeet (Member # 11183) on :
Yeah they're a turn off for me personally, but many guys do like them. I've come across a few sites devoted to women with long toenails.
Posted by Peter, Peter (Member # 40235) on :
I agree, I see this more and more. LONG TOE nails, make a ladies toes look like claws. So gross.
Posted by myzar21 (Member # 48456) on :
I LOVE long toenails. They look extra feminine to me if pedicured. Not too long, just a large nail bed just grown out a bit. French pedicures are extra sexy
Posted by footfunk305 (Member # 50227) on :
I have to agree. I hate the way they look. It's disgusting
Posted by Fair Adam (Member # 13350) on :
I wouldn't go as far as using the word "despise" - but they're definitely not my cup of tea.
Posted by masmak (Member # 49539) on :
I would say that it's a turn off for me personally.
Posted by Kokaith (Member # 22763) on :
Posted by Sinnister (Member # 2394) on :
I'm the opposite. I think short toenails are masculine and look like man feet.

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