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Posted by Patrick (Member # 1169) on :
Anyone on the forum use a Sony PSP for retro game emulation? I recently bought some EverDrives (NES & Genesis) and have been looking into other avenues of emulation. A lot of people suggested getting a Sony PSP as it handles many classic consoles up to the N64 - which I didn't really care for much anyhow, aside from a few games.

Long story short, I picked up a used PSP-3000 on eBay for $40. Best thing is, it's the Hannah Montana limited edition one! Hahaha! It's a lilac purple, but doesn't say Hannah Montana anywhere on it. It kind of matches my site color scheme and it was about half the price of what I was seeing on eBay for used 3000 models.

Apparently the person who owned it prior already placed the custom firmware on the device to play emulated games. There was some NES games already on it as well as a Gameboy Advance emulator. I erased the memory card and placed every NES & Genesis game on it, but am awaiting a larger memory stick that I ordered to make this thing a beast.

So, has anyone else used a PSP for this and what have you experiences been so far? I'm really looking forward to adding the Neo Geo stuff on there!


P.S. Here is what my Hannah Montana PSP looks like playing Friday the 13th for the NES!

P.S.S. And just to be a goof, I made this my wallpaper for the system.
Posted by FootLongSub Zero (Member # 19380) on :
Runs excellent. Mame, Genesis, GBA emulators all fluid. Not too sure about Neo Geo but I don't see any problems if the hardware can run these others effortlessly. Since your not running from the UMD, battery life is extensive. Lost mine back in 09', but was great when I had it. Cool you could run the emulator at x4 so you can advance quicker through the time consuming pokemon games, plus the save option with multiple slots always comes in handy.

You could even play PS1 games. But the rom files on these are a little on the heavy side.
Posted by Patrick (Member # 1169) on :
I have the NES ROMs on there and they all seem to run well. I've heard mixed things about SNES though. Haven't tried that yet.

Posted by sportfan85 (Member # 24801) on :
I used it for primarily emulators and putting MP4 movies on i played mostly NES SNES and Sega i put the homebrew firmware on it and i ran fine. i also went on Wu's with it as well lol.

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