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Posted by Patrick (Member # 1169) on :
Isn't Leah adorable in her schoolgirl outfit? Oh, and in those white see through socks? Simply adorable! While this is true, don't let that cuteness fool you. She's a bratty lil thing!

Leah loves to tease and she whenever she gets a chance to showcase her teasing skills in one of her sets, that brat comes out in full force. And speaking of force, once those balls are blue from all that teasing, why not beat them up? That's what Leah thinks as she loves to destroy squish balls, especially ones that are a nice shade of blue. Whether it be kicks, stomps, slaps, squeezes, or one of her favorites, flicks, she wants those soft tender balls beaten.

Now that you read all that and saw the photos down below, how could I not kick off No Nut November here in 2023 with any other set? It's one of her favorite months and this won't be the last time you see her celebrating this month either. There is more to come. Or is that not come?




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