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Author Topic: The apple and the orange
Toby Wood

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Hereīs a story Jesus might have told, who knows?
He often talked in allegories to the people as people might or might not know.
So there was these two fruits who one day met on an online forum as it sometimes randomly come to be.

One day the orange decided to post a thread in the forum with the title:
"Oranges are the best! Apples suck!!"
Then the apple logged on later and saw that thread and i think it reacted with either sadness, rage or he felt offended by it, take a pick.

Because he was as well proud to be an apple and so he should be since they were both two fruity fellas, just two different kind of fruit.
So he took offense and asked the orange WTH was up
with this?
"Cant you be proud to be a fruit without taking a piss on me?? What is this!"

Well, i dont think i have to go on any further. Itīs related to what have happened recently here on the forum unfortunately and it just goes to show how people are and thatīs nothing you and me can do about. Rarely.

But listen to this, and this can be hard:
Often try to put yourself in the OTHER persons position, try to think like he\she might be doing.
itīs actually not that hard when you start to, you just have to make up your mind TO DO IT.
Then! You will come to learn...a lot.
Just try it for awhile, let go of that ego and protectiveness of your own sphere, safety zone and all.
Let lose like a goose and just speak your mind, anywhere, any how. Be happy, be as spontaneous as you want, dont worry about it. People WONT be able to hurt you if youīre not letting them get to you.

We all have our own life stories and we all deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

I know internet, Facebook, Youtube several of those "social" interaction places. I speak tons and what people say can effect me a little while, but minutes later, i shrug it off.

I pretty much know how people react and dont react but i dont mind that so much, i do my thing and i try to develop my own personality day by day.
You see, one thing iīve learned about myself is that if you try to take a cr@p on me iīll just come back another day, in a better way.

Brain always beats muscle because if not, blue whales would rule this earth now and not humans.

This is mostly for anybody that DOESNT get this wich others already know.
I could have typed that at first...but didnt want to lose any viewers by doing so.

This is a place for everybody i think, and i believe the ones running it are fair and square.
Iīve had no problem with them so far. What i could have expect see to go like total nuts from me was removed and in my book, they are making justice just fine.
That i like.

You treat me with respect and youīll get it in return (otherwise we always have the mods\admins to do it for us).

Cool later

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