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Posted by Patrick (Member # 1169) on :
Was at a cookout with my family today and left my cellphone in the house. When all was said and done, I went back into the house and saw that I had missed some text messages. Those messages came from Charlee. She sent me this message, followed by the two photos below:

"My friend wants to pose for you. I'm a good photographer, ain't I?"

I told her she was as no one ever sends me sole shots like that when I get cellphone pictures sent to me at random. I was happy to see that, plus the fact that the model is an Ebony gal. I sure could use some more Ebony models on Soles of Silk and Charlee told me she'll send me her contact information soon.



Posted by oscarthemonkey (Member # 1692) on :
looking good!
Posted by collegefeetarchive (Member # 3508) on :
LOVE when the other girls start recruiting their friends!
Posted by Patrick (Member # 1169) on :
Originally posted by collegefeetarchive:
LOVE when the other girls start recruiting their friends!

It's happened MANY times. And now that you've mentioned it, let me see who recruited who for me. Hmm...

- Ann: Recruited by Wendy
- Barbie: Recruited by Danielle
- Bethany: Recruited by Molly
- Breizzy Lane: Recruited by Jordana
- Chrystine: Recruited by Layla
- Jaylee Austin: Recruited by Layla
- Jessie: Recruited by Cierra
- Keira: Recruited by Kellie
- Kerri Taylor: Recruited by Layla
- Mariah: Recruited by Mindee
- Natalie: Recruited by Bethany
- Nessa: Recruited by Wendy
- Taylor: Recruited by Olivia
- Tiff: Recruited by Abby

There have been quite a few other girls who have been recruited who I ended up not getting to shoot for whatever reason too (new boyfriends, change of heart, moved away, etc.). Many of the girls on my site know each other through work, or being friends of friends. So if any of the girls I asked were on the fence, having one of the girls who has done it, helps out a lot. For example, I was after Mileena for a couple of years. She was always too busy for whatever reason, but never said no. One day, when I was out shooting a now pulled off the site, Shae, we ran into Mileena. Between Shae and Charlee telling Mileena to pose, she finally came around and has a ton of fun doing it.

Moral of the story, tell the girls to tell their friends about it. [Smile]


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